Where You Can Travel in Summer 2021

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Vacation mode: On!

Summer is here and vacation mode is on. Time to pack up your suitcases with sunscreen and swimsuits because we are about to go on vacation! Now, it might be hard to choose a destination to travel to this Summer 2021 with travel restrictions in place, which is why we have chosen the 9 best spots where you can travel to in summer 2021. 

9. Slovenia

Lake Bled in Slovenia with a mountain view.

Slovenia is a great travel destination in Europe if you are looking for a cheap yet underrated place. The country usually does not come to mind in most people’s lists, but the country will for sure blow you away with its unique charm and stunning mountain views. Plus, traveling is all about exploring the unknown, so show this destination a little love! 😉

Status: Travelers traveling to Slovenia no longer have to quarantine nor do they have to provide a negative test as of June 16th when arriving. 

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8. Israel 

Skyline of the Old City at he Western Wall and Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel.

The holy land found on the Mediterranean sea awaits. In Israel, you can explore the rich history of the country and some of its world-famous archeological sites! Here we have a guide on how you can explore Israel in 5 days to help you find your way around. Including for those who are interested, a 10 km drive up north from Jerusalem you will find the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem. Israel is also known for great cuisine, so if you are looking for a unique experience, Israel should definitely be your next travel destination in summer 2021!

Status: From July onwards, Israel will allow vaccinated travelers to enter the country.


7. Greece 


Greece is one of the most beloved destinations among travelers. The country literally has everything you may possibly need from paradise beaches to ancient Greek pillars, which is why we are so sure that whoever decides to travel to Greece this summer 2021 will undoubtedly fall in love. Start exploring Greece fully with our ultimate Greece travel guide and become a god or goddess.

Status: From May 14th onwards, travelers arriving in Greece are required to show a negative PCR certificate or a negative antigen certificate before arrival unless they are fully vaccinated.

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6. Finland 


Why Finland out of the rest of the Nordic countries? Comparing to its neighboring countries, Finland has managed to maintain their corona cases quite well. Finland is the perfect travel destination for those who aren’t still quite fully comfortable with traveling during unprecedented times. Plus, the Finnish summers are definitely something to brag about, nightless nights and countless lakes, we can’t ignore. 

Status: From June 21st onwards, Finland opens its borders to the EU and Schengen states. Travelers may enter the country if they been fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID. Otherwise, a PCR test is necessary to enter. 

 For more tips to Finland, watch our top 5 tips! 


5. Phuket 


Phuket is one of the most popular beach destinations and the only place to be open for tourists in Thailand! Sounds like we just hit the jackpot this summer 2021. For those looking for a vacation far far away from Europe, Phuket is definitely one of the best options. The beaches in Phuket are many, so you can definitely spend your time catching the warm rays, waves and summer smiles. Besides the beaches, make sure to also check out the old town that is rich with temples. 

Status: As of July 1st, Phuket will reopen to vaccinated travelers without having to quarantine. 

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4. Ireland 

Ireland during the sunset.

The emerald isle of Europe might be a small and quiet country but with such stunning landscapes, no wonder it can take your breath away. Grab your travel buddies and explore the great outdoors in Ireland, while enjoying some good ol’ Irish beer and whiskey with our Ireland travel itinerary. Do be warned though, we take no responsibility for any activities done under the influence of alcohol. 😉 

Status: From July 19th onwards, vaccinated, recovered and covid-tested travelers will be allowed to enter Ireland without having to quarantine. 


3. Morocco 


Explore the dunes of the Sahara desert, walk on fine sand, witness the blue skies and sunshine… If you’re looking forward to having a pleasant experience in the serene landscape of the sand dunes of northern Africa and enjoying exquisite cuisines, then you need to start packing for a trip to Morocco. With the rich culture of this magical country, you will have lots of things to do in Morocco at affordable prices and a surprising trip! 

Status: From June 15th onwards travelers are allowed to travel to Morocco again if they have a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test at least 48 hours before entering Morocco.

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2. France 

The Eiffel Tower in France.

France is one of those places no matter where in France you choose to go, it’s beautiful everywhere! Plus, the capital is known to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. The perfect place to be for a little summer romance.  ❤️

Status: France reopens borders to travelers from June 1st. Travelers must be fully vaccinated or a negative PCR or antigenic test must be taken less than 72 hours before the flight. 


1. Malta

Popeye village in Malta.

Looking to go remote working this summer 2021? Malta is known to be one of the more international countries and is popular among digital nomads, making it one of the easier countries to do a coworking trip. With over 70% of the population being vaccinated, it definitely is one of the more safe places to travel to this summer!

Status: From July 1st, travelers are allowed to enter and leave the country if they are in possession of a vaccination certificate without having to quarantine.

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