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Best of ICELAND in Winter: Northern Lights, Golden Circle, Lights and Food Festivals!!!

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Why join this tour? 🌟 Because it's a once-in-a-year opportunity to experience the ultimate Icelandic adventure, combining the Northern Lights phenomenon, Blue Ice Caving, Food and Lights festivals, and now, customizable activities chosen by you! 🌟🚗❄️ Our journey kicks off with two days of exploring festivals and city tours, immersing ourselves in the vibrant culture of Iceland. 🏙️🎉 From the third day onwards, we leave the urban hustle behind to embark on our quest for the Northern Lights, exploring the natural wonders of the Golden Circle and the South Coast of Iceland. 🏞️❄️✨ Prepare to be amazed by geysers, frozen waterfall landscapes, Black Sand and Diamond beaches, the Crystal Ice Cave, Blue Lagoon, Lava Show, and much more. 🔍🌊❄️ One day will truly test your adventurous spirit as we embark on a unique winter hike to an airplane wreck and enjoy a hidden hot spring, just like the Vikings did. 🔍🌊❄️ Don't worry, we'll have a pre-trip outfit and weather briefing. On that challenging day, I've got a Plan B ready in case the weather doesn't cooperate. 🌦️🗺️ But wait, there's even more! One day during our adventure is completely built by you. Add or choose activities like horse riding or ATV mountain adventures into your day and cross a few items off your bucket list. 🐎🏔️ Led by licensed guides and an experienced driver equipped with GPS, a satellite messenger, and a first aid kit, this trip offers a chance to witness the wonders of Iceland in its most enchanting winter week. 🛰️🆘 Your family and friends can even live-track your journey on Garmin's professional website, and I'll share visual content from my previous Icelandic summer journey to help you decide if you'd like to return in the warmer months. 📸🌞 Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime, and I'll see you on the road! 🚗🗺️🌠"

ABOUT ME: I'm an Adventure Designer with 10 years' experience in the adventure tourism industry. Expert in long-distance Epic drives, including "The Longest Highways in the World" list. Check my profile for more info! 🌍🚗

ABOUT ACCOMMODATION: Reykjavik (3 nights) - Hotel with Breakfast, private bathroom. Night stay 1 (2 nights) - Entire apartment with mountain view, kitchenette, private bathroom. Night stay 2 (1 night) - Guesthouse with Breakfast, shared bathroom. Reykjavik (1 night) - Hostel, our own room, kitchenette, shared bathroom. We will share 4-bed or 2-bed rooms, where Private Bathroom means shared by 4 tripmates and Shared Bathroom - is shared with other guests.

What's included?
Accommodation (hotel B&B, guesthouse)
Car (rental & deposit & parking & drive)
TOUR 1. Crystal Ice Caving (guided)
TOUR 4. Lava Show (guided)
TOUR 2. City Tour with an Art Expert
TOUR 5.Golden Circle Tour (audio-guided)
TOUR 3. City Food Adventure (guided)
TOUR 6. Blue Lagoon (face mask, drinks)
1 Admission to the listed Pool & Museum
Breakfast with an Instagram Influencer
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
DAY 1. ARRIVAL DAY. THERMAL POOL NIGHT! 🌍 Welcome to Iceland! Chances are, you'll touch down at Keflavik Airport and then make your way to Reykjavik city, where we'll meet at our hotel. While check-in typically begins at 3 pm, if you arrive earlier, don't worry. You can safely store your luggage at the reception and set out to explore the city. You'll receive detailed instructions well in advance of your flight. 👥 Once we're all together, we'll have an informative gathering to discuss our upcoming adventure, recommended outfit, useful apps, and other organizational matters. 🏊‍♂️Tonight, immerse yourself in an integral part of the local way of living in the land of Ice and Fire. Thermal swimming pools are deeply ingrained in Icelandic culture, fostering health and resilience among the locals. So, get your swimsuits ready as we spend this evening by the pools. Depending on the group's dynamics, we'll have the option to relax in the warm water of the pool while listening to live music or enjoy a program of swim dancers while sipping hot chocolate in the stands. Details of the evening's program will be shared with participants closer to the start date of the trip. 🏊‍♂️🎶🍫 ICELANDIC SWIMMING POOL is a quintessential part of local culture, offering geothermally heated pools, hot & cold tubs, and steam rooms. It's a social hub where locals gather to relax, unwind, and maintain their well-being. 🏊‍♂️🌋


Day 2
DAY 2. MORNING. CITY TOUR TOUR 2: Duration 2 hours 🌞 Good morning, it's time to rise and shine! Today is all about walking, so let's make the most of our delicious breakfast in the hotel. 🚶‍♂️ Our first tour of the day is the City Walk. We will explore art, architecture, history, and Icelandic culture across 10 different locations with attractions. We'll take a stroll through the city, visit a unique museum, and stop by a gear rental store if you need any last-minute outfit essentials. 🏛️ The old town of Reykjavik hides one of the best-preserved treasures in all of Iceland. We will delve into over 1,500 years of history, from the Northman era to the Norse, Celtics, and Vikings, right up to present-day Reykjavik. 🎨 Our knowledgeable Art Expert will explain the meaning of the city's murals, the architectural styles of its buildings, and share fascinating stories about local artists, artisans, and galleries. Get ready for a friendly and unforgettable experience of Reykjavik's old town! RAINBOW STREET, a vibrant and lively hub in Reykjavik, will charm you with its colorful buildings, trendy shops, cozy cafes, and bustling atmosphere. Explore the hippest street in town and soak in the artistic and creative vibes. Don't miss the opportunity to capture that perfect Instagram-worthy moment. HALLGRIMSKIIRKJA, a majestic architectural marvel in Reykjavik, rises to the sky like a beacon of beauty and serenity. Its towering presence and unique design make it a must-visit destination for awe-inspiring views and a sense of tranquility. Explore its grandeur and let your spirit soar. HARPA CONCERT HALL AND CONFERENCE CENTRE is a mesmerizing architectural masterpiece. Its stunning glass facade, innovative design, and world-class performances make it a cultural gem that should not be missed. SUN VOYAGER is a magnificent sculpture in Reykjavik, Iceland. Its graceful curves and powerful presence evoke a sense of adventure and exploration. A symbol of hope and endless possibilities, it invites you to embark on a journey of discovery.

The Reykjavik Food Walk

Day 2
DAY 2. AFTERNOON. FOOD TOUR DURING FOOD FESTIVAL (THORRABLOT)! TOUR 3: Duration 3 hours, 6 different restaurants and shops. 🍔 When your appetite kicks in, our exciting food tour begins! Led by a knowledgeable and fun local guide, it's the tastiest way to discover Reykjavík. We'll visit six different restaurants and shops, indulging in a total of 8 mouthwatering food tastings you won't find on the usual tourist routes. 🍽️ During our three-hour tour, daring food enthusiasts can also seize the opportunity to taste Þorramatur—a platter of traditional Icelandic delicacies—at the Food Festival. It's entirely optional, so if you're not feeling adventurous, you can watch others or snap photos of these unique dishes. 🎉 And here's the most important moment of all: we will be introduced to the local eating ritual that makes dreams come true! Just follow the steps and see what happens! 🍴✨ TOUR 1: A 3-hour guided walk through renowned restaurants and charming family-run establishments. Explore hidden gems known only to locals. Savor delightful Icelandic lamb soup, a beloved local staple. Treat your taste buds to homemade ice cream crafted from a secret family recipe. Sample an array of local cheeses and seasonal meats. Gain an introduction to authentic skyr, and relish a hot dog from Iceland's most iconic stand. Experience the "world's best lobster soup" and a unique dessert like none other! FOOD FESTIVAL (THORRABLOT) Þorrablót is famous for its traditional Icelandic cuisine. During this celebration, people indulge in þorramatur, a selection of traditional foods. To honor this tradition, restaurants nationwide feature a special menu during this time. The Þorrablót celebration gained popularity in the 1960s, starting with a Reykjavik restaurant that introduced a platter containing these traditional foods. ÞORRAMATUR include the famous rotten shark’s meat (hákarl), boiled sheep’s head, (svið), cured rolls of lamb flank, congealed sheep’s blood wrapped in a ram’s stomach (blóðmör). While these might not sound enticing to tourists, you can satisfy your curiosity by trying these Icelandic delicacies. To temper the flavors, wash it down with a shot of Brennivin, an Icelandic schnapps made locally from potatoes and caraway.


Day 2-3
DAY 2. EVENING. MUSEUM NIGHT 🌟 If you think the day is over, think again! 🌟 We have a list of 40 museums to choose from, so we can dive into the most interesting exhibitions in the area. Whether you're into art, history, or nature, there's something for everyone! 🎨🏛️🌿 💫 You'll have plenty of time to enjoy the expositions until you're ready to fall asleep or until the museum closes its doors for the night. Each museum is ready to impress you in its own unique way! THE NATIONAL MUSEUM, for example, will take visitors back to the 19th century, with evening entertainment as it was in the communal bedrooms of old Icelandic farmhouses. Poets of all ages will be performing different types of poetry, including rhymes and verses. Additionally, there will be a storyteller who will be sharing fairy tales. Visitors will also have the opportunity to take prosody lessons and hear the beautiful sounds of Icelandic string instruments (langspil) and singing. The Viking Society of Rimmugýgur will visit SAGA MUSEUM on Museum Night, showcasing their weapons and clothing, chat with visitors and passersby, and entertain as only they can. THE DESIGN MUSEUM in Garðabær will offer a home-design workshop for families, where guests will create furniture in an imaginary home as if they were designers and inventors The Hafnarfjörður HERITAGE MUSEUM will offer a fun and informative game of orienteering for families. THE CULTURE HOUSE on Hverfisgata will feature the exhibition "Viðnám", or resistance, which explores the interaction between art and science. Many places will offer fun interactivity and art workshops. THE ICELANDIC MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY is hosting the exhibition "Water in Icelandic Nature" on the second floor of Perlan, where guests can learn about water from many perspectives. Employees of the Natural History Museum and members of the Iceland Glaciological Society welcome guests and will be talking about the wonders of water and glaciers.

Thingvellir National Park

Day 3
DAY 3. MORNING. GOLDEN CIRCLE TOUR Reykjavik - Golden Circle - Reykjavik. Distance 320 km, drive time 4-5 hours. 🌄 Let's kickstart our day with a hearty breakfast, because we're about to embark on an unforgettable adventure to Thingvellir National Park for the famous Golden Circle Tour. 🚗 Our car comes equipped with an audio guide, ensuring we won't miss a single detail. 🎧 As we approach key attractions, the speakers will come to life, sharing fascinating stories behind each place. This way, even in the winter, we won't miss out on any essential information. 🏞️ We'll dedicate the entire day to exploring this incredible land of thermal flats, geysers, frozen icefalls, and a striking crater. 🌋 Another highlight awaits at the Continental Divide, where you'll stand at the exact point where the European and American tectonic plates are slowly drifting apart. There's a 15-meter wide gap that widens by 2 cm every year due to Earth's forces. It's a must-visit location in Iceland! 💫 And if you think that's a lot for one day, just wait for our evening program. 🌟 We'll immerse ourselves in the captivating Winter Light Festival! ✨ GOLDEN CIRCLE is a mesmerizing 300 km route through Iceland's natural wonders. Witness the explosive power of Geysir, marvel at the majestic Gullfoss waterfall, and stand in awe at the historic Thingvellir National Park. Embark on a journey that captures the essence of Iceland's breathtaking beauty. GULLFOSS is a magnificent force of nature in Iceland, where cascading waters plunge into a rugged canyon, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Prepare to be captivated by the raw power and breathtaking beauty of this majestic waterfall. STROKKUR is a captivating geothermal phenomenon in Iceland. Witness the magic as it shoots boiling water high into the sky, leaving you in awe of its power and beauty. Prepare for an unforgettable display of nature's wonders at Strokkur. KERID VOLCANIC CRATER is a mesmerizing natural wonder in Iceland. With its deep blue lake nestled in a red volcanic cone, it's a must-visit destination for those seeking unique and stunning geological formations. THE THERMAL RIVER is a hidden geothermal gem in Iceland, where you can soak in naturally heated waters surrounded by stunning landscapes. It's a serene and soothing escape into the heart of nature's own spa.


Day 3
DAY 3. EVENING. LIGHTS FESTIVAL! Light Trail Walking: Distance 6.3 km, duration 1 hr 30 min to 4 hours. 🌆 As the clock approaches 6:30 pm, it's time to experience the enchanting Winter Lights Walking Path. Over four hours, the city's buildings will be transformed into vibrant installations, and the dark street will light up with colorful covers. It's a time when people come together to celebrate both the winter season and the increasing daylight after a long period of darkness. And we'll be right there, immersed in this captivating atmosphere! 🇮🇸🌃✨ 🍽️ Of course, we'll find a charming spot for dinner to savor a delicious meal before heading back for a good night's rest. 🍽️😴 After such an eventful day, we'll return to the comfort of our Reykjavik hotel to recharge and prepare for the exciting road trip awaiting us along the South Coast. 🚗🏔️🌟 THE WINTER LIGHTS FESTIVAL is an annual four-day celebration that embraces both the wintry landscapes and the increasing daylight following a prolonged period of darkness. This event showcases the diverse facets of Reykjavík, blending elements of art, industry, nature, history, sports, and culture. It's a lively program designed to entertain both the city's residents and its visitors. LIGHT TRAIL WALKING: 1 hr 30 min (6.3 km) The Winter Lights Walking Path, a unique highlight of the festival, boasts six captivating light installations scattered throughout the city center. Don't forget your cameras!

Northern lights

Day 3-4
WHAT ABOUT NORTHERN LIGHTS HUNT! (Snapped these pics this year with an iPhone! 📸😄) 🌌 Experience the Northern Lights like never before! It's not just about luck; it's about knowing where, when, and what to look for. 🌟 Last year, I honed these skills at the Northern Lights Observatory, and my last group didn't miss a single Northern Lights performance, even if it meant traveling over a hundred kilometers at times. 📱 This time, I'll share my knowledge with you, including useful tips on how to photograph the Northern Lights with a smartphone and what essentials to bring on the hunt. 🌠 We'll discuss when the Northern Lights are expected to appear and how long they'll last, so you'll be fully prepared when the time comes. 📸 My main goal is to not only show you the Northern Lights but also to capture quality visual evidence to share this phenomenon with your loved ones. 🌌 I'll monitor the data stream daily, and with a bit of luck, our ritual and the weather forecast will align, allowing us to witness the most phenomenal dance in the sky. 🌠

Black Sand Beach Reynisfjara

Day 4-5
DAY 4. South Coast of Iceland. Reykjavik - Vik - Night stay 1. Distance 282 km, drive time 4 hours. Get ready for an exciting day as we kickstart our morning with a delicious breakfast. 🌅🍳 Once everyone is ready to roll, we'll hit the road, embarking on a journey to explore the captivating South Coast of Iceland. 🚗🏞️ Dress in layers because today, we'll get up close and personal with waterfalls. 💧💨 We'll witness their power from the front, from above, and even from below, all without getting drenched, catching a cold, or ending up traumatized. The magic of winter waterfalls is a unique experience, whether you're right by their side or admiring their beauty from a distance. 🏞️❄️ After a series of exhilarating outdoor activities, when we reach Vik, it'll be time for a rejuvenating late lunch or an early dinner. 🍽️ But we won't dawdle too long because there are some fantastic sights to explore in the city, and the highlight of the day is still ahead! 🌆 Prepare to be awed by a breathtaking sunset at the Black Sand Beach, where you'll encounter a pitch-black sand, an array of basalt columns and the mystical atmosphere of the beach cave. These locations are sought-after for wedding and fashion photography, and we'll capture some fantastic photos as well! 📸🌅 As the day's program comes to a close, all that remains is a one-hour drive to our nightstay. During the journey, we can put our newfound Northern Lights hunting skills to the test right from the comfort of our car. 🌌🚗 SELJALANDSFOSS is a majestic waterfall in Iceland that invites you to venture behind its cascading curtain of water. Feel the exhilaration as you witness the sheer power and immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of this breathtaking natural wonder. SKÓGAFOSS is a magnificent waterfall in Iceland that tumbles down with a thunderous roar, creating a mesmerizing display of mist and rainbows. Prepare to be enchanted by its sheer grandeur and get lost in the magic of this captivating natural wonder. Climb above the summit of the waterfall via a long staircase. MYRDAL CHURCH IN VIK is a picturesque beacon of tranquility nestled amidst Iceland's captivating landscape. Its charming white facade stands as a symbol of serenity, offering a place of solace and a picturesque backdrop for contemplation in the midst of nature's grandeur. BLACK SAND BEACH is a mesmerizing gem on Iceland's south coast. Marvel at the dramatic black sand, towering basalt columns, and crashing waves. Lose yourself in the mystical beauty of this unique beach that feels like stepping into another world.

Tröll Expeditions Crystal Blue Ice Cave

Day 5
DAY 5. MORNING. TOUR 1: CRYSTAL ICE CAVE. (Yep, I snapped these pics myself! 📸😎) Night stay 1 - TOUR 1 - Night stay 1. Distance 190 km, drive time 2.5 hours. Get ready for another extraordinary day filled with unique experiences! 🍳 BREAKFAST. After a relatively short drive, we'll meet up with our breakfast buddy, Ladislav – an Instagram influencer and nature lover. 🌿 He's not only known for making the best crepes in the area, but he also caught my attention with his unique "Butt in the Nature" calendar. 😄 Ladislav is one of those cool guys who love to live, enjoy, and promote the outdoors of the Land of Ice and Fire in his own way. No visit to Glacier Lagoon or Diamond Beach is complete without paying tribute to such people. You can also contribute to the promotion of Icelandic Nature by purchasing a copy of his calendar with his words on it! 📅😊 Following an indulgent hot breakfast, we're in for a captivating experience – an ice caving adventure! 😍 The Crystal Ice Caving is the very reason I return to Iceland in winter. Sadly, the enchantment of blue ice is an exclusive winter treat. What's more, these ice caves, sculpted by nature, gracefully vanish in summer, only to re-emerge come winter. ❄️☀️🧊 Our chosen destination is the renowned Crystal Blue Ice cave nestled on a glacier within Vatnajökull National Park, an extension of Europe's largest glacier, Vatnajökull. Equipped with a quick tutorial on crampons and ice axes, we'll step onto the glacier, venturing into a frozen world like no other. With our experienced guide revealing the secrets of these majestic ice formations, we'll capture incredible photos to treasure. 📸❄️🏔️ Glacier walks, the beloved outdoor pursuit of Iceland, first found their footing here, making it an essential pilgrimage for adventure enthusiasts. It's a rare opportunity to stroll across the expansive expanse of Europe's largest glacier and explore the most stunning ice cave in Iceland. 🥾🏔️❄️ CRYSTAL BLUE ICE CAVE is a mesmerizing natural wonder in Iceland, with its translucent ice formations and stunning blue hues. Explore this icy cavern for a magical and surreal experience! VATNAJÖKULL GLACIER Is a mesmerizing wonderland of ice, where immense beauty and raw power collide. Explore its vast icy landscapes, dramatic ice caves, and sparkling blue crevasses, and witness the breathtaking grandeur of one of Europe's largest glaciers. Prepare to be captivated by its ethereal beauty and indescribable uniqueness.

Diamond Beach

Day 5-6
DAY 5. EVENING. DIAMOND BEACH AND THE MESMERIZING GLACIER LAGOON. The Glacier Lagoon exudes a zen-like charm that captivates many. Here, small icebergs gently float on the water, often accompanied by playful seals, enhancing the picturesque Arctic scenery. 🌊🧊🌬️ Just a stone's throw away lies the renowned Diamond Beach, where natural ice formations adorn the black sand. When the sunlight kisses these ice pieces, they sparkle like precious diamonds. Based on my previous experience, we will visit this incredible place at sunset. As the last rays of the sun illuminate the crystal clear ice, it creates a breathtaking scene akin to a scattering of shining diamonds on the shore. 💎🌅📸 DIAMOND BEACH is a shimmering paradise where glistening icebergs wash ashore, resembling precious diamonds on a black sand canvas. Immerse yourself in the magical beauty of this enchanting coastal gem and let its sparkling allure transport you to a world of wonder. GLACIER LAGOON is a breathtaking natural wonder in Iceland, where sparkling icebergs gracefully float on tranquil, turquoise waters. Explore this icy paradise and witness the ever-changing landscape created by the forces of nature. It's a must-visit for those seeking awe-inspiring beauty and a deep connection with the natural world.


Day 6-7
DAY 6. Night stay 1 - TOUR 4 - Plane Wreck - Hot Spring - Night stay 2. Distance 257 km, drive time 4 hours. 🚗🌬️ Today marks the beginning of our journey homeward. It's a lengthy ride, but fear not, we'll make a delightful lunch stop in Vik to refuel along the way. Once our appetites are satisfied, we'll be ready to dive into the adventures that await us. 🍽️ We're transitioning from the land of ice to the land of fire, and our first stop is none other than the Lava Show. Renowned for its outstanding customer reviews, the Lava Show is one of the highest-rated attractions in Iceland. It offers an utterly unique and immersive experience unlike anything else in the world. 🔥🌋 At the Lava Show, you'll witness a recreation of a volcanic eruption as real lava is superheated to an impressive 1100°C (2000°F) before being poured into a showroom full of people. It's an experience that promises to leave you in awe! 🌟 CHALLENGES OF THE DAY: 🥾✈️ Our initial quest involves a hike to the DC Plane Wreck. The primary challenge here is the entirely flat, exposed, and windy 1 km trek. Appropriate clothing is paramount. Additionally, I'll recommend watching a specific movie beforehand to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of what awaits us on the beach. Once our exploration concludes, we'll warm up from the inside with a cup of hot chocolate to fuel our return to the car. 💧 Our second challenge is hardly a challenge, to be honest. It's an excursion to a hidden hot spring that's a true hidden gem. While we're looking forward to luxuriating in the thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon tomorrow, if you're eager for a Viking-style thermal bathing experience, follow me to this secret spot. Here, you can relish the soothing thermal waters surrounded by snow-capped mountains, all without removing your hat. 🩺 You needn't worry about hypothermia. Firstly, I hold a Red Cross Remote First Aid certification, ensuring your safety. Secondly, our overnight accommodations are conveniently close to the hot spring. And lastly, a thermos filled with hot chocolate is part of the adventure! ☕🌄 For those who may hesitate to take a dip, you're welcome to explore this unique locale by strolling around, or we can drop you off at the guest house beforehand. 🏞️🌬️🍫🚗 PLANE WRECK is a hauntingly beautiful and iconic landmark in Iceland. This crash-landed U.S. Navy plane, surrounded by stark black sands, offers a surreal and photogenic setting for adventurous travelers. HAUKADALUR is a geothermal wonderland in Iceland, where steaming geysers erupt with incredible power and geothermal pools create an otherworldly landscape. Immerse yourself in the enchanting sights and sounds of nature's fiery display in Haukadalur.

Viking Horses

Day 7
Day 7. OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES. Night stay 2 - Reykjavik - Blue Lagoon - Night stay 3. Distance 183 km, drive time 3 hours. 🌄🍳After a restful night's sleep, we're ready to embark on our final day of adventures, but not without first enjoying a delightful breakfast to fuel our day. Now, it's time for you to shape your own Icelandic experience by selecting from a variety of options before bidding farewell to this beautiful country. OPTION 1. MORNING ACTIVITY - HORSE RIDING OR HORSE STABLE VISIT 🐎💫 Icelandic horses are iconic creatures renowned worldwide for their gentle gait and friendly demeanor. They are also known as Viking horses for their resilience in harsh Icelandic weather. Whether you choose to ride them or simply observe them in their natural environment, it's an experience you won't forget. HORSE RIDING TOUR. This tour covers approximately 7-10 km, depending on the riders' experience level. It's suitable for both beginners and seasoned riders, with route options available in the area. Beginners can enjoy a smooth path along the Ingólfsfjall Mountain, while more experienced riders can explore natural trails and scenic landscapes. The total duration of the tour is 2.5 hours, including 1.5-2 hours of riding time. 🏇🌿

ATV Reykjavik

Day 7
OPTION 2. AFTERNOON ADVENTURE - ATV EXPEDITION 🏞️🚜 👀Gear up for an Icelandic off-road escapade on this thrilling quad bike excursion to two Icelandic peaks. Riding an all-terrain quad bike is the ultimate way to explore the rugged, remote landscape surrounding Reykjavík—much of which is inaccessible by car or coach. 🌟 🛣️ Begin by cruising along paved roads as we venture out from the city towards the stunning Lake Hafravatn. Marvel at the serene waters surrounded by lush pastures and snow-capped peaks before delving deeper into the wild terrain on gravel paths. Feel the exhilaration as you ascend to the summit of Reykjavik Peak, treating yourself to awe-inspiring views of Reykjavik and its neighboring ranges. 🏔️ 🌨️ Next, navigate your quad bike through steep mountain tracks and icy terrain to reach the second of the twin peaks, Wolf Peak Mountain. Here, soak in even more breathtaking vistas of the enchanting Icelandic countryside, with highlights including Mt. Esja and the Blue Mountain range. 🏞️ ATV TOUR HIGHLIGHTS: 🌟 Embark on an action-packed journey through the ATV trails led by the expert guide. 🎓 Receive comprehensive instructions on operating the quad bikes and practice before setting off into the wintry landscape. 👀 Enjoy panoramic views overlooking Reykjavik and the Faxafloi Bay. 🛡️ Benefit from all safety gear provided and round-trip transportation from Reykjavik hotels. 👥 Choose between a solo rider (1-seater) or double rider (2-seater) ATV for your convenience. ⏰ Total Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes. 🕒

Blue Lagoon

Day 7-8
OPTION 3. EVENING. TOUR 6. BLUE LAGOON. 🏞️❄️ Today is all about seizing the day, and what better way to do it than by immersing ourselves in one last hidden gem of Iceland: the renowned Blue Lagoon! It's an absolute must-visit! During my travels to Iceland amidst a volcano eruption in July 2023 and again in February 2024, the Blue Lagoon faced the looming threat of destruction by a lava flow. Fortunately, the lava ceased its advance just in time, ensuring that we still have the opportunity to experience this exquisite destination. You can spend a couple of hours unwinding in the soothing thermal waters, treating yourself to facial masks, saunas, and ultimate relaxation. After all, our journey is all about exploration! 🌋🇮🇸❤️ BLUE LAGOON is famous for its ethereal milky-blue geothermal waters. Remaining at 39°C all year round, the waters are rich in silica and minerals. Soak in the lagoon, slather on a silica mud mask, and enjoy the complimentary drink at the swim-up bar.

Keflavík International Airport KEF

Day 8
Day 8. OUR LAST DAY! 🚗🏞️🇮🇸✈️ As this chapter comes to a close, we'll bid our farewells and embark on our separate paths, but the memories of Iceland in winter will forever hold a special place in our hearts. 💙 I always recommend taking a little extra time, just in case bad weather has disrupted our plans or to reflect on all the adventures we've shared over the past week. 🌨️ But now, it's time for each of us to embrace our own unique journey ahead. 🛤️ See you down the road, folks! 🌟
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