The Best Road Trips in 2021: Sardinia Edition

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The ultimate two-week itinerary

Hey Italophile, this one is for you! Welcome to the third chapter of our series “The best road trips in 2021.” This time our road trip takes us to the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia. For lovers of picture-perfect winding roads and beautiful coast lines (that’s everyone, right?), you can be sure to find all the inspiration you need for planning your Sardinian adventure right here!

If you’re curious about the first two parts of this series, be curious no more. Head to “The Best Road Trips in 2021: Europe Edition” for Part 1 and “The Best Road Trips in 2021: North America Edition” for Part 2.

Day 1: Kick off your road trip in the beautiful Sardinian capital of Cagliari

The best time to visit Sardinia is generally between the months of April and June, to enjoy warm sea waters and a blooming Sardinia. July and August are usually the most popular months to visit, so depending on your tastes, you can plan your trip in or around these months.

Pick up the wheels for your road trip in the Sardinian capital of Cagliari, as here the car rental options will be the best. Lucky for you, we have a partnership with, a market-leading portal for comparing rental car prices. Perhaps you even want to hit the road in a campervan. Check out the offer here to find the best fit for your adventure!

Cagliari has a cool cultural vibe that is not to be missed. The city is split into four districts: the Marina District, the Villanova District, the Castello District and the Stampace District. Each of the districts has its own unique activities to offer to its visitors. Looking for a laid-back vibe with outdoor restaurants and bars? Head to the Marina District. Or perhaps you want to explore the historic wonders of the city? In this case, head to the Castello District. The energetic and contemporary Villanova District offers opportunities for shoppers. Lastly, in the Stampace District, visitors find the center of the city with the Central Station and Town Hall.

The beautiful city of Cagliari bathing in sunlight

“Cagliari has a cool cultural vibe that is not to be missed”

If you want to escape the city for the evening, head for a stroll to the harbor and enjoy dinner for example at the well-reputed Ristorante Santa Maria.

Day 2: Take a beautiful Sardinian coastal route to Teulada

One of the most gorgeous road trip routes will lead you on an approximately one-hour drive from Cagliari to Teulada. The road is known as the “Strada Panoramica della Costa del Sud,” or put simply, the SP 71 road. Spend your day hitting up the beaches in Teulada, or why not scope for swimming spots already on your way there! Speaking of beaches, Cala Cipolla is definitely a beach not to be missed during your Teulada visit.

Beautiful pristine coastlines and rock formations around the beautiful Sardinian coastline
Pristine beaches and rock formations along the Sardinian coastline

Day 3 & 4: Take your road trip to Iglesias

The city of Iglesias is certainly full of opportunity for adventure. Additionally, the city offers plenty for history and culture enthusiasts. For example, visit the amazing historical Porto Flavia monument overlooking the amazing coastline or step back in time by wandering the streets of the city.

Spend two days in Iglesias to have the opportunity to head for a day trip to the island of Sant Antioco. If you’re looking for some adventure, hike down to the beautiful Cala Grotta for snorkeling or swimming!

Day 5: Cruise to Oristano

The town of Oristano and its surroundings are must-visit for your road trip. Check out the historic center, or take a short drive to Monte Arci National Park. In addition, if you somehow end up in Oristano on the last Sunday before Lent (in February), the town is especially intriguing then. The carnival of Oristano takes place during this time, a truly amazing spectacle honoring the culture and history of the town.

Turquoise waters, rocky cliffs and hidden beaches in Sardinia are a given on your road trip
Hidden beaches can be found everywhere in Sardinia!

Day 6: Road trip across the island to Cala Gonone

Fortunately, driving ‘across the island’ is only going to take you about an hour and a half, as the island isn’t very big. Take a rest at your accommodation at Cala Gonone and continue your drive to visit the beautiful Gorropu Gorge. The town of Cala Gonone is also perfect to enjoy a quiet evening sipping wine and eating pizza. Besides, it’s no trip to Italy without wine and pizza, is it?

Day 7: Hit up the beaches at San Teodoro

The Sardinian beaches are truly something otherworldly, so it comes as no surprise that a lot of your time will be spent on the beach. San Teodoro offers great opportunities for water sports for all travelers. Choose from various activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, diving or swimming.

Enjoy wine and local culinary art on your road trip to Sardinia
In between adventures, take time to enjoy Sardinian food culture

Day 8 & 9: Wander around Palau and the Maddalena Archipelago

A stop in Palau provides for the perfect gateway for a visit to the Maddalena Archipelago. However, Palau itself is certainly worthy of wandering with its many restaurants, bars and shops. Spend a day exploring the town and take the rest of the time to explore the Maddalena Archipelago, accessed by ferries leaving from the town. Spend the evening cliff jumping or hanging out by the water with friends. You might even be lucky enough to experience one of the island’s breathtaking sunsets.

The beautiful La Maddalena archipelago in Sardinia at sunset by the beach
The beautiful La Maddalena at sunset

Day 10 & 11: Travel to the famous Neptune’s Caves and explore Alghero

The drive from Palau to Neptune’s Caves is a little longer than on most of your road trip days, so reserve a few days to enjoy this beautiful area! To make the most of your days here, book your stay in the town of Alghero, located near the most beautiful attractions. Going to Neptune’s Grotto is like a dream come true, a truly unique experience. The Grotto has a truly mystical vibe, perhaps even creepy! This is why we recommend a full day to explore the Grotto and the caves around it. Some other activities to fill up your days could for example be to:

  • Visit the ancient stone ruins of Nuraghe di Palmavera
  • Head to the Capo Caccia Vertical Cliffs
  • Hit up the Riservato Beach Bar
Neptune's Grotto in the Neptune Caves is an otherworldly place with interesting rock formations and a slightly creepy atmosphere
Neptune’s Grotto is truly otherworldly

Day 12: Head back south to Abbasanta

The village of Abbasanta makes for a perfect pit stop on your way back to Cagliari. Road trips are supposed to be fun and relaxed, so make sure to take enough time to enjoy the sites along the way instead of focusing on hurrying to the destination! At JoinMyTrip, you can be sure to find like-minded travelers to make the journey fun. From Abbasanta, you can for example head to visit the prehistoric building of Nuraghe Losa.

Road side stop during an island road trip on a sunny day
Remember to enjoy the journey

“It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Day 13: Continue on your way back to Cagliari

Finally, it’s time to keep heading back to Cagliari to enjoy its bustling atmosphere for one more day before leaving! Make a stop in the romantic town of Sanluri for lunch or dinner before continuing your journey. Simply turn up the music and hit the road with your fellow travel buddies!

Travel friends taking a rest to plan the next stop on their road trip
Plan your Sardinia road trip with like-minded travel friends

Day 14: Reflect on your awesome road trip and take in Sardinia for the last day

By the end of your trip, you might already be exhausted, or maybe you’re ready to just keep going! Sardinia never stops intriguing its visitors, and surely has countless secrets in store for many more future trips. The best thing about Sardinia is that you will have plenty of time to enjoy the island itself, as the driving distances are relatively short. Nevertheless, the sights you will see are incredibly versatile! In summary, Sardinia is unquestionably the perfect location for the road trip of your dreams.

We hope that you have enjoyed following along on our road trip series and are now ready to start planning your trip to Sardinia! JoinMyTrip offers the possibility for you to lead a trip like this or to find like-minded travelers so that you can share your experience with others (and costs, too)!

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