20 Awesome Things to Do in Amsterdam

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Looking for a town with incredible scenery, fascinating history, and luscious culture? Then, you must visit Amsterdam. This capital city of the Netherlands is home to centuries-old landmarks, brilliant canals, and unforgettable attractions. Thus, there are so many things to do in Amsterdam, from museum visits to relaxing cycling tours. However, some activities are definitely on the must-do list for they are super exciting!

So, for you to make the best out of your Amsterdam trip, we recommend these 20 awesome things to do in Amsterdam. Let’s dive into it! 

Best Things to Do in Amsterdam

  1. Visit the Legendary Van Gogh Museum
  2. See Classic Paintings in Stedelijk Museum
  3. Marvel at Dutch Art Works in Rijksmuseum
  4. Sample Dutch Cheese in the Cheese Museum
  5. See Anne Frank House
  6. Grasp the Regal Atmosphere at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam
  7. See the Ons’ Lieve Heer op Soldier
  8. See Concertgebouw
  9. Take a Glimpse of Jewish Culture in Portuguese Synagogue
  10. Go for a Boat Cruise Tour on the Canals
  11. Cycle Around Amsterdam
  12. Wander Around De Negen Straatjes
  13. Go for Heineken Experience
  14. Go to the Unique Xtra Cold Ice Bar
  15. Grab Some Drinks at Amsterdam Rooftop Bars
  16. Savor Local Dishes in Amsterdam Food Tour 
  17. Relax on Zandvoort Beach during Summer
  18. See Bollenstreek during the Spring
  19. Shop at Albert Cuyp Market
  20. Stroll Around Vondelpark 

Things to Do in Amsterdam: Museums

1. Visit the Legendary Van Gogh Museum

things to do in amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum is a museum dedicated to a legendary painter of the same name, Vincent Van Gogh. Although Van Gogh’s masterpieces are scattered around the world, Amsterdam keeps lots of them. Furthermore, the Van Gogh Museum has a futuristic, cube-shaped building. Inside the museum, you can find the authentic self-portrait, more than 200 paintings, and 700 handwritten letters of Van Gogh. Moreover, you can also book a guided tour to learn about the maestro’s life.

2. See Classic Paintings in Stedelijk Museum

Stedelijk Museum things to do

Stedelijk Museum is an art museum established in 1835. Thus, it has elegant baroque-style architecture that represents the high-class taste of the 17th century. However, you can also find a futuristic, glass-covered ‘Bathub’ building in the area. Both are Stedelijk Museum’s main buildings, which exhibit over 700 paintings and sculptures. The art works in Stedelijk Museum are contemporary designs that come from Europe and America. Also, you can stumble upon works from world-class painters like Casimir Malevich in the museum.

3. Marvel at Dutch Art Pieces in Rijksmuseum

things to do in amsterdam rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum is a colossal museum in the heart of Amsterdam. Furthermore, it has a baroque-style exterior tinted in terracotta, making it looks magnificent and royal. Rijksmuseum is home to world-class masterpieces, such as Rembrandt and Vermeer’s paintings. Other than that, Rijksmuseum also displays the fascinating history of the Netherlands from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. If you want to learn about Dutch history, you must include this museum on your bucket list.

4. Sample Dutch Cheese in the Cheese Museum

things to do cheese museum

Who would have thought museum visits could be so delicious? So, you must try visiting the Cheese Museum. Situated in the historic district of Prisengratch, the Cheese Museum is an attraction that should not be missed during museum visits in Amsterdam. Just like its name, the museum displays a wide collection of Dutch cheeses and how to make them. Also, at the end of the visit, you can sample splendid Dutch cheese like Gouda and Old Goat cheese. Sounds interesting, right?

Things to Do in Amsterdam: Historical Buildings

5. See Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House things to do

See the heartbreaking past of Anne Frank and her family in this historical landmark. Anne Frank House is the real hiding place of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who is famous for her diary, during World War II. Thus, in the house, you can see Anne’s original letters and diaries. You can also see the original annex where she stayed in, hidden behind a bookshelf. In conclusion, Anne Frank House is a monument of humanity that will touch the hearts of everyone who visit.

6. Grasp the Regal Atmosphere at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam

things to do royal palace

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam stands in the middle of bustling streets with its sumptuous architecture and colossal building. The landmark is the reception palace of King Willem-Alexander and the royal family. Excitingly, it is open to the public. So, you can see the interior of this elegant palace and learn the story of the Dutch monarch.

7. See the Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder Church

ons lieve heer op solder amsterdam

Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder or “Our Lord in The Attic” Church is a 17th-century Catholic church in Amsterdam. Furthermore, it was a hidden church where Catholics used to practice their religion when they were forbidden to do so.

For that reason, the church does not look like a regular church from the outside. However, if you see its interior, you will be surprised by the laid-back and lovely vibes of the church. It has salmon-colored pillars and columns, small wooden benches, and a small altar with a nouveau painting.

8. See the Concertgebouw

things to do in amsterdam

Concertgebouw or “The Concert Building” is an iconic concert hall in Amsterdam. The Concertgebouw is located really close to Stedelijk Museum. From the outside, the building has a exceptional architecture, with elegant carvings and large pillars. On the inside, the Concertgebouw features a vast stage and hall that can fit around 800,000 spectators. Additionally, you can see orchestra concerts almost every evening in the concert hall.

9. Take a Glimpse of Jewish Culture in Portuguese Synagogue

See how the Jewish community practices their religion in Portuguese Synagogue. The Portuguese Synagogue was built in the 17th century and located in the Jewish Quarter. Thus, you can see the magnificent interiors of the synagogue. The Portuguese Synagogue features mahogany-tinted chandeliers and benches in a stunning esnoga. Furthermore, you can also find a hidden chamber filled with manuscripts and ceremonial items. 

Things to Do in Amsterdam: Going Around

10. Go for Boat Cruise Tour on the Canals

amsterdam canals

Do you know that Amsterdam is called “The Venice of the North” due its gorgeous canals? So, like Venice, canal cruise tours in Amsterdam is a top thing-to-do! In fact, boat cruise around Amsterdam’s canals is one of the best way to immerse yourself in the city’s beauty. You can see the series of storybook houses, hovering bridges, and the lovely 165 canals of Amsterdam. Additionally, there are many types of boat cruise tours you can enjoy, from the classic one-hour tour to candlelight dinner cruise!

11. Cycle Around Amsterdam 

things to do amsterdam cycle

Amsterdam is known for its pedestrian-friendly and traffic-free tracks. Furthermore, they are great for cycling. Hopping on a bike and cycling around the city is one of the best way to enjoy Amsterdam. Thus, there are a lot of cycling tracks in Amsterdam. You can try the Ouderkerk de Aan De Amstel track, which offers picturesque views Rembrandt got his inspirations from, or Amsterdamse Bos, a forest track with verdant scenery. Moreover, you can easily find bicycle rentals and go for those cycling tours!

12. Wander Around De Negen Straatjes

De negen straatjes amsterdam

Looking for a lovely neighborhood for strolls in Amsterdam? Then, you must see De Negen Straatjes. The area consists of three streets crossing two canals, which made it seems to have nine streets. For that reason, the area is named De Negen Straatjes or “The Nine Streets”. The Central Amsterdam neighborhood is dotted with classic houses, quirky restaurants, and unique stores. Also, you can find the unique Museum of Spectacles in the area. So, if you love shopping, cafe hopping, or quirky things, you should give De Negen Straatjes a go!

Things to Do in Amsterdam: Tasty Experiences

13. Go for the Heineken Experience Tour

Heineken experience to do

Go to the oldest Heineken brewery in the world and find a fabulous experience there. Heineken Experience is an interactive tour along the Heineken brewery in Amsterdam. So, during the trip, you will see the history of world-famous beer Heineken. Besides that, you can take a glimpse of how Heineken beers are produced, including learning about the brewery process and seeing the ingredients. This tour also features an exciting tasting room where you can sample some Heineken beers. Last but not least, you will be awarded two large glasses of Heineken after you finish the tour.

14. Savor Local Dishes in Amsterdam Food Tour 

things to do in amsterdam food tour

Dreaming of muching on the best bitterballen or poffertjes in town? Then, you should go for an Amsterdam food tour! Usually, food tours are led by the locals and of course, they know what are the best stuffs around the area! So, if you are looking for heartwarming pancakes or amazing platter of Dutch cheese, going with a local will be a great thing to do. Or, maybe you want to try the authentic harring or raw herring? Better ask locals for the best ones! 

15. Grab some Alcohol in Amsterdam Rooftop Bars

things to do amsterdam rooftop bar

Grabbing some drinks is on the top of must-do list in Amsterdam. Undoubtedly, Amsterdam is known for its vibrant nightlife and awesome drinking culture. So, we highly recommend going to a bar and having an alcohol of your choice. 

Moreover, one of the bar types you must try in Amsterdam is a rooftop bar. These bars offer delicious drinks and an amazing panoramic view of the city. Thus, the best rooftop bars you can visit in Amsterdam are SkyLongue, W Amsterdam, Nemo Rooftop Bar, and Floor 17.

16. Go to the Unique Xtra Cold Ice Bar

Among all the quirky things in the city, you can find this bar. Xtra Cold Ice Bar is an out-of-the-box bar in Amstel, serving classic alcoholic drinks and cocktails. However, the bar is set to -10℃, making it feels like an Arctic region. Well, it is literally frozen. Xtra Cold Bar features walls, tables, and glasses made out of ice. Besides its unique features, Xtra Cold Ice Bar offers another exciting thing, which is three free drinks for an entry ticket. Sounds cool, right? 

Things to Do in Amsterdam: Other Experiences

17. Relax on Zandvoort Beach during Summer

things to do amsterdam zandvoort

If you are visiting Amsterdam in summer, you must visit Zandvoort Beach. The beach offers a vast coastline, golden sand, and mild waves. For that reason, Zandvoort Beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, or water activities like canoeing. Moreover, the beach has interesting facilities such as beach clubs, restaurants, and bars.

Besides that, Zandvoort Beach has been a Formula One race track for a long time, so you can find F1 car tracks nearby the beach. Also, Zandvoort Beach is accessible from the city center. You can easily reach the beach by metro or bus.

18. See Bollenstreek during the Spring

bollenstreek amsterdam

Do you know what is the most iconic thing about Holland? Yes, tulips! Thus, you can see blooming tulips and colorful flowers on spring just a few kilometers away from Amsterdam. Bollenstreek is a world-famous region in Netherlands, as it has a vast and glorious flower fields. So, consider visiting the Netherlands, especially Bollenstreek, during spring to see the beautiful Dutch flowers with your own eyes.

19. Shop at Albert Cuyp Market

Amsterdam things to do market

Indulge the laid-back local atmosphere in this street market. Albert Cuyp Market is located in the heart of De Pipj district. It is a local market offering various items in affordable prices. Moreover, Albert Cuyp Market is a haven for foodies, as it offers a large variety of delicious Dutch street food. Furthermore, the market is popular among tourist for its hearty atmosphere and authentic local experience. 

20. Stroll Around Vondelpark 


Vondelpark is a city park that is situated between Leidseplein and Museumplein. The manicured park has been operating since 1835 and once used as a horseback riding arena. Now, local citizens and tourists visit the park for relaxing strolls or short escapes. The park has a green scenery, sculptures, and open-air theatre that is perfect for gatherings and recreations.

A Few Handy Travel Tips for Amsterdam

We know that you are ready to visit Amsterdam and try out the interesting things it offer. So, we have a few tips that might come handy for your next Amsterdam trip.

Research about the Travel Restrictions and COVID-19 Regulation

Being mindful about travel restrictions and regulations post COVID-19 pandemic is an essential things to do. Some countries have different travel regulation than the others, so make sure you check out thoroughly. To see the travel restrictions in the Netherlands and specifically Amsterdam, you can check the official Netherlands government website here.

Buy an I amsterdam Card

I amsterdam Card is a great deal if you are staying more than three days in Amsterdam. I amsterdam Card is a multipurpose card that covers lots of things, from attractions to public transportation. Thus, I amsterdam Card gives you access to all the museums in Amsterdam, buses, metros, a one-hour cruise tour, and bike rental. The I amsterdam Card is available hourly and daily, starting from €58. If you are interested in getting a card, you can check out the information here.

Rent a Bike or Use Public Transport

As the streets in Amsterdam are usually traffic-free and great for bikes, renting a bicycle is a great idea to go around the city. Moreover, Amsterdam also has a convenient public transportation route. So, either bicycle or hopping on buses is awesome to go around the city.

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