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Female travel buddy

You’re on the lookout for the perfect female travel buddy to accompany you on your trip but finding her might not be the only hurdle to overcome. For you and your travel bestie to have the girls trip of your dreams we have come up with a few important points to keep in mind when traveling together. Either way, we are sure you will have the best time because as the saying goes ‘girls just wanna have fun’! 

Female travel buddy

Don’t get us wrong, we love hanging out in mixed groups. Travelling is fun no matter who you do it with, men or women, but let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love a real girlie trip with someone that just gets you? Finding your perfect female travel buddy and conquering the world together is something really special. Let’s take a look at a few things to think about beforehand. 

Types of trips for you and your female travel buddy

What kind of trip do you & your female travel buddy want to make 

1. City Trips

Can be easily planned for a long weekend and there are plenty of lovely locations out there. Paris & Budapest are some of our favourites. These places are easily accessible and have so much to offer but at the same time can be explored within a short time-frame. Be sure to have a plan ready of what you want to do/see there because with a little time pressure it’s easy to suddenly have to miss out on things you really wanted to check out. 

Our top pick is Budapest as it is super cheap and loads of young people from all over the world go to visit so you and your female travel buddy are sure to have a good time. It’s got lots of little bars and is lovely to explore by foot. 

Paris is not only for loved up couples!! It is also perfect for you and your female travel buddy to have the best time. Amazing fashion, endless shopping, plenty of wine… must I go on? Paris is a little more expensive than other European cities so be sure to save up some money before you go so you can really enjoy this magnificent city. 

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2. Road Trips

Are so much fun in a girls group as you don’t have to worry about not being able to get to a camp shower for a few days or any loud snoring while sleeping in the boot of your car. Doing a road trip with your female travel buddy means you will experience freedom like never before because you can do whatever you want. Want to stay at this beach town for 2 days longer than expected? No worries! Hate the place you planned to stay at for 4 days? Don’t worry, hop in your car/van and off you go to the next location. You’re not reliant on bed space in hostels because you always have space to sleep inside your vehicle. Trust us, that feeling of driving on a road along a beautiful coast, windows down, the music blaring and you and your travel bestie singing as loud as you can, will be one of the best moments of your entire trip. Our top picks for road trips are the West Coast of America and the East Coast of Australia.  Both of these destinations are perfect for a road trip and will make for a memorable journey. 

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3. Beach trips

Beach trips are super cute to do with your female travel buddy too. Whether you go with Spain, Croatia or Bali, a beach trip is always a favourable option. Endless sand beaches with oceans to take a dip in, fancy cocktails to slurp and lovely seafood to taste, you will not regret opting for this choice. Important to keep in mind is here that you and your new bestie have the same expectations for what a beach trip should look like. If this has been cleared up and the location has been picked you’re almost ready to go. A week of lounging around at the pool or beach sounds so perfect right about now, we think we might just go and call our girlfriends. 

Here’s some inspiration for the perfect beach location to get you into the mood.

Set a budget with your female travel companion 

It’s super important that you and your female travel buddy set a budget. And then rethink and add some flexibility to it. When you’re in the moment it’s really easy to just spend, spend and spend some more so it’s important to talk about what both of you are planning to save. However, with money, it’s also important to stay flexible. If you have calculated 1000 Euro each for the trip but suddenly your car breaks it’s super important to have some extra cash in petto. 

Plan ahead 

We all have such busy schedules these days with a million things to do, places to be & people to see which makes it really hard to find a time that suits everyone in one friendship circle. How lucky that we have JoinMyTrip where we can find our next best friend to travel with when our other mates might be too busy. Still, make sure to plan your trip way ahead so that all necessary arrangements can be made. 

Same interests 

Make sure you and your female travel buddy either have the same interests or are very open, willing to try things differently and compromising. You love to lie in, have a cosy walk around and love to party away the night with too many drinks? That is perfectly fine. However, if your travel partner loves to wake up early to go for a quick run before visiting every single museum the city has to offer and hits the pillow at 9 pm sharp then tensions might run high and you’re more likely to fall out over this. So when you chat with each other before make sure that you’re a good fit! 

Stay safe 

As sad as it is, travelling as a woman is still more dangerous than it is if you’re a bloke. So staying safe is always the top priority. Do not tell the strange guy at the bar where you and your female travel buddy are staying tonight. When going out in a place you do not know, make sure you stick together or choose to go out with some more people. Don’t wander off by yourself without telling anyone. If you do decide to split up make sure you always know where the other person is and learn the address of the place you’re staying at off by heart so if your phone dies, you can ask a local where to go. Adhere to rules about dress codes and behaviour of women for the country you’re visiting. You don’t want to put yourself in danger just because you wanted to wear your fave hotpants.* We want you to have the time of your life but your & your female travel buddy’s safety should always be paramount. 

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Have the best time 

Just putting this in here so we don’t end on a downer. But really, go and have the most amazing time. Take our word for it, girls trips are THE BEST! 

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If we got you in the mood for a super cool girl's trip with your female travel buddy go find your next girl's adventure now.