The Most Beautiful Train Stations in the World

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You’ll arrive and never want to leave…


Train stations are the hubs of hellos and goodbyes since what feels like the beginning of times. That being said, some of the oldest train stations in the world house some of the cities’ most stunning architecture… Let’s take a glimpse at the most beautiful train stations in the world, where visiting only the train station is almost a good enough excuse for a visit!

Antwerp Central Railway Station, Belgium

Inspired by the station of Luzern in Switzerland and the Pantheon in Rome, this immense railway station is simply beautiful. The waiting hall is roofed by a 75-meter high dome, which visitors come to marvel at. The skylights and windows also fill the station with glorious light. Are you convinced to take a train trip to Antwerp? Find your TripMates and off you go! We even have the best tips for Backpacking Around Belgium

The gothic dome interior of Antwerp's Central Station

Antwerp Station

Eigerwand Station, Switzerland 

This train station deserves a spot as one of the most beautiful, simply because of the views surrounding it. Carved into a mountain in the Bernese Alps, departures from this train station will take you to some majestic views. A trip on the Jungfrau railway is one for the books, so don’t forget your camera!





St. Pancras International Station, London

This gothic-style train station took 20 years to build, and arrivals from major cities like Paris and Brussels arrive here on the Eurostar. This station also holds special historic value, because it was used as an important meeting point for Allied soldiers during WWII. That being said, the 1868 completed station is a survivor of the great world wars. Take a walk around and visit some of the many shops and restaurants in the station!

A statue of a woman and man embracing each other at the Gothic style train station of St. Pancras

‘The Meeting Place’ at St. Pancras

Gare du Nord, Paris

Trust Paris to have one of the most beautiful train stations in the world! The front of the station has personified statues of various cities to where trains from the station depart to, with, of course, Paris in the middle of them all. This train station is also the busiest in all of Europe… because, who doesn’t want to go to Paris


Gare du Nord sees hundreds of thousands of people come and go every day

Kuala Lumpur Train Station, Malaysia 

At this all-white train station, you’ll see the blend of Eastern and Western design. Housing the major hub for the Malayan Railways, adventurers from all of the world flock here to begin exploring the wonders of South-East Asia. Do it with some TripMates, and we can assure you that all the funny things that happen to you on your train journey will be ten times more funny. 😉 




Grand Central Terminal, New York 

One of the Big Apple‘s architectural wonders, people meet each other here every day ‘at the clock’, one of the stations famously known locations for rendezvous. The station also has more platforms than any other train station in the world. 44, to be exact. The glorious beauty of the station also earned it a title as a National Historic Landmark. Whether arriving, leaving, shopping, eating, or just admiring the station’s architecture, the Grand Central is worth a visit. 




Lots of people in the central hall of New York's train station

“Meet me at the clock”

Kanazawa Station, Japan

The most recognizable feature of the station is the Tsuzumi-mon Gate, a towering wood structure. The station is known for its aesthetic modern style mixed with tradition, and the wooden gate is in fact modeled to resemble a traditional torii gate, which is also found in front of shrines. Take a train trip to one of the major Japanese cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, or Nagano by leaving from the Kanazawa Station!

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai 

This beautiful (and massive) building was inspired by Victorian Gothic style alongside some Indian influence. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since the year 2004, Chhatrapati Shivaji is also the headquarters for the Great Indian Peninsular Railway. While visiting Mumbai, don’t forget to check out this famous landmark! Or perhaps set out on an onward journey from here… 

Massive Victorian train station in Mumbai at night

Mumbai’s massive Victorian-Indian station

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