Spring Equinox Photo trip to the Northern Lights in Iceland

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Live the incredible experience of photographing the Northern Lights, during the spring equinox which brings increased solar activity and therefore excellent chances of aurora displays. There can be quite a few tourists on the island, but March is definitely one of the best months for Northern Lights in Iceland. This exclusive adventure is designed for a small group of people who want to have the opportunity to witness the auroras from different emblematic locations during the new moon (darkest nights of the month. This is why the travel dates), as well as explore majestic waterfalls, lagoons, craters, volcanic sand beaches, Baltic minerals and glaciers. We will travel by private car along the south coast from east to west where you can delight in many Nordic landscapes, with the flexibility to make many stops to take pictures, visit a Viking village, see glacial ice floes and relax in a natural hot springs pool! During this adventure you will be in the company of a professional photographer and full time traveler with whom you can acquire some tips and techniques to get the most out of your camera especially in night photography. (*If you don’t have a camera but you still want to live the experience, you will have the opportunity to pose for some pictures with surreal landscapes!).

About me: I am a graphic designer by profession and a photographer and full time traveller by passion. Therefore my camera has become my personal vehicle that has taken me around the world! And one of my favorite destinations is Iceland so this time I want to share it with my trip mates the beautiful and photogenic landscapes that this country has to offer and specially with the Northern Lights. In case you wonder why Iceland? well, I am very interested about the nature, colors and waterfalls of this country that always make me visit again and again so after a few visits.. I still want more... therefore I look forward to sharing some of my favorite spots with my fellow trip-mates!

The accommodation: During the trip will be staying mostly in cottages or houses in the countryside or small villages where we can have more opportunities to see the Aurora Borealis with less city lights and surrounded by a natural Nordic environment that the country of Iceland has to offer. We will look also for waterfalls or natural formations nearby at night to photograph with the Northern Lights. Keep me posted if you have any questions in the Q&A section!

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This trip was just amazing!! Luis took us to the most beautiful places and was always friendly, funny and patient. He’s well organized and a safe driver. Can totally recommend traveling with him!!
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Trip Itinerary

Reykjavík Airport

Day 1-2
Welcome at the airport Once the group is reunited we can explore some landmarks in the city according to your arrival times but also we will try our luck with the Auroras on the first night from Reykjavík view point - as even with city lights its possible to see them if the solar activity is intense.

Snæfellsjökull National Park

Day 2-3
During the day we go to Snæfellsjökull National Park. We will climb a crater overlooking its famous volcano with a glacier on top, as well as black sand beaches and rock formations and visit different viewpoints of the Icelandic west coast (don't worry, the physical demand is moderate). We will try our luck with the Auroras on the famous Kirkjufellsfoss waterfalls.


Day 3-4
Here we will make a mandatory stop at Skógafoss waterfalls and its waterfall hidden in a canyon. We will visit the black sand beach of Reynisdrangar – it’s incredible contrast with the water and the geological formations and its surrounding Baltic minerals. On the way we will stop to see an abandoned airplane on the beach and other sites of interest.


Day 4-5
Here we will walk a bit to enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon with rock formations and unique colorful nature. We will make a stop on the way at some lava fields covered with moss. We will spend a night here to enjoy the panorama with the northern lights (obviously!)


Day 5-6
We will visit Fjallsárlón is a glacial lake at the southern end of Iceland’s Vatnajökull glacier. Fjallsjökull, which is part of the larger glacier, reaches down to the water of the lake and some icebergs float on its surface. Visiting the waterfall at Svartifoss in the Vatnajökull National Park


Day 6-8
We will visit a Viking village that has been used as a filming location for the Netflix series The Witch. We will take the opportunity to take pictures with the reflection of the Stokksnes Mountains for the perfect postcard of the trip. On this last nights we will take the opportunity to take more pictures of the auroras if the weather conditions allows


Day 8-9
On this last day of the trip we will take the opportunity to relax in one of the natural thermal pools of Iceland and then enjoy the nightlife of the capital. Overnight in Reykjavík and hopefully we can say goodbye to the Aurora Borealis 😉
Trip Summary
9 days trip
Reykjavík Airport, Snæfellsjökull National Park & 5 more
Questions and Answers

Hey Luis, I know it's a bit late and can see the trip is already full. But I would like to join if t... Read More

hey thank you for your interest ! I will keep you posted ;)

Hi Luis, I‘m very interested in joining your group. Can you please contact me by DM? Thanks a lot!

Hi! I am able to DM if you 'like' 👍 the trip so your profile will be visible below ;) Thanks

Hello Luis any chance I join your trip I have interchangeable flights and would like to join you on ... Read More

Hey Thank you for your interest in joining my trip. spot available now **

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