The happiest places for group trips

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Traveling makes you happy, so travel to the happiest countries in the world…

Every year there is a World Happiness Index in which the happiest countries in the world are determined, we think you should definitely visit these countries to come extra happy from vacation! 


10. Austria 


Why Austrians are so happy is easy to answer: the mountains, the nature and of course the food. The citizens of the city of Vienna pay 1€ per day for the annual public transport ticket and for decades social housing has been promoted in Austria, which means housing is affordable and people can put more money into their lives and its quality. 

The top activities in Austria: 
  • Hiking, mountaineering and in winter skiing in the Alps 
  • City tours through Vienna, Graz and Salzburg
  • Discover the Viennese café culture and feel like a real Austrian

9. New Zealand  

New Zealand

Off to the other end of the world! New Zealand has been very popular with travelers for years, so it’s no wonder that people are happy there. Nature is just a stone’s throw away from anywhere and incredible views await at every turn. New Zealand is also the land of extreme sports. Bungee was invented here and white water rafting is possible on every other river. 

The top activities in New Zealand: 
  • Hiking in one of the countless national parks 
  • Visit the filming locations from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit 
  • Experience a Rugby match

With our New Zealand travel guide, you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life in the land of the long white cloud.

8. Norway


The people of Norway have been considered the happiest people in the world for years. In fact, all of Scandinavia has made it into the top 10 happiest countries. Probably no one is surprised. The incredible nature, the friendly people and the good coffee quickly convince anyone who is skeptical. 

Top activities in Norway: 
  • Hunt and see the northern lights in winter 
  • Camping everywhere with the Everyman’s Right 
  • Visit the Arctic Circle and the North Cape 

7. Germany  


Germany is also among the top 10 happiest countries, the quality of life here is particularly high and until the Corona crisis the economy and thus the income of the population boomed. Germans enjoy life with stoic self-evidence and after the first acquaintance they are then very friendly and open to new contacts. 

Top activities in Germany: 
  • Hiking in the low mountain ranges or the Alps 
  • Relaxing at the North – or Baltic Sea 
  • City tours through Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich

6. Sweden


The second Scandinavian country in this list and well deserved! Sweden has everything for everyone: beautiful nature, summer beaches, lively cities and friendly people. The capital of Sweden is lively and yet people rarely get rushed, you enjoy a fika, a coffee break while eating cinnamon buns or sandwiches. The Scandinavian dream. 

Top activities in Sweden: 
  • City tours of Stockholm and Gothenburg 
  • Midsummer festival on the day when the sun does not set
  • Enjoy nature wherever you are and take a deep breath 

Discover Sweden (and Norway) with our ultimate Scandinavia road trip.



5. Netherlands


Europeans generally seem to be quite content and happy. In the Netherlands, this may be due to drug use, but who can say for sure 😉 …
But even without drugs, the Netherlands has a lot to offer, the cities and history alone are worth a visit. Add to that quiet beaches and relaxed people. Driving is not very popular in the Netherlands, especially in city centers, so grab a bike and explore this beautiful country. 

Top activities in Netherlands:  
  • An extensive tour of Amsterdam 
  • Explore The Hague and relax in Scheveningen
  • Visit the tulip paradise Keukenhof

With our ultimate guide to the Netherlands, you’re guaranteed not to miss a thing in the land below sea level. 

4. Switzerland 


I believe that the Swiss are only so happy because they eat so much cheese. Cheese fondue alone is a reason to visit Switzerland. Or maybe it’s because of the good chocolate or the incredible nature? Anyway, Switzerland is the 4th happiest country in the world and should not be missing on any bucket list this fall.

Top activities in Switzerland: 
  • Hiking in the Alps, along ancient glaciers 
  • Eating chocolate at the Lindt factory 
  • Visit Zurich, Bern and Geneva

Our guide to Switzerland will take you to the most beautiful corners of the country and let you enjoy Switzerland to the fullest.


3. Denmark 


As promised, Denmark is also on the list of the happiest countries in the world. How could you be unhappy in Denmark? There is an endless coastline, good coffee and the Danes invented the principle of coziness, hygge. So let yourself be enchanted by the Danish friendliness and incredible landscapes. 

Top activities in Denmark: 
  • Explore Copenhagen 
  • Take a beach vacation at the North Sea
  • At Skagerrak see how the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet

2. Iceland 


Does Iceland actually surprise anyone here? I don’t think so! After all of Scandinavia made it onto the list, Iceland can’t be missing. The people here are just happy, after all, it is the only place in the world where there are no spiders by nature. A dream or? 

Top activities for Iceland: 
  • Makes a road trip over the Ringroad 
  • Chases waterfalls 
  • Experience the unique nature and volcanoes of the island

With our insider tips for Iceland and the ultimate Iceland guide, nothing can go wrong on your next Iceland adventure.{{cta(‘ae170a73-b667-431d-9156-1e6674875910′,’justifycenter’)}}

1. Finland


The Finns are world champions in drinking coffee, plus the breathtaking nature with many forests and lakes and supposedly even Santa Claus lives in Finland … I think you can only be happy. Even if it is really very dark here in winter, in summer Finland is an absolute dream destination. And in winter you are really compensated by the northern lights! 

Top activities in Finland: 
  • Visit Helsinki, Turku and Tampere 
  • Go hiking in one of the countless national parks 
  • Go to the Sauna

Nothing stands in the way of your visit to Helsinki with this Helsinki guide from a real Finn. 

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These trips are guaranteed to make you happy…😊🌈

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