Best Spring Food Destinations to Visit (2024)

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Spring brings a breath of fresh air, a refreshing aroma of green grass, and a colorful scene of blooming flowers. Other than that, spring means harvest time. Artichokes and asparagus bud from the once snow-covered ground, cherry blossoms inspire the creation of floral-scented drinks, and fresh berries are ready to be gathered. Whether you are a foodie or a casual traveler, traveling and digging into some exclusive spring food are worth the shot. Then, where to travel in spring for food? We have a list of 8 countries to visit for spring food. Prepare to get into a flowery mood as you taste good food! 

Spring Food Destinations – Summary

  1. Italy
  2. Greece
  3. Spain
  4. Japan
  5. South Korea
  6. Louisiana, USA
  7. San Diego, USA
  8. San Juan, Puerto Rico


spring food destinations Italy

When talking about Italy, we won’t leave out tomato-drenched bolognese or pizza topped with gooey cheese or aromatic spices. However, when spring comes, Italy is all about fresh and delicate taste. It is the harvest season for different kinds of delectable vegetables, like asparagus, fava beans, zucchini, beans, and beats. Well-loved fruits like strawberries, cherries, and lemons pack the farmers’ market. So, get ready to enter the blossoming season with fruity flavors and light taste notes. 

Every corner of Italy welcomes you for a fantastic spring food adventure. Big cities and culinary capitals, like Rome and Bologna, invite you to taste some seasonal gelato or have a delightful platter of cured meat and salami. Tuscany celebrates springtime with sagra, a hearty yet jubilant food festival that boasts the best out of the region. Have some tortellini, cannoli, or risotto. Also, you can go bold and munch on a cinghiale or wild boar meat! 


Greece spring food travel

This Mediterranean country secures an unshakeable spot on the list of ‘The Best Spring Destinations’ in Europe. Sun-soaked with balmy weather and gentle breeze, traveling to Greece in spring is as brilliant as ever. Moreover, spring brings greeneries and herbs to the dining table in Greece. Beans, artichokes, green onions, wild herbs, and okra are harvested widely. Besides that, cuttlefish and snails act as the main ingredient for the seafood-based Greek dishes.

Make sure to hop from one tavern to another as you visit Greece in spring. Whether you are strolling around a vibrant neighborhood in Athens or feeling the sea breeze in Mykonos, authentic Greek food is a staple. Get your hands on some skordalia, a tangy potato puree mixed with nuts and olive oil. Have some classic dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), fresh salad, cuttlefish cooked with wine, moussaka (eggplant casserole), and plaki (grilled fish). Then, close the meal with some thick Greek yogurt topped with strawberries, tangerines, or nuts. Therefore, Greece is one of the best spring food destinations. 


As the sun comes and the winter blues go, fresh greeneries and fruits are growing all over Spain. Like several European countries, spring in Spain is the time to enjoy artichokes and asparagus. Tuna and jamon (cured meat) also add up as a protein source in the light-flavored dish. Not to mention, you can savor Spanish classics such as pintxos and tapas with a vegan touch, celebrating Spain’s refreshing spring products. 

Then, which destination in Spain you can travel to in spring? We recommend going to the Andalusia region. Besides soaking up its wonderful weather and getting lost in the magical Alhambra, you can have one of Spain’s best spring food. Andalusia is famous for white asparagus. The vegetable is usually served in a salad or sprinkled with vinaigrette. It is best enjoyed with a white wine pairing. Besides that, you can also to coastal towns like Cadiz and San Sebastian. Spring means an abundance of tuna, which is cooked in mouthwatering local flavors. 


Cherry blossoms and everything nice – spring in Japan is as wonderful as ever. Spring brings blossoming scenery, joyful festivals, and incredible flavors to Japan. When it comes to spring food, Japan stuns with its creativity. Spot a myriad of sakura-flavored goods in markets, cafes, or restaurants, ranging from sakura mochi to sakura-inspired beers. The adorable pink-colored food celebrates some of Japan’s national holidays and events, such as Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Day) and cherry blossom season. 

Spring food in Japan is not only lovely to look at but also delicious to savor. Try out some traditional dishes, like soba (soup noodles) with tempura and chirashi sushi, a sushi rice bowl topped with different ingredients like fish and edamame. Moreover, have some hatsugatsuo or bonito fish, which is considered to be healthier and fresher in spring.

South Korea

spring destinations for food Korea

Winter brings hearty kimchi stew and steamy gungogoma (baked sweet potatoes) to South Korea. Meanwhile, spring marks the start of refreshing and healthy food. Yes, spring in South Korea is not only perfect for cherry blossom sightings or casual strolls but also a culinary adventure. Whether you are traveling to metropolitan Seoul or glimmering Jeju Island, Korean spring food is ready to spoil your taste buds. 

One of South Korea’s favorite spring foods is jjukkumi or small octopus. Jjukkumi can be found easily throughout South Korea’s coastal area in spring. Moreover, festivals are usually held to celebrate their harvest. So, make sure to have this Korean spring delicacy. Jjukkumi comes with a tender texture and salty taste. It is often seasoned with chili sauced, grilled, or added into a vegetable hotpot.

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