Chasing the Northern Lights on a road trip in Norway!

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This experience will steal your heart. We will take a huge road trip from Tromso to the Lofoten Islands and hunt for the one and only Northern Lights. It will be a magical journey full of adventures and fun! We will drive from the northeast city in Norway to the Lofoten Islands, visiting the main cities and the most beautiful places. I remember the first time I saw the Northern Lights and my eyes were so full of joy that I cried..I really hope you can experience the same thing and remember this moment forever and keep it in your heart...

About me: My name is Valentina, I'm Italian, but I consider myself a citizen of the world! I’m a curious and adventurous girl, I love to explore, meeting new people, knowing new cultures and learning something new every time I have the opportunity!

ABOUT THE TRIP: DAY 1: We will arrive in Tromso and we will take our car from the airport car rental with which we will carry out our entire journey, we will leave our things at the hotel and then we will have dinner in a restaurant in the city. We'll try to end the day by going to the lake which is near the center far by the lights to look for our first northern lights. DAY 2: Breakfast and cover yourself we are going to visit the Norwegians Fjords, then we will take the car and we'll go to our first activity SLEDDING WITH HUSKY WITH NORTHERN LIGHT AND DINNER. DAY 3: Let's go on our next adventure towards Svolvaer where we will visit the city and then we'll go on a cruise through the fjords and have dinner on the boat. DAY 4: We will visit the Lofoten Islands and we will try to live as a local, we'll see the most beautiful places which have the most unpronounceable names and sleep in a REAL RORBU. DAY 5: We will visit Reine and many places around that and always with our eyes on the sky we'll try to see your majesty the Aurora Borealis. DAY 6: We will take in the morning a ferry that will take us to Bodo where will visit the city and where we'll have our last experience which will be a surprise for you just bring your swimsuit and be prepared for EVERYTHING! DAY 7: we'll say goodbye to each other and we'll take our flight back! Hoping that this trip will interest you and that it will be unforgettable. Trust me it will be a magical experience. ARE YOU WITH ME?

What's included?
Accommodation (Airbnb)
Rental car
Sled with husky and lunch
Cruise in the fjords and dinner
Surprise experience
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Everyone will arrive at the airport in Tromso. We'll get our car and get to the hotel, after that we're going to have dinner in the city center and we'll try to end the day by going to the lake which is near the center to look for our first northern lights.


Day 2-3
Afte breakfast and a super recharge of energy we'll leave to visit the fjords and after that we are directed towards another location Camp Tamok to do our first activity SLEEDING WITH HUSKY WITH NORTHERN LIGHT AND DINNER. After that, we will reach our amazing Airbnb.


Day 3-4
We'll reach the first city of Lofoten Islands and here we will take a cruise through the Norwegians fjords and we'll have dinner on the boat all together. LET'S HOPE TO SEE AGAIN THE NORTHERN LIGHTS!!!


Day 4-5
We will visi every part of the Lofoten and we will live as a local indeed. We will sleep in a REAL RORBU and we will eat stockfish and taste some Norwegian deliciousness. Are you ready to continue our trip?


Day 5-6
So if you are arrived here, you can't wait to hear the rest.. we are in Reine, we will visit all around the most beautiful places and we will take a lot of pics!! Get ready to see one of our last Northern Lights..


Day 6-7
We'll take a ferry and we'll reach Bodo where an amazing and relaxing experience will wait for us, I just tell you to bring your swimsuit, so we will say goodbye to Norway in the perfect way! Hope you enjoyed the travel and I hope to see you again in another one! THE NEXT DAY WE WILL TAK OUR PLANE!
Trip Summary
Hotel & Apartments & Bed & Breakfast
7 days trip
Tromsø, Grøtfjorden & 4 more
Car, Boat
What's excluded?
Fuel for the car
Food & groceries
Your own flights
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