The Top 6 Packing Tips for Your Next Adventure

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How to become the ultimate packing pro

Do you know this situation: you plan your trip, and have a lot of anticipation, but wait, one thing is missing: you still have to pack! If you’re like us, you’re always the least excited about packing. That’s why today we’re sharing our top 6 packing tips for your next adventure, so you can focus more on looking forward to the trip instead of stressing.

Create a packing list

This is the first and one of the most important packing tips for your next adventure. In order to organize your luggage efficiently, you need a packing list that includes all the important things you will need on your trip. It’s not about packing your entire household, but only things you really need.

So, what belongs on your packing list?

The most important things are, of course, clothes. If you learned as kids to pack one outfit a day, we have to bring you back to reality: that’s way too much! Think about it: do you wear something different every day at home? If the answer to this question is “no”, then it won’t be any different on vacation. We’ll have more information for you about the right clothes later.

Lots of suitcases stacked.
Have fun packing your suitcase.

The next items on your packing list are important documents. Depending on where you are traveling to, you will need to have different documents with you besides your passport or ID card. For example, if you are traveling to the USA, you will need to have your ESTA visa with you at all times, so you should have it close at hand in your luggage, as you will be asked to show it by a TSA agent when entering. Find more under “Visa requirements for Russia, Cuba, South Africa, India and many more“.

Two passports held up by a hand.
Important documentation is priority number one.

The next aspect on your packing list is electronic devices. Nowadays, it’s hard to live without your cell phone. Not only does that mean you’re on Instagram 24/7, but your smartphone is a useful helper when traveling. Apps for translations, maps and money monitoring are just the beginning. Your phone is a small computer that can save you in any situation while traveling. For this you need enough charging capacity, so pack not only your charging cable but also one or more power banks. A very useful app is TravelSpend, which you can read more about here so you know how to manage expenses on a group trip.

The last item on your packing list is medical products. Even if you are not traveling somewhere where you need malaria pills, there are some things you should always have in your first aid kit. These include band-aids, painkillers, disinfectants, nausea tablets and digestives (for those with a weak stomach).

Packing your bag, don't forget the important things.
Packing all the important things for your trip.

If you have all these items on your packing list, nothing stands in your way of becoming the ultimate packing professionals.

Choose the right luggage

Now, of course, you need to check which piece of luggage is right for you. Are you traveling with your backpacking travel buddy? Then you don’t want to lag behind with your rolling suitcase, but get a really good travel backpack or borrow one from your friends or family.

Packing one bag can be difficult so make sure you know how to. A woman with a big red bag.
For one bag travel good packing is vital.

Even on road trips, you need to think carefully about which piece of luggage is best to choose to make your trips as comfortable as possible. Again, the more flexible, the better. Large, bulky suitcases rarely fit in a trunk, especially if you’re more than two people. So work with several travel bags that can also be crumpled. That way, you can also take advantage of every little opening you can find in the car.

Road trip packing tips: a car on a road with forest surrounding.
Packing your car with stuff that you need.

If you’ll be traveling by air and won’t be doing much traveling around your destination, the classic suitcase is a great option. Many airlines have stricter and stricter luggage requirements, which limit you in alternative luggage options. Therefore, use a simple rolling suitcase (preferably with 4 wheels) to travel relaxed. We don’t want you to have to pay fees for bulky luggage.

Choose the right type of packing style

Once you’ve found your ideal piece of luggage, you’ll of course need to consider how best to pack all the things you have on your packing list. The right packing method is therefore one of our packing tips for your next adventure. There are many roads that lead to Rome and it all depends on the clothes you want to take with you. If you have many pieces that only look good ironed, then you should definitely pack as neatly as possible!

But if you rather have parts that are intended for outdoor activities and are therefore very light and flexible, you can also roll them up. So you save space efficiently and your clothes do not fly around in the suitcase. The rolling technique also works well for underwear and socks. However, you can also store socks in your shoes and save space.

The second technique is the classic folding. Your parents must have taught you during your first school trips that you should always fold your clothes. If you are the type to unpack your clothes in the accommodation and store them in wardrobes, the folding technique is of course the easiest.

Packing your clothes by folding them is a good idea. A wardrobe full of jumpers.
Folding your clothes is a good tactic.

The third technique is for all those who call themselves creative chaotics. Because the third technique is “just pure”! You have no ironed clothes and you find space everywhere? Then throw your clothes in just like that. Many people have an order to their mess that should not be disturbed, which we do not condemn at all. Especially if you live out of a suitcase for several weeks, it will eventually look like that anyway, so why not start that way right away. An extra tip: get a machine that welds your clothes into bags! This will save you even more space and you can easily pack your clothes.

Use hand luggage correctly

This tip is for all of you who are traveling by plane to your destination. You should not waste your hand luggage carelessly by not using it. To do this, you first need to find out what the carry-on baggage policy is. Many airlines are so accommodating that you even get two pieces of hand luggage – one accessory and one real hand luggage.

You should use the accessory for all the important documents and things you need during the flight – passport or ID card, cell phone charging cable and power bank, an empty water bottle, a book and snacks. Your real carry-on bag should be used for more clothes! Here you should pack a little bit of everything, you never know if your suitcase might get lost. So you have at least a few clothes for the first days. In any case, make sure not to pack any liquids, so you become ultimate packing professionals!

Packing your hand luggage is important. A women standing, holding a bag.
Use your hand luggage right.

Packing the right clothes

As promised, we’ll now show you how to identify the right clothes to avoid packing unnecessarily.

Of course, it is important for you to know what you will experience or do on your trip. For example, if you are going to do a lot of hiking and don’t really want to party or go out for a fancy dinner, take only comfortable and sporty clothes with you. However, if you are going on a city trip, pack different clothes depending on the weather. Here the magic word is also: Zwiebellook. Especially in the city, when you’re always going in and out, you need to be able to adjust your clothing. On a road trip you should also be more comfortable, tight jeans and short tops will only hinder you. Most importantly, don’t pack too much! One or two jackets, two pairs of shoes, a pair of pants and tops are enough to outfit you on your vacation.

Pack the right clothes: shoes and things lying on the floor.
The right clothes make the trip perfect.

Pack necessary guidebooks

Our last tip on the list of packing tips for your next adventure is; packing travel guides. These are some of the top items for travelers. Sounds boring to you? It shouldn’t! Of course, we don’t want you to buy any guidebooks that only contain boring facts about the biggest sights, but information that will really inform you. You never know if you will always have the internet everywhere to get important information. That’s why you should check out cool travel guides that will definitely help you out. Furthermore, it is also useful to write down all important tips, information and hints. Notebooks are very helpful for this. Maybe write down day by day what you would like to see, how to get there, opening hours and entrance fees.

a woman writing notes with a pen
Your own notes will always be the most helpful

We hope that with these points we have made you the list for ultimate pack professionals and you got helpful packing tips for your next adventure.

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