5 Tips for the Traveling Introvert

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Out of your comfort zone? New people? No thank you!

So! For those of you that are the more shy type like myself, you might find the concept of traveling and meeting new people on the road to be a scary thought. 

However, while solo traveling may seem a bit daunting, I’ve found it to be one of the most growth-inducing activities I’ve ever encountered. Because, when it’s sink or swim, you’ll definitely learn to love swimming!

Wondering how you can do so as well? Well, here are my top 5 tips for meeting people while traveling! 

1. Talk to people at your hostel

So this one is the most nerve wracking of them all I think! I definitely struggled with this at the start of my solo traveling. But, it’s really all about getting started! Asking people where they’re from, where they plan on visiting that day, what brought them to the city you’re visiting, etc are all great basic conversation starters. Just remember, other travelers are open to meeting people too, especially at hostels.

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2. Join a Meetup or Couchsurfing Event

This a great option, as there are always these types of events going on in bigger cities, and usually with other travelers or expats. Couchsurfing in particular has this super helpful function called “Hangouts”, where you can see other travelers around you and straight up invite them to go explore with you.

3. Join a Walking Tour 

Especially the free walking tours! This is usually the first thing I schedule when I arrive in a new place. You’ll meet lots of other travelers this way, and also get some great ideas for activities you might be able to do while there. After the tour, you can always ask around in your group if anyone wants to check out that church or museum your tour guide recommended.

4. Ask around on local Facebook groups or online forums 

If you do a bit of research beforehand, you can find plenty of different Facebook pages and social forums where people are open to meeting up. From personal experience, I’ve used local pages on Reddit several times to ask around for ideas, and even met up with locals who gave me a tour of their favorite secret spots and bars!

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5. Book a Trip with a Group 

If you’d really prefer to make some lifelong friends along the way without the stress of seeking out people yourself, you can book yourself in with a group for the trip! The shared experience of the whole travel process will always create strong bonds between you and your travel buddies, even if you hadn’t known them beforehand.

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