10 Outstanding Hidden Gems in Vietnam

by | Jan 7, 2023 | Asia, Destinations

One word about Vietnam: Breathtaking! This iconic Southeast Asian country offers a wealthy variation of natural beauty, from towering hills to verdant jungles. Not to mention, Vietnam successfully captivates us with its vintage small towns and antique everyday life. Thus, Vietnam is also home to unbelievable world heritage sites, such as Ha Long Bay and Hoi An. Besides famous attractions, tons of hidden gems are shrouded in this fertile country. We have a list of the 10 amazing hidden gems in Vietnam for you to explore. So, get ready to be in awe!

Hidden Gems in Vietnam – Summary

  1. Cao Bang
  2. Pu Luong Nature Reserve
  3. Chau Doc 
  4. Quang Binh
  5. Cát Tiên National Park
  6. Mui Ne Dunes
  7. Cát Bà Island
  8. Quy Nhon
  9. Cham Islands
  10. Bai Tu Long Bay

Cao Bang

hidden gems in vietnam

A glance at Cao Bang will take your breath away. The region is blessed with vast rice fields, enchanting farmlands, and beautiful greeneries. Moreover, it is surrounded by astonishing geological structures. At first sight, Cao Bang looks like a landscape out of a painting. Thus, it is also home to some UNESCO-protected structures, as well as Vietnam’s largest waterfall. Cao Bang is a perfect place to escape your busy everyday life and seek peace between the relaxing, verdant landscapes. 

Pu Luong Natural Reserve

pu luong nature reserve hidden gems in vietnam

Nestled between lush valleys, about 150 kilometers away from the bustling Hanoi, is the Pu Luong Natural Reserve. It is popular among locals but often overlooked by tourists. For that reason, Pu Luong stays pristine and is considered one of the most amazing hidden gems in Vietnam. The stunning valleys offer both unforgettable views and unique culture. Pu Luong has fertile land where rice, palms, and jungles grow nicely. Furthermore, it is complemented by crystal-clear streams and pretty lakes. No wonder that a long time ago, ethnic Thai people set foot in the lush area and established a remarkable neighborhood. 

Chau Doc

hidden gems in vietnam chau doc

Looking for another beautiful city in Vietnam other than Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh? Then, head to Chau Doc. The vintage city is nestled in the Mekong Delta, in An Giang Province, to be exact. It is a remarkable Vietnam hidden gem that keeps a charming secret. Chau Doc is home to both Cham and Khmer communities, where they live peacefully and show us the meaning of tolerance. For that reason, you can find beautiful mosques and brilliant temples in the city. Thus, Chau Doc highlights lovely floating villages, like the Chau Doc Floating Village, where the Cham community lives. Furthermore, Chau Doc offers other unique places, like Tra Su Cajuput Forest and Ba Chuc Tomb. 

Quang Binh

hidden gems in vietnam cave of quang binh

Feeling adventurous during your trip to Vietnam? Then, don’t miss out, Quang Binh! It has a generous option of natural landscapes, from mysterious jungles to marvelous caves. Quang Binh is also home to the most diverse ecosystem in Vietnam, Phong Nha National Park. Get ready to be captivated by the amazing view of mountains, caves, and jungles in one site. Then, go for an exciting adventure in Quang Binh. It calls you for cave trekking, hiking, canoeing, and many more. For sure, this Vietnam hidden gem will spoil the adrenaline-seeker inside you! 

Cát Tiên National Park

hidden gems in vietnam cat tien

Dear nature lovers, this Vietnam secret spot is for you! Cát Tiên National Park features a 72,000-hectare park shrouded by lush tropical rainforest. It is the conservation center for several endangered species, like big primates and crocodiles. Moreover, you can see those fascinating animals from a close distance. It offers you an exciting and ethical experience of seeing wildlife in its natural habitat! Thus, jungle trekking is the main activity you can do in Cát Tiên National Park. Go for an unforgettable adventure and immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Vietnam’s rainforest!

Mui Ne Dunes

Mui Ne Dunes untouched hidden gems in vietnam

Although Southeast Asia is known for its lush lands and verdant rainforests, Vietnam offers something different. You can find an arid and vast desert on the country’s southern coastline. The golden landscape will make it hard to believe that you are still in tropical Vietnam instead of a Middle Eastern country. For that reason, Mui Ne Dunes is one of the most unique hidden gems in Vietnam. Some activities you can enjoy in these dunes are sand boarding, jeep-touring, and ATV-riding. Additionally, you can visit Mui Ne Dunes at sunrise to get an amazing orange-tinted scenery. 

Cát Bà Island 

hidden gems in vietnam cat ba

This North Vietnam island offers the best of both worlds – natural and manmade. Cát Bà Island boasts Vietnam’s iconic treasures, gorgeous beaches, and magnificent limestone cliffs. Moreover, it looks more beautiful at night as the beaches light up with bioluminescent organisms. You can dip yourself in the crystal clear water and swim in the sea of stars. Besides that, Cát Bà highlights a lively island life. You can easily find trendy bars, feisty nightlife, and beautiful resorts along the coastline. So, if you are looking for a fancy vacation spot or awesome parties in Vietnam, Cát Bà Island is your go-to! 

Quy Nhon

beautiful seaside city of Quy Nhon hidden gems in vietnam

Are there any beaches that are worth visiting in Vietnam? Then, head to Quy Nhon and find a lot! This small coastal city is home to unspoiled beaches with fine sand and glimmering waters. As the town is often overlooked by tourists, the landscapes stay pristine and beautiful. Moreover, it is a great place for a tropical getaway in Vietnam. There are lots of accommodations that you can stay in. From laid-back home stays in a fishing village to luxurious villas with sophisticated architecture, you can find one that fits you. Furthermore, there are lots of things to explore in Quy Nhon. You can visit the nice Nhon Hai Beach and see centuries-old Cham temples. 

Cham Islands

hidden gems in vietnam cham islands

Crystal-clear waters, enthralling underwater life, and pristine beaches. Those are what Cham Islands offer. Cham Islands is one of the best tropical hidden gems in Vietnam. It is recognized as UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve for its spotless natural beauty and marine biodiversity. Thus, it makes your dream tropical vacation come true. You can enjoy many activities in this beautiful location, from sunbathing to snorkeling. Thus, for a different experience, visit one of the fishing villages in the Cham Islands. It’s a great way to connect with Vietnam’s people and culture. 

Bai Tu Long Bay

Visit Bai Tu Long Bay, hidden gems in vietnam

Do you want to visit the world-famous Ha Long Bay but get tired easily with its bursting crowds? Then, head to the nearby Bai Tu Long Bay. This outstanding bay looks much like Ha Long Bay, with its jungle-clad limestone islands and turquoise waters. However, Bai Tu Long Bay is much more tranquil than Ha Long Bay. Only a few know about this beautiful place, making it one of the hidden gems in Vietnam. Bai Tu Long Bay offers interesting attractions to explore. You can see the Vung Vieng Fishing Village to get an idea of how fascinating the Vietnamese culture is. Also, visit one of Bai Tu Long Bay’s caves. The naturally-formed caves will take your breath away with their awesome stalagmites and stalactites. 

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