Places Like Bali: 8 Alternatives to Visit

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Bali is an all-time favorite destination, and we cannot deny it! The glimmering tropical sunshine, beautiful beaches, groovy atmosphere, and incredible culture are some of the reasons why we are crazy about Bali. On the other hand, Bali’s popularity makes it always crowded and packed. Then, these places like Bali can be a great alternative if you are looking for a more tranquil and out-of-the-box vacation. 

These places like Bali offer exciting things that the Island of Gods has. From outstanding natural landscapes to buzzing nightlife scenes, they have it all. Scattered all over the globe, these places like Bali will give you an extraordinary adventure. So, check them out! 

Places Like Bali to Visit  – Summary

  1. Lombok, Indonesia
  2. Flores, Indonesia
  3. Koh Chang, Thailand
  4. Palawan, Philippines 
  5. Goa, India
  6. Gozo, Malta
  7. Hawaii, the US
  8. Formentera, Spain 

Lombok, Indonesia

lombok indonesia places like bali

Bordered by a single strait, Lombok is greatly similar to its neighboring island. This Indonesian island is blessed with magnificent natural beauty, ranging from fine beaches and towering mountains to cascading waterfalls. Although Lombok calls for an awesome outdoor adventure, it has a little bit of everything for everyone. You can find luscious resorts, adorable cafes, amazing beach clubs, and interesting attractions in Lombok.

One of Lombok’s proudest attractions is the Gili Islands. The tiny archipelago of three islands shares the same vibe as Bali. You can find beach bars, yoga classes, smoothie bars, cafes, and digital nomad hubs all around the island. Moreover, Gili Islands are known for their exquisite marine life. You can swim with the turtles and see underwater ruins in the crystal clear ocean. 

Why it is a great alternative to Bali: Lombok has a very similar vibe to Bali, especially on the Gili Islands. Also, some of the beaches in Lombok are more pristine and beautiful than Bali. Furthermore, Lombok is relatively cheaper to visit. 

Flores, Indonesia

flores indonesia places like bali

The beauty of Flores is otherworldly, and it is one of the best places to visit in Indonesia. Flores is an island in Eastern Indonesia, part of a region called East Nusa Tenggara. Other than its unbelievable natural beauty, Flores is widely known as the habitat of the komodo dragon. So, if you want to see the glorious descendants of dinosaurs, Flores is your go-to. 

If you are looking for places like Bali in Indonesia that have beautiful nature, Flores should be on your list. Flores has a lot of gorgeous beaches and islands, including the world-famous Pink Beach and picturesque Padar Island. Thus, the best way to explore Flores is by going on sailing trips. You can enjoy the spectacular ocean view while stopping on the beautiful islands. 

Why it is a great alternative to Bali: Flores gives us a hint of how beautiful Indonesia is. Moreover, it offers a serene vacation for everyone who wants to unwind from their busy everyday life. Furthermore, Flores is located not too far from Bali, which can be either an alternative to Bali or a place to go after Bali. 

Krabi, Thailand

places like bali krabi thailand

There is no shortage of fantastic beach vacations in Southeast Asia, and Krabi is one of them. The Thai province will give a lasting impression to everyone who visits. Krabi offers golden sand beaches, glimmering turquoise waters, lush rainforests, and magnificent limestone islands. Besides its natural beauty, Krabi is bursting with culture, history, and nightlife. Therefore, it is one of the best places like Bali that you can check out. 

Thus, one of the things in Krabi that will remind you of Bali is the temples. Like Bali, Krabi has a lot of temples due to the prominent Buddhist citizen in Thailand. You can visit beautiful temples, like Wat Kaew Korawaram and Wat Tham Sua, when visiting Krabi. 

Why it is a great alternative to Bali: Affordable, exciting, and beautiful, Krabi is an awesome alternative to Bali. Moreover, you can find the things Bali offers in Krabi. 

Palawan, Philippines

palawan the Philippines places like bali

This island in the Philippines matches the word ‘tropical paradise’ perfectly. Palawan is awarded ‘the Most Beautiful Island in the World’ by Travel + Leisure, and we can see why. The island is blessed with flawless turquoise waters, glorious limestone islands, perfect white sand beaches, and verdant rainforests. Moreover, both on land and under the sea, Palawan is simply wonderful. 

Besides its exquisite natural landscapes, Palawan lures travelers from all around the world with its exciting attractions. Some parts of Palawan, like El Nido and Puerto Princesa, are packed with incredible resorts and awesome nightlife scenes. Moreover, just like Bali, Palawan offers an interesting culinary experience. Therefore, Palawan is one of the best places like Bali in Southeast Asia

Why it is a great alternative to Bali: Palawan offers sun-soaked beaches, crystal clear waters, and buzzing nightlife scenes like Bali. Moreover, it is a traveler’s hub where you can meet other travelers and make new friends. 

Goa, India

goa india places like bali

Head to India and find a gorgeous alternative to Bali. Goa is a coastal state in Southwestern India and is a popular tourist destination. Thus, Goa will captivate everyone who visits with its glimmering beaches, magnificent historical buildings, and fabulous landmarks. Moreover, Goa is relatively cheap and lovely to visit. 

Like Bali, Goa is bursting with beautiful culture and history. As a former colonial town, Goa is dotted with European-styled buildings. Thus, they collaborate perfectly with India’s cultural heritage. You can find elegant Gothic-styled cathedrals standing next to majestic temples. For that reason, Goa is one of our recommended places, like Bali. 

Why it is a great alternative to Bali: Goa offers beautiful beaches and impressive culture, just like Bali. Moreover, it is a cheap destination to visit. 

Gozo, Malta

gozo malta

There is no need to fly somewhere near the equator to find places like Bali. In Europe, you can find sparkling sun-soaked islands with wonderful attractions. Gozo, the second-largest island in Malta, is one of them. The rugged island is home to brilliant blue waters, breathtaking sunset views, impressive churches, and opulent historical buildings. 

Gozo is an underrated vacation spot in Europe, but it is absolutely charming. You can walk through the seaside promenades while soaking up the sun and stopping by a nice cafe. Thus, you can jump into the crystal clear waters from the cliffs around the island. Moreover, make sure to check out Gozo’s old quarter and marvel at the centuries-old churches. Therefore, Gozo is one of the places like Bali in Europe for you to visit. 

For more information about Gozo, check out the official tourism website here.

Why it is a great alternative to Bali: Located near Europe, flying or sailing to Gozo is cheaper. Moreover, Gozo displays a perfect blend between history and natural beauty, which will remind you of Bali. 

Formentera, Spain

Formentera spain

Tucked in the Mediterranean Sea, Formentera is a jewel of the Balearic Islands that is often overlooked by tourists. Like the neighboring Ibiza, Formentera has fabulous beaches, crystal-clear waters, and feisty parties. On the other hand, Formentera also offers scenes of laidback fishing villages, antique towns, and lovely seaside cottages. Thus, Formentera is an island you should check out when visiting Spain

If you are looking for places like Bali in Europe, Formentera is for you. Like Bali, the island has awesome beaches, popping culture, and sizzling nightlife. It is also quieter than Ibiza, making it a perfect place for a serene getaway. 

Hawaii, the US

hawaii the us

Fiery, sunny, and fantastic – both Bali and Hawaii share these vibes! Thus, Hawaii is a great alternative to Bali in the US. As one of the world’s top travel destinations, Hawaii has a lot to offer. This state of eight islands shows us what a perfect tropical paradise looks like. With its unspoiled coastline, magnificent jungles, sizzling volcanos, and magnificent culture, Hawaii is undeniably exciting!

There are so many things to do in Hawaii. Whether you are an outdoor craze or a culture buff, Hawaii will make you want to stay longer! You can do lots of outdoor activities, like hiking and scuba diving. Also, don’t miss checking out Hawaii’s culture, including watching a Hula dance show. Moreover, spice up your holiday by trying out some Hawaiian food and going to cocktail bars. Therefore, a vacation in Hawaii is something you will not forget! 

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