Covid-19 guidelines for group travel

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With these 5 guidelines, nothing can go wrong!

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has changed the way we travel. As travellers, many of us have been confined to our homes but now we have all started to dream again of our next group travel adventure. So below are a few Covid-19 guidelines listed for your next safe group travel.  



1. Get to know your TripMates


The first and most important aspect would be for you to get to know who you are traveling with. Communication is the key especially on group travels. So make sure the guidelines are set keeping in mind the specific destination rules. Ask your group members to either quarantine for a specific period of time or take a COVID-19 test. Alternatively, each group member can monitor their health conditions a week prior to departure and inform the TripLeader of any possible symptoms. 


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Communication is everything


2. Research Country, State and Local regulations


Honestly, the regulations vary from time to time and city to city. So I believe it is absolutely crucial to make a note of the regulations imposed for each of the cities you will be visiting in your multi-stop trips. For all vaccinated travelers make sure you carry your COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate. Here at JoinMyTrip we take safety of our travelers very seriously. So, check out the latest COVID-19 updates and regulations here


3. Have a clear itinerary 


Generally, new opening and closing hours have been set in response to COVID-19. So a well planned itinerary will help you avoid situations like entry being closed and limited capacity.  


4. Organize your supplies


Packing during pre-pandemic times itself would be overwhelming but now more so than ever we need to think about packing items for COVID-19 protection. Of course, each group member can be responsible for their own masks but each assigned TripMate can be responsible for additional supplies. For example: extra face masks, hand sanitiser and disinfectant. 



5. Travel Insurance 


With constant changes happening around it will be best to keep yourself updated with your insurance status so travelling can be done in confidence. At JoinMyTrip, our TripMates and TripLeaders from Germany and Austria are automatically eligible for travel insurance for their trips worldwide.  




We hope that we can encourage you to try a group trip and of course, we wish that you travel together diligently. Check out JoinMyTrip and discover cool group trips where you can share your experiences. Have any questions or points to discuss? Then check out JoinMyTrip Travel forum


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