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5 things you should definitely have on your adventure trip!

Welcome to the eighth episode of the Travel Essentials YouTube show! To all of you who missed the first shows: Flori will be introducing you to 5 travel essentials for a specific type of trip each week. This week Flori picked out 5 travel essentials for your adventure trips! Get ready for a real adrenaline rush. The best part? Flori will be picking out products that are currently on sale so you can truly get some real bargains.

Tune in and we’ll show you 5 travel essentials for your adventure trips:

Let’s have a look at the products Flori discusses in the show:


We know every smartphone has a compass, but you should definitely take into account that your internet connection may not be available at all times. This compass we recommend that you get is waterproof and fully works under extreme weather conditions. It is medium-sized and is super easy to carry around with, making it the perfect travel essential for any hikers, campers, and everything that has to do with an adventure trip! 

A compass as a travel essential for adventure trips in a black box.

Travel Atlas

As we mentioned before, you might not have a stable internet connection all the time which is why we recommend you take with you a travel atlas. With this travel atlas, you can travel the whole world with it, and it even includes a map section with more than 70,000+ travel destinations! You can find more than 63 dream routes and over 500 illustrations, so if you are ever in need of some travel inspiration you should definitely consider having a look into this travel atlas. 

The world atlas book.
Travel atlas

Travel diary

The next travel essential for your adventure trip is a travel diary. The text material of this travel diary is vintage paper, and the diary is covered in leather material. You have 170 blank papers, perfect to write down all your notes and thoughts throughout your travels. Adventure trips are definitely not your usual trips so you will want to keep track of it and it’s something you can look back on later on in life!

A brown faux leather travel diary as a travel essential on an adventure trip.
Travel diary

Polaroid camera

Take a polaroid camera with you to forever cherish all your amazing experiences during your adventure trip. This Polaroid camera we recommend prints the pictures in a similar size to a credit card and they definitely look more special and stand out compared to normal photos. This camera is not only perfect for adventure trips but you can also use it for everyday use. That’s why you should give it a shot and let us know. 

A blue polaroid camera laid on top of a white wooden table with other travel essential must haves on the table.
Polaroid camera

Mosquito spray

Last but definitely not the least important travel essential on an adventure trip is a mosquito spray. Flori during her last trip that she went with a friend had lots of problems with mosquitos while her friend didn’t get a single mosquito bite. Maybe, Flori’s blood is a lot tastier? Who knows. This is why the mosquito spray is definitely Flori’s number one travel essential that she carries around with her. Her favorite is this one that is super effective, covers a wide range of insect bites, and protects you from dangerous diseases such as Malaria. The spray is also nature-friendly and vegan. 

Insect repellent spray bottle laid against the green grass.
Mosquito spray

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