The 7 Most Beautiful Places in Switzerland

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No, these places are not a dream!

In this article, we will introduce you to the 7 most beautiful places in Switzerland to best prepare you for your future trips to Switzerland. Let us help you make your next trip the best one of your life! All you have to do is keep reading. 😉

Switzerland is so diverse in its landscape that it is a real dream to live there. If you love summer, there are plenty of green meadows to relax in, promising mountains to hike in and crystal clear lakes to swim in. Do you prefer winter? Then you will find numerous mountains and slopes perfect for skiing or snowboarding. The Swiss are also sociable people who love to share their cheese fondue with you!

7. Creux du Van

The first of the 7 most beautiful places in Switzerland is made for those who love hiking. Creux du Van is a natural rock arena that you can discover by hiking for five hours. Start from the starting point in Noiraigue, which is best reached by train. Don’t worry, even if your heart is not in hiking, you can still see this natural work of art. By car, you can reach the rocky basin via a paved road that you can take either from Travers, Couvet, or Saint-Aubin. Believe me, take the effort, because rarely is there anything as rewarding as this breathtaking view of the great cauldron! If you’re looking for a travel partner for your adventure, check out JoinMyTrip!

Creux du Van, the rocky cauldron, is one of the 7 most beautiful places in Switzerland.
Creux du Van

6. Muottas Muragl

Sorry to all you hiking bums out there, Switzerland is just made for some neat tours! The next of the 7 most beautiful places in Switzerland is a viewpoint, to which a red funicular takes you, starting in Puntmuragl. By no means is this viewpoint an ordinary one, because almost all the valleys, peaks, and lakes of the high valley of Oberengandin can be seen from this vantage point. You have the possibility to choose two hiking routes, one leading to Alp Languard and the other to the Segantini hut and the Schafberg. You can’t decide? Both routes are worthwhile because you and your travel buddies will marvel at amazing landscapes along the way.

Muottas Muragl with a bench on the green grass where a hiker is resting and enjoying the view.
Muottas Muragl

5. Ascona

Now, for a change, there is no hiking, but a South Sea feeling! Ascona is a beautiful little town in Switzerland that will make you think you’ve landed somewhere in the south during your summer vacation. At only 196 meters above sea level, Ascona is the lowest place in Switzerland. Since you’re probably sitting in your living room right now, I’ll try to bring the flair of Ascona home to you. Imagine you are strolling through one of the many narrow streets of the old town, and end up at the beautiful lake promenade. You discover a small cozy café, eating chocolate and strawberry ice cream – at least that’s what I would do. No cars will disturb you with their noise or stench, because cars are forbidden here. To top it off, take a boat trip across Lake Maggiore and end the evening with a glass of wine on the boat. Well, how does that sound? 😉

The small town of Ascona is one of the 7 most beautiful places in Switzerland.

I’m no expert, but you should definitely take the chance to visit this wonderful place soon before the water floods it. So start planning your own trip to Switzerland today, with a side trip to Ascona.

4. lake Oeschinen in the Kander valley

Our next of the 7 most beautiful places in Switzerland is for all water rats out there (you’re welcome 😉 )! You should of course not come too short. After all, swimming is the most fun when you’ve sweated a little beforehand! A one-hour hike from Kandersteg will take you to Lake Oeschinen, which is crystal clear and beautiful. After you have refreshed yourself, you can explore the lake by circling it once. On your way, you will find delicious restaurants where you can enjoy your meal with a view of the water. Of course, you can also rent a rowing boat and sail around the lake. There you will have complete peace and quiet and can explore the lake without other disturbing tourists.

Lake Oeschinen in the Kander Valley is one of the 7 most beautiful places in Switzerland.
lake Oeschinen in the Kander valley

3. Sertig Dörfli

The valley Sertig with its traditional houses and the quaint little church in the middle is one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. Why? I think because this place reflects the warmth and also simplicity of the people in Switzerland. You can discover a beautiful waterfall roaring in the back of the valley and then rest and enjoy delicious traditional food like cheese spaetzle and capiz. If you ask me, nothing beats good and traditional home cooking. Take your time to visit this place, come to rest, and put yourself in the place of the people who have been preserving their traditions for years. The place is very easy to reach by public transport, as well as by car.

Sertig Dörfli is a beautiful traditional place in Switzerland, with a lake right on the doorstep.
Sertig Dörfli

2. Aletsch forest and glacier

The beauty of nature should be protected. As there is a lot of beautiful nature in Switzerland, there are also some areas in need of protection. One of them is the Aletsch forest. This is located in Valais and is a Pro Natura protected area because the oldest trees in Switzerland are located there. In order to preserve its beauty for other generations, please take public transportation to reach the Aletsch center. You can take a cable car and a train from Bern, Italy, Andermatt, and Lausanne. Discover the valley and the glacier by choosing one of the three different hiking routes. Does that sound good to you? Then check out JoinMyTrip. There, cool TripLeaders have already planned some exciting trips.

The Aletsch Glacier is one of many nature reserves in Switzerland and one of the 7 most beautiful places there.
Aletsch forest and glacier

1. Blue lake

No, you are not dreaming and you are not part of a fairy tale! This is not Photoshop, nor has the water been colored. The blue lake is so turquoise blue and crystal clear that it is really hard to believe in its authenticity. But it’s true, this lake is natural and a real eye-catcher! On the bike path from Kandersteg to Thun, you can find this lake among many other sights. Once you are there, you can also spend a few days there in a relaxed way, because there are restaurants, a hotel, a spa and a nature park in the vicinity.

A man takes photos of the blue lake, which is turquoise blue and crystal clear.
Blue lake

We would be happy if you visit these 7 most beautiful places in Switzerland yourself and convince yourself of its uniqueness. So that you don’t have to travel alone, you can find like-minded travelers on JoinMyTrip who will discover Switzerland and many other beautiful places in this world with you. Plan your own trip or join travelers, share travel costs and unforgettable experiences.

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