Top 6 Unique Summer Destinations to Visit in 2021

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Hidden gems of Europe to explore! 

Feeling the need to spice things up and seek out unusual places in Europe for your next summer destination in 2021? Fear not, we’ve got you covered! Traveling to destinations that may have never crossed your mind or never knew existed can be hard to come by, which is why we are here to provide you with a magical list of 6 unique destinations that we know will be worth your while.

6.  St Abbs, Scotland 

top summer destination in Europe St Abbs, Scotland
St Abbs In Scotland

A charming fishermen village on the coast of Scotland, St Abbs awaits. Known for its stunning scenery surrounded by cliffs, small rocky islands, and clear sea. For those wildlife enthusiasts, St Abbs is home to over 50 000 seabirds and rare butterflies! Which is why many have given it the name ‘Seabird city’. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to see cute seabirds wandering around the coast of St Abbs this summer holiday, do you? Don’t underestimate what this village has to offer, despite its size, there are plenty of things to do and see, from scuba diving to stunning cliffs formed by volcanic eruptions. 

5. Alonnisos, Greece

Alonnissos a Greek island with clear blue sea
Alonnisos, Greece

In the Aegean Sea locates Alonnisos, one of the many beautiful Greek Islands out there. Compared to the other Greek Islands, however, Alonnisos has yet to be exposed to mass tourism which makes it a great summer destination in 2021 for anyone who is looking to run away from all the bustling and rustling tourists. A chance for you to relax, sit down, and have a drink or two with the locals. After a nice long day at the beach, you can find yourself in the charming old town of Alonissos filled with small stores and restaurants with locally produced homemade food and wines. 

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4. Lofoten Islands, Norway 

Lofoten Islands In Norway with fjords, mountains and red houses
Lofoten Islands, Norway

Ever wanted to experience how it was like to be one of the Scandinavian pirates? Well, Lofoten might just very well be the place for your summer holidays! Situated in the archipelago of Norway, lies the home to some of the best Vikings known. Experience Lofoten Islands with its dramatic scenery filled with fjords and mountains whilst getting the full Viking experience. If you are seeking to do outdoor activities, then Lofoten is the perfect place to be. The town has plenty to offer such as hiking, climbing, fishing, and arctic surfing on their beautiful white sandy beaches. Or simply enjoy learning about the history of the infamous Vikings. What’s stopping you? Don’t let this summer go to waste and plan your trip now! If traveling alone is stopping you from planning your holidays, why not travel with other travel buddies looking for the same experience.  

3. Tropea, Italy 

Tropea a city in Italy with high clifftops and blue clear sea perfect summer destination in 2020
Tropea, Italy

Is a relaxing beach vacation calling your name? In the south of Italy, you’ll find a small town called Tropea also known as the ‘Coast of the Gods’. Tropea clearly lives up to its name with its breathtaking coastline. If you don’t already then, you’ll definitely feel like one of the gods during your summer holidays here, making it one of the unique summer destinations in 2021. Laying on one of the many sandy beaches reaping in the warm sun whilst being surrounded by high clifftops overlooking the beautiful clear turquoise sea. 

2. Lake Komani, Albania

a view of Lake Komani in Albania
Lake Komani In Albania

North of Albania lays one of the most jaw-dropping lakes in Europe, Lake Komani. Lake Komani has been said to be similar to the fjords you see in Scandinavia. Although getting to Lake Komani might be a small mission but if you are up for the adventure then this should not be a problem and is definitely rewarding once you arrive. Good things take time as they say. Take a boat or a ferry tour and explore the stunning scenery Lake Komani has to offer. 

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1. Ronda, Spain

City of Ronda in Spain with a view of the stone bridge and high cliffs perfect summer destination in 2020
Ronda, Spain

Another must-see summer destination in 2021 is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain called Ronda. Surrounded by ancient Moorish walls, the city has a strong historical presence as it is one of the oldest cities in Spain. Strolling around Ronda while taking in the beautiful scenery of stone arches, white buildings, and more cliffs. Ronda has much historical value to offer from preserved bathhouses to old palaces. 

As you can see there are always destinations that have yet to be explored even if you have seen the whole world already. The adventure never stops, and it never should! We hope this blog post inspires you to plan for your upcoming summer holidays and take the step to explore the hidden gems of Europe. Make sure to check out JoinMyTrip, to discover unique trips and start making new memories today! 

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