Top Hidden Restaurants in Lisbon: 8 Food Spots

by | Oct 23, 2023 | Food, Hidden Gems, Portugal

Portuguese cuisine is probably Europe’s best-kept secret. Freshly caught seafood, gooey pastries, and cured meats are staples that can make your eyes widen. Although it is not as popular as Italy and France, Portugal charms travelers with its hearty culinary scene. Then, head to Lisbon, where food is the beating heart. From classic Portuguese dishes to delectable fusion food, the flavors of Lisbon will leave you in awe. Furthermore, the best flavors in Lisbon usually come from off-the-radar places. Staying beyond the tourist guidebook and becoming the locals’ favorite, these hidden restaurants in Lisbon are worth checking out! 

Top Hidden Restaurants in Lisbon – Summary

  1. Prado
  2. Antù
  3. Rosamar
  4. Mantegaira Silva Market
  5. Fauna & Flora
  6. SOI
  7. Jafra Restaurante
  8. Graca do Vinho 


Source: Prado Restaurante

This restaurant in the historical neighborhood of Baixa steals the locals’ hearts. Prado comes with an innovative concept that includes farm-to-table dining. Besides that, the restaurant introduces sustainability through seasonal, delicious, and Instagram-worthy dishes. It also offers a wide choice of unique vegetarian dishes, including hispi cabbage and squash cooked with walnuts. Sample some of Prado’s best dishes, like the celeriac and hazelnut puree, sea bass with citrus, and Aletanjo pork presa. 

With its creative dishes, Prado secures a spot on the Michelin list. However, it stays off the tourist’s radar and is one of the hidden restaurants in Lisbon. Prado is also well-loved for its chic interior. It features earthy tones, contemporary-styled dining tables, and lush greeneries. For that reason, you might want to stay longer and enjoy your food in Prado. 


Vibrant and contemporary – those are the two words that describe Antù. It is a brand that features a vintage shop, agency, and cultural promoter. On the other hand, Antù is also famous for its delectable food. Antù Restaurant serves both classic and innovative Portuguese dishes. From the traditional bacalhau to unique Portuguese-styled quesadillas, Antù brings its trendy vibes to the menu. 

Antù invites you to eat at any time of the day. You can order a truffle croque monsieur for breakfast, Portuguese paella for lunch, and a gooey francesinha plus wine for dinner. The intricate flavors and iconic style of Antù make it a local favorite, although it stays off the tourists’ radar. Therefore, it is one of the most trendy hidden restaurants in Lisbon. 


Do you know what is one of the best things about Lisbon? Yes, the seafood! There is a myriad of seafood restaurants in the city, ranging from Michelin-listed parlors to tourist favorite spots. However, the less-known restaurants are ready to surprise you, like Rosamar. The restaurant is tucked in the dreamy district of Rua da Rosa. Rosamar highlights all the delicious things that come from the sea. From fresh oysters topped with delectable dressings to creamy clam tagliatelle pasta, the menu will make your mouth water. 

Besides the delicious dishes, Rosamar also boasts an elegant interior. It combines an art-deco and classic Mediterranean style, offering a cozy dining experience. Thus, it is the perfect place to spend the evening with your travel buddies. Order some oysters, polenta fingers, grilled fish, and crunchy shrimp – Rosamar’s signature. Also, have the restaurant’s house wine to enhance the enjoyment. 

Mantegaira Silva Market

Source: Manteigaria Silva Official Website

If you want to find the best food spot, head to where the locals go. While tourists go to the Time Out Market, locals head to the Mantegaira Silva Market. It is one of the hidden gems in Lisbon for food. The grocery market focuses on charcuterie, cheeses, wines, canned goods, and the classic Portuguese salt cod. 

As a note, all of the products are locally produced and obtained from all over the country. So, if you want to try some of the Portuguese delectable products, Mantegaira Silva Market is your go-to. Try out a small slice of rabacal cheese, Pata Negra cured ham or Portuguese cornbread. Also, don’t miss the classic Portuguese red wine. 

Fauna & Flora

Start your day well by having a tasty breakfast. If you are looking for a quaint and fantastic breakfast spot, head to Flora & Fauna. The restaurant offers a classic Western-style brunch menu. You can find acai bowls, pancakes with bacon and egg, chia puddings, veggie toast, and many more. All of the dishes are crafted to boost up your morning. For the drinks, you can order a fresh juice, fruit and yogurt smoothie, matcha latte, or a classic cup of coffee. Moreover, Flora & Fauna stays off the tourists’ radar, making it one of the hidden restaurants in Lisbon.

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