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It’s time for another Travel Tips Tuesday!

If you haven’t seen our Travel Tips show then where have you been? How are you even surviving your trip without our best travel tips? On this show, our colleague, Jasmine sits down every Tuesday in front of a camera and shares the most essential travel tips with you. In this episode, we have 6 travel hacks!

Watch to find out what our 6 travel hacks are!:

Tip #1 – Carry a scanned copy of your passport

Scan your passport and have it saved with your or have a printed copy of your passport. In case your passport gets stolen or lost, you will still have some form of backup for your identification. 

Tip #2 – Mark your luggage as fragile

Marking your luggage as fragile not only means that your luggage will be taken better care of, but will also be one of the first ones to come out when waiting for your luggage. 

Tip #3 – Give up your seat on a flight

If you’re not in a rush to get anywhere and the opportunity emerges itself, consider giving up your seat on an overbooked flight. Once you do get on the next flight, you will most likely be upgraded to business class and enjoy many other perks. 

Tip #4 – Take advantage of offline Google Maps

The time you have internet, download the maps onto your phone for when you’re lost with no internet you can easily look at the map you downloaded on Google Maps. 

Tip #5 – Charge your electronics using TVs

If you’re stuck at an airport with nowhere to plug your phone charger in. Find a TV and plug the cord into the USB whole and start charging your phone! 

Tip #6 – Download WiFi localizing apps

You can download apps such as WiFi Maps which shows you the wifi password of over 100 million locations. Or, download an app called Four Square where you can find friendly travelers who have left the WiFi passwords of certain locations

We hope you enjoyed this episode of Travel Tips Tuesday and see you next week! 

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