The 10 best travel gadgets for a safer adventure

by Anh on 13.05.

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Safety is a hot topic when it comes to travelling, and for good reason. For some, this is the very reason they avoid embarking on a new adventure across the sun. They deem it too dangerous and too risky setting off into the unknown. Thus, it is always better if you get well-prepared with the 10 best travel gadgets below to keep you and your belongings minimizing the risk of ruining your travel days.

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1. Learn the Basics of the Language

This one is especially important if you plan on staying for a long period of time. This will not only help you have a better cultural experience, it will also help you get out of unwanted situations. Without speaking a little of the language, often things get lost in translation. Download Duolingo, a free language app that sets you up for the basics in almost any language of your choice.

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2. Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

Bobby Anti-Theft backpack makes it one of the best travel gadgets for every backpacker. This backpack doesn’t just look cool, but it keeps the bad guys out. Made from cut-proof material and hidden zippers and secret pockets, but no secret that your belongings remain safe.

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3. Bluesmart

Now this is what we call high tech! A carry on suitcase that you control with a smartphone app… Simply lock, unlock, weigh it, track it and even get notified if you’ve left it behind. You can even charge your cellphone with the built in battery! It is totally true that high tech makes the best travel gadget!

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4. Minisafe Wallet

Size is key while travelling and so is safety. With the Minisafe wallet, you have the best of both worlds. This tiny pocket sized wallet is code protected and comes with an integrated tracker to protect your personal cards, information and money.

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5. Silent Beacon

Designed for immediate aid in the event of an emergency. It allows people to get in touch with police immediately without the use of a cellphone or landline. Pre set the contacts of your choice, including loved ones, first responders and emergency contact numbers and you’re on your way!

6. Anti-theft Straps and Locks

Keep your money and travel documents safe with a theft proof strap that you wear around your neck. You can attach your phone, camera or wallet.

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7. Personal Alarms

Another item in the list of best travel gadgets is Personal Alarm. Wear a personal alarm no matter where you go! With a discreet design, you won’t be able to tell that you are wearing an alarm. Feel safe at the push of a button!

8. Sneaky Hiding Spots

Hide your valuables in plain sight with one of the best travel gadgets designed to conceal money, credit cards, keys, and important documents. Some of these items include sunscreen bottles, tennis balls, or sandals with secret compartments.

9. Portable Wifi Hotspot

You are travelling to a mountainous region where Wifi or WLAN cannot be found? This Wifi Hotspot may be the best travel gadget for you! With a small daily payment of $9, you can easily get unlimited access to the 4G LTE internet.

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10. Automated Travel Vacuum

This tiny but smart travel gadget shall help you remove all the air inside the cork jackets, suitcases.. so that more space is spared for your other stuffs. This automated travel vacuum can be the best friend of every one bag traveler!



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