16 Best Things to Do in Krabi for a Perfect Vacation

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Welcome to the tropical paradise of Krabi, a breathtaking destination in southern Thailand that beckons with its stunning landscapes and a myriad of exciting activities. Say yes to Krabi’s offer to thrilling experiences, from soaking up the sun on picture-perfect beaches to dancing the night away in the hottest night clubs in town. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a taste of Thai cuisine, Krabi offers an unforgettable array of experiences for every type of traveler. Read on to uncover the best things to do in Krabi and make the most of your tropical getaway!

Best Things to Do in Krabi – Summary

  1. Stay in the Sunny Ao Nang
  2. Relax on Railay Beach
  3. Soak Up the Sun at Phra Nang Beach
  4. Go for the Four Island Tour
  5. Blend in with the Locals on Koh Klang Island
  6. Admire the Beautiful Koh Phi Phi
  7. Get a Scenic View from Tiger Cave Temple
  8. Take a Day Trip to Koh Hong
  9. Spot Some Fossils in Susan Hoi Beach
  10. Splash Into the Emerald Pool 
  11. Visit Krabi Elephant Sanctuary
  12. Go Rock Climbing
  13. Hunt for Street Food in Krabi’s Night Market
  14. Enjoy a Relaxing Thai Massage
  15. Experience Krabi’s Nightlife
  16. Savor Southern Thailand’s Flavors 

Stay in the Sunny Ao Nang

Ao Nang Krabi activities

As the heart of Krabi, Ao Nang welcomes travelers for a fantastic stay. The sun-soaked coastal city is fringed with golden-sand beaches, glimmering turquoise waters, and jungle-clad limestone cliffs that will take your breath away. Moreover, its city center features luxurious resorts, homey hostels, buzzing bars, and laid-back shops. It is the getaway of Krabi, offering a glimpse of the awesome things Krabi has to offer. 

Besides being picturesque, Ao Nang is strategically located. The shores of Ao Nang lead you to Krabi’s proud destinations, like Railay Beach and Hong Island. Moreover, it won’t be rocket science for you to find tours that will lead you to those top destinations. Thus, if you want to stay in mainland Ao Nang, you can enjoy its gorgeous beaches, munch on some Southern Thai dishes in Ao Nang’s selected restaurants, and splash into the sea to scuba dive. 

Relax on Railay Beach

Krabi activities to do

Brace yourself as this flawless beach will take your breath away at a single glance! Railay Beach is tucked on the western coast of Krabi, specifically on a peninsula with the same name. It boasts towering limestone cliffs coated with greeneries, sparkling golden sand, and jaw-dropping turquoise waters. For that reason, Railay Beach has become a tourist favorite, as well as one of the most beautiful places in Krabi. 

Circled by rock structures, Railay Beach can only be reached by boat. Speed boats and long tail boats are available at Ao Nam Mao Pier in Krabi Town. The 20-minute journey takes you along the brilliant gradients of the Andaman Sea. As the boat stops on the sandy Railay Beach, get ready to have a great time. You can get your tan under the sun, dip yourself in the warm waters, or relax in a beach resort. With all it has to offer, Railay Beach is one of the best things to do in Krabi. 

Soak Up the Sun at Phra Nang Beach

Another beautiful beach awaits on the southern corner of the Railay Peninsula. Phra Nang Beach ​​fits the phrase ‘picture-perfect’ completely. Gigantic jungle-clad limestone structures are scattered throughout the shoreline, while the beach stuns with powdery sand and crystal-clear waters. Phra Nang Beach’s breathtaking scenery has led it to be considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

Visiting this beach means relaxing on the warm shore, going for a swim, and enjoying the exquisite landscape. Besides that, Phra Nang Beach offers another interesting spot to visit. Take a look at the Phra Nang Cave, which comprises a gapping cliff with a few stalactites. Interestingly, the cave is disguised as a dead-end, inviting you to walk further. Therefore, it is one of the most fantastic activities in Krabi that you can do. 

Go for the Four Island Tour

things to do in Krabi

Krabi boasts an amazing collection of small islands. Then, missing them is not an option. One of the most popular things to do in Krabi is going on the Four Island Tour. Say yes to a full-day boat tour that takes you to the region’s most wonderful islands, including Koh Poda, Koh Kai (Chicken Island), Koh Tup, and Phra Nang. If you are dreaming of an awesome beach day, this tour will make it come true. 

The Four Island Tour usually starts from Ao Nang Beach, which is located about 17 kilometers from Krabi Town. Generally, you can choose to board a boat house or speed boat. Make sure to have your sunscreen ready as you sail along the Andaman Sea. Besides stopping by the four islands, the tour also allows you to dip into the ocean and go snorkeling

Admire the Beautiful Koh Phi Phi 

things to do in Krabi Phi Phi Island

Nobody can say no to Koh Phi Phi’s ethereal beauty. The world-famous archipelago looks like a scene out of the Avatar movie with its hovering islands and turquoise waters. Sail along the scattering limestone cliffs, which are veiled in lush greeneries. Take a peek at the colorful coral reefs on the ocean floor, which are visible due to the crystal clear waters. Therefore, visiting Koh Phi Phi is one of the best things to do in Krabi. 

Besides the limestone cliffs, Koh Phi Phi features gorgeous islands for you to stop by. The biggest island, Koh Phi Phi Don, has an extensive shore, a few villages, and several beachside restaurants. The second-largest island, Koh Phi Phi Leh, is home to Maya Bay, a beach paradise for everyone visiting the archipelago. It is also uninhabited and showcases an untouched nature. Furthermore, you can also go for other activities, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, caving, and shark watching. 

Blend in with the Locals on Koh Klang Island

When talking about islands and beaches in Krabi, we would imagine paradise-like spots with powdery beaches and glimmering waters. In contrast, Koh Klang Island does not have them all. Although it has no sunkissed beaches or a picturesque turquoise sea, Koh Klang Island offers an exhilarating and enriching experience. If you are looking for a hidden gem in Krabi, this island is your answer. 

Koh Klang Island comprises century-old fishing villages. Wooden houses float in the middle of the sea, representing the locals’ status as determined fishermen. Other than that, the island is dotted with humble villages, small rice fields, and well-preserved mangrove trees. Delve into authentic Thailand by strolling around the village and interacting with the locals. Interestingly, the communities at Koh Klang Island are mostly Muslim, differing them from the rest of Thailand. Therefore, blending in with locals on Koh Klang Island is one of the best things to do in Krabi. 

Get a Scenic View from Tiger Cave Temple 

Tiger Cave Temple things to do in Krabi

As one of the most outstanding temples in Thailand, Tiger Cave Temple is unmissable. The temple sits on the top of a hill. It comprises a few shiny gold temples, as well as a massive Buddha statue overlooking Krabi Town. Additionally, several small caves adorn the temple’s hillside, serving as meditation and prayer spots for the monks.

Visiting the Tiger Cave Temple requires you to climb up 1,237 steps, which can be equal to your one-hour cardio workout. However, the sweaty journey ends with a rewarding 360-degree view of the Andaman Sea. After all, it is one of the best things to do in Krabi. 

Take a Day Trip to Koh Hong

Although often overshadowed by Phra Nang or Koh Phi Phi, Koh Hong shines its own light. The island flaunts a cluster of jungle-clad limestone cliffs, a small yet idyllic coastline, and crystal-clear waters. Moreover, Koh Hong gives the impression of an untouched island calling adventurous souls. In contrast, it is quite developed with several restaurants, well-built facilities, and beach bars. 

Koh Hong is an awesome spot for a day trip. You can hop on a speed boat or long tail boat from Ao Nang to reach the island. Spend a relaxing day under the sun while getting your tan, splash into the warm waters, or go for a snorkeling session. Moreover, you can also check out the stunning Hong Lagoon, which comprises a narrow rock opening.

Spot Some Fossils in Susan Hoi Beach  

Source: Yik Yew Lauw from Flickr

This off-the-radar beach in Krabi beckons your inner nerd! Unlike other Krabi beaches, Susan Hoi Beach does not have sandy shores and twinkling seawater. However, it offers an exceptional experience of traveling back in time, as far as the prehistoric period. Susan Hoi Beach features a 200-meter-long coastline dotted with fossils of ancient shellfish. Or in other words – it is a cemetery for ancient shellfish! 

At a glance, Susan Hoi Beach’s area looks like chunks of broken cement. The rocky structures are actually made out of million-year-old mollusk shells. With its quirky facade and fascinating history, visiting Susan Hoi Beach is one of the most unique things to do in Krabi. 

Splash Into the Emerald Pool 

Source: Kent Wang from Flickr

Krabi’s alluring nature comprises not only gorgeous islands but also rainforests and freshwater pools. Emerald Pool is one of them and it sits as a gem inside Krabi’s verdant jungle. It is a freshwater lake tinted in brilliant emerald green, reflecting both the jungle’s hues and the sunlight. Thus, the enchanting scene will leave you breathless. 

Emerald Pool has gained popularity in the past few years, so it is generally reachable. A comfortable, 1.4-kilometers-long manmade path cuts through the jungle, leading you to the lake. Feel the stress leaving your body as you enter the lush jungle or dip yourself into the glimmering pool. Emerald Pool has a 20-meter swimming area between one and two meters deep. Therefore, it is one of the out-of-the-box things to do in Krabi. 

Visit Krabi Elephant Sanctuary

Besides world-class beaches and spectacular flavors, Thailand is also famous for its elephants. Then, you can greet the gentle giants in Krabi, specifically Krabi Elephant Sanctuary. The conservation center has become home to a herd of elephants, ensuring their safety. Moreover, it welcomes travelers to visit and interact with the adorable elephants. You can observe, hug, and even feed the elephants at a close distance. If you are good with getting wet, you can join the keepers to bathe the elephants. 

If you are into sustainability, visiting Krabi Elephant Sanctuary is for you. By paying the entrance fee, you can help the animals live a decent life. In Krabi Elephant Sanctuary, you can see that the keepers treat the elephants with love.  It is also prohibited to ride the elephants to ensure their health and well-being.

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