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It’s time for another Travel Tips Tuesday

If you haven’t seen our Travel Tips show then where have you been? How are you even surviving your trip without our best travel tips? On this show, our colleague, Jasmine sits down every Tuesday in front of a camera and shares the most essential travel tips with you. In this episode, we have 5 tips for an amazing campervan trip! There is no better way to explore the world than being on the road. 

Watch our 5 Tips For an Amazing Campervan Trip!

 Tip #1 – Right mindset

Campervan may not be for everyone, but having the right attitude and mindset towards your trip will make it one of the best experiences you will ever have! Be ok with traveling on the road for days, weeks or even months. 

Tip #2 – Enjoy the ride

When you are traveling as a camper, the journey itself is what matters, not the destination. Campervan trips are made to enjoy the ride and explore the scenery that lays ahead of you as you drive past. 

Tip #3 – What to pack for your campervan trip?

Here are our list of essentials we recommend you packing: 

  • Food and beverages
  • Clean linens and pillows for the ”bed”
  • Portable water for dishwashing and laundry
  • Kitchenette fuel (propane or butane, if necessary)
  • Rope and a knife
  • Toiletpaper
  • Connection cables for campsites

Tip #4 – Plan ahead

Knowing where you are going and for how long, makes a huge difference. Will you be going on a campervan trip to Sweden or Thailand? Make sure you do your research on the place you are planning on doing your campervan trip, as climate, culture, and prices will weigh heavily on where you decide to go. 

Tip #5 – Entertainment

Being stuck in a campervan for long hours at a time will not always be fun. You might find yourself being bored out of your mind, which is why we recommend you bring a chess board, pack of cards, books, anything that will help you kill some time on the road.

We hope you enjoyed this episode of Travel Tips Tuesday and our tips for a campervan trip. See you next week! #TravelTipShow

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