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Europe travel buddy

Cover a lot of ground with a Europe travel buddy! Get lost in the beauty of Paris, visit one of Berlin's many Museums or eat ice cream while wandering the streets of Rome. There is nothing better than exploring vast territory with a partner in crime. Choose your top destinations and start packing!

Europe travel buddy

Europe is a big idea. It is thousands of years in the making. It covers 10.3 million kilometers and stretches over seven primary time zones. It holds glaciers, lush forests, seas, rivers, and, even, a desert. Hundreds of languages and dialects are spoken within its borders. You and your Europe travel buddy will find a different flavor in each of the regions of each of the countries of Europe.

Once you and your Europe travel buddy enter one of the 27 member nations of the European Union, you can move between them without passport checks. Trains and long-distance buses cross EU borders without a problem. You can travel in 20 European countries without having to exchange money. Signs in public buildings and transportation are usually in three or more languages: the local language, English, French, Spanish and Italian. You should be able to easily hop a train, find an exit or file a police report in any European country. 

Cool countries & cities to explore with your Europe travel buddy

Amsterdam and Reykjavik are so appealing that city leaders instituted strategies to keep tourists away. Europe travel buddies have nothing to fear. No worries. Plenty of other places await you with open arms. Some of the most popular destinations in 2020 are: Austria, France, Croatia, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

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Austria will please fans of the high arts and outdoor adventures. The Alps draw skiers in the winters and hikers in the summer. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Salzburg Festival, which draws performers and audience members to dozens of opera, classical music and theater performances. You and your Europe travel buddy will marvel at the innovative modern museums and much-heralded classical institutions.

Croatia has a complicated heritage. It has been under ancient Roman, Byzantine Empire, Hapsburg, Venetian and Yugoslavian rule. All these cultures are still tangible in the architecture, language and cuisine. Plus, there are exquisite beaches sitting astride the sparkling Adriatic. So if you and your Europe travel buddy are looking forward to a luxury summer vacation, then you need to plan a trip to Croatia. The town of Rijeka is a European Capital of Culture for 2020.

The Atlantic Ocean cradles it on two sides Portugal and Spain hugs the other sides. Plus, Africa isnโ€™t far away. The impact of all three places are obvious wherever you go in the nation. Muslim leaders from North Africa ruled Portugal from 711 to 1249. Their influence is seen in design, architecture, language, poetry, music and food. Portugal has many awe-inspiring castles, forts, churches, university buildings and homes. The ocean is the source of food, industry and discovery. Today, great cruise ships dock there. Five hundred years ago, Portuguese sailors brought the world to Europe. Spain and Portugal share a peninsula. Itโ€™s not surprising that the cuisines, languages, landscapes and architecture of both countries are similar. You and your Europe travel buddy will see that they are similar but not the same.

canals in Venice

Because of its geographic diversity, Europe has a lot of different things to offer the world.

  • England has amazing cheddar cheese and gin
  • Italy and France produce most of the worldโ€™s wine
  • Greece, the home of the Mediterranean diet, puts out exquisite olive oil
  • Germany is famous for its well-engineered cars and beers
  • Czech beer is prized the world over

Europe is a cultural mecca.

  • Film lovers fill up festivals in Cannes, France; Berlin and Venice
  • Classical music devotees are drawn to events in Salzburg, Vienna, Strasbourg and London
  • Theater fans hit up Edinburgh, Stratford, Athens and Oslo
  • The best of contemporary visual art can be found at fairs in Basel, Switzerland; Venice, London, Turin, Brussels and Paris.
  • Rock music fans flock to Leeds; Roskilde, Denmark; Wacken, Germany; and Boom, Belgium

Most European governments support arts organizations, so you and your Europe travel buddy will find ground-breaking work and amazing displays of classical pieces in small towns and villages.

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