Solo Female Travel

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Travel Tips

Solo female travel may seem to be unfamiliar and intimidating. As female travelers, you feel the urge to pack your bags, fly somewhere new, and say, “I can do it.” However, setting off in the unknown and testing our boundaries can have more positive effects, more rewards, and more surprises than we could ever imagine. Here are our top tips for solo trips for women which make this idea become real! 

Tips for solo female travelers

  1. Be confident
  2. Plan the first night
  3. Keep quiet
  4. Blend in
  5. Meet other women
  6. Stay connected
  7. Keep possessions to a minimum
  8. Avoid too much alcohol

Be confident

be confident

We feel this should be your motto in and outside of traveling. Having confidence is one of the best keys for ensuring you have an enjoyable “solo female travel” experience. Don’t doubt your decisions and trust yourself a little more than usual when navigating through a new destination. It has been said that a solo woman who looks lost or confused can often attract the wrong kind of attention. Stride with pride as you walk around trying to find the place you need to go. 

Plan the first night

plan the first night solo female travel

At a minimum, be sure to book a place to sleep on the first night of every destination during your trip. It’s important you give yourself daylight time to find your hostel or hotel to avoid any unwanted interactions while you walk around trying to find your sleeping spot. Therefore, a tip in itself for solo travel for women: avoid arriving at night! 

Keep quiet

blend in solo female travel

You should think of your accommodation as your safe spot. Don’t tell people where you are staying, even if they seem trustworthy or nice. If they ask, give them a roundabout answer without giving it away. For example, “I am staying close to the center.”

Blend in

blend in solo female travel

It’s unfortunate we have to worry about such things. However, one of the easiest ways to attract negative attention is to wear clothing that gives off the wrong ideas or that makes you stick out as a tourist. Solo female travel does not mean that you are all alone! Try to blend in with the locals and dress conservatively or in simple clothing to avoid being singled out as a potential target. 

Meet other women

meet other women solo female travel

You will be surprised to see that you are not alone and there are a lot of other solo female travelers! Take this opportunity to meet them and share the same exciting experience hand in hand. You can build strong friendships with women all around the world whom you may never have had the chance to meet before.

Stay connected

stay connected solo female travel

Keep family and friends rest assured that you are safe and having the time of your life. Letting people know where you are, acts as an extra safety blanket while friends and family can follow along. This way, you are also leaving a safety trail, reassuring everyone you’re safe and enjoying your travel days. 

Keep possessions to a minimum

keep it minimum solo female travel

We know how nice it is to have all electronics on hand while traveling. However, you must remember this is only going to attract more attention from thieves. Try to avoid flashing these items around and only pack something necessary. Perhaps, leave the laptop at home if you can manage without it. 

Avoid too much alcohol

avoid too much travel
1. Avoid Too Much Alcohol

This one may be obvious, but let this be a friendly reminder. Enjoying a drink or two with others is fun. However, it can quickly turn dangerous if you overdo it. So, for all solo female travelers, drink in moderation and always be aware of your surroundings. If, by chance, you do overdo it, never walk home alone. Please have a walking buddy to get you to your hostel or hotel safely.

With these tips, you can ensure a safe adventure when going on solo travel for women. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t go on trips for single women alone because you are a single woman. Go ahead and step out of your comfort zone. Just be careful! If traveling alone doesn’t appeal to you, then traveling in a group is the answer. At JoinMyTrip, you will be guided by our dedicated TripLeaders that will take you to the most adventure you have ever thought possible before. JoinMyTrip offers a generous choice of solo female travel groups that make you travel safely, comfy, and fun! 

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