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Are you traveling with an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius? Watch this!

Welcome back to episode five of the Travel Astrology Show, hosted by no one other than our Alex who lives and breathes astrology! Every week we will be sharing travel astrology episodes depending on the element you were born under. Last week we focused on countries to visit for Air signs and from this week onwards things will be a little bit different. Alex will give you tips for traveling with different star signs, as well all very well know, every sign has their own unique travel style. This week, we will give you tips for traveling with fire signs! If you don’t know your element, don’t fret. Simply Google and you will easily find out.  As we all know, Google has all the answers… 😉 

For the fifth episode, we will be focusing on tips for traveling with fire signs, meaning people who were born under one of the following zodiac signs; Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. Alex will be giving a brief introduction to the personalities of each fire sign and discuss how you can have a great time while traveling with your fellow fire sign friends. You don’t have to know much about astrology to understand, as Alex will guide you through it all! 

Tips for traveling with a travel buddy who is a fire sign:

We hope you enjoyed the fifth episode of Travel Astrology with Alex where she gives you tips for traveling with fire signs. Stay tuned for more episodes next week!

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