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For you and your friends

We know them all – the typical group travel destinations and types of group travel: Hen parties in Mallorca, Party vacations in Rimini, Girls Weekend in Milan – but of course that’s not enough for us! Today we’re going to show you the most unusual group trips that you should definitely experience with your friends and new people.



Volcano hike in Iceland

The most unusual group tours: Volcano hike in Iceland.

Of course, Iceland is on the bucket list of almost every traveler in Europe, and for good reason. But you should not only travel with your friends on the ring road, but also challenge your own adrenaline level! The best way to do that is on a volcano hike, which is the first type of the most unusual group trips for us. In the glacier valley Þórsmörk you can not only admire the beautiful and wild nature of the country, but also climb volcanoes – more precisely the Fimmvörðuháls volcanoes. It is best not to do this on your own, as it can be very rocky and risky. In Iceland, however, there are many ways to book tours for your group to experience this 5-6 hour adventure. 

Cave diving in Russia

Die ungewöhnlichsten Gruppenreisen: Höhlentauchen in Russland. 

Russia still has a lot of insider tips in store for many of you, because not only Moscow and St. Petersburg are beautiful places, but also the rest of the country is simply breathtaking. I myself still like to think of my childhood memories of quiet villages, quaint wooden houses and ice-cold lakes in the middle of nature. But of course that sounds too idyllic and relaxed, you want more! One of the most unusual group trips for you and your friends is in the region around the city of Perm, right in the heart of Russia. I’m talking about the Orda Caves! And what will you do there? Cave diving of course! The cave is 5km long, making it the largest gypsum cave in the world. For this unique adventure you need a cave diving license, because it is partly dangerous and requires a certain knowledge, but it is worth it. By the way, there is also a “scary” place in Russia – you can learn more in our article about the 6 scariest waters in the world.


Save turtles in Costa Rica

The most unusual group tours: Turtle rescue in Costa Rica.

The most unusual group trips for us include those that have a good purpose. That’s why I looked around and found the following: what do you think about turtle rescue in Costa Rica? I think it sounds like a real dream! On the one hand it is about ensuring the safety of the marine animals in general, but also, depending on when you are there, about building small coves for the eggs with baby turtles. You can only do this if you sign up with your friends as volunteer workers, but I think it’s totally worth it. Just imagine how cute it is when you see little turtles hatch! 

Wildlife safari and culture in Tanzania

The most unusual group tours: Wildlife safari and culture in Tanzania.

Safaris are incredibly wonderful! And they can look sooo different, of course, it depends on where you do the safari. Today we want to show you why safaris in Tanzania are some of the most unusual group tours. Tanzania’s natural diversity is not only home to the world famous Serengeti Park with the Big 5 (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino), but also the national park around Mount Kilimanjaro, the largest mountain in Africa. Of course, many travelers go to these two places, so we want to introduce you to a smaller park and a super TripLeader that will take you there. TripLeader Sunday takes you to Manyara Park, where you can best get from Arusha Airport. Within 5 days you will make an all-inclusive trip through beautiful landscapes, Maasai culture and with really delicious food. Here you can get to know the TripLeader!


TripLeader Tip: Backpacking Adventure on Komodo Island

Tripleader Tip: Backpacking adventure on Komodo Island.

I asked our team member and also TripLeader Angel what she can recommend in her home country Indonesia and she knew it immediately: Komodo Island! When I then had a look at the island, it was clear to me in any case, why this spot of earth is definitely the home of one of the most unusual group tours ever. You should definitely backpack there to be as independent as possible. Here you can not only see the Komodo dragons, but also many other animals and beautiful beaches. Especially sailing lovers can get their money’s worth here! One of the most impressive places here is the Pink Beach – right, the sand is PINK! How cool is that? I’m looking forward to Angel planning her trip there, I’ll definitely be there. Or you plan your trip yourself of course 😉


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