The 5 best European destinations to visit in 2021

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Mesmerising, electric and enchanting Europe for your next group trip 

As a child, living in India, I always used to dream about a vacation in Europe. It was only because the fairytale stories I used to read were being depicted in Europe. So, I was completely intrigued by what Europe has to offer.  


Fast forward many many years later, I now live in Germany and I would not want it any other way because the travel possibilities that arise when you live in a European country are incomparable. Europe has something to offer for everyone as it is easy to explore and you return back with unforgettable memories. Dramatic landscapes, historic cities with walkable ruins, memorable cobblestone paths, coastal pleasures, centuries old castles and churches, Europe has it all.  So, create your next group trip with JoinMyTrip and experience the remarkable landscapes, cuisines and diverse cultures of Europe. 

These are the most alluring places to visit: 


1. Czech Republic


Golden Hour in Prague

There is a reason why Prague is in the top of my list because I can vouch for the fact that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I can never get tired of visiting this place as I find new things each visit. Prague is not just about old castles and a town square. The beauty that this city brings during sunrise and sunset with it’s natural landscape and historic architecture as a background is exactly my reason why Prague is the place to be. 

Things to do in Prague: 
  • Visit the architectural wonders:  Charles Bridge and the best time to visit is before 6 a.m or after 10 p.m. Prague Castle with 300 steps that lead to Cathedral of Saint Vit. Vysehrad which is an historic fort and the town square. 
  • Prachov Rocks, is a preserved natural rock formation that is situated roughly about 100km from Prague.  This is perfect for sightseers and rock climbers alike. 

  • Visit one of many beer gardens: Letna Park is perfect when you want to indulge in Czech beer along with a panoramic glimpse of Prague. This is a perfect place to sip on some cold beer, watch the beautiful sunset all while overlooking the city. 

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2. Italy 


Manarola, Italy

Italy is perfect for a group trip because it even caters to the ‘Debbie Downer’ of a group. There are countless places to visit in Italy and here are few of my top recommendations. 

Places to visit in Italy: 






  • Rome: If you would like your group to experience well preserved history then Rome is the place to be as it has been around for 3000 years. 
  • Sardinia: Sardinia would be the costal alternative and is a complete contrast to Rome. If you would like to indulge in picturesque beaches, great restaurants and some happening bars  with your group members, then Sardinia is the place to be. 
  • Puglia: Is getting away from tourist destinations your plan for the next group trip? Puglia is the answer as it is surrounded with olive trees in abundance, hilltop towns, and with scenery that provide you the look and feel of Greece.  
These amazing Italian group trips will be an adventure worth experiencing ☀️
Italy with TripLeader Lisa



Italy with TripLeader Francesco




3. Portugal 


Porto, Portugal

Portugal is for groups that prefer a laid back trip as it is known to be Europe’s most coolest country which is for travelers who love to have a fun and energetic experience.  This country is diverse in architecture as it has high rise castles, churches and some medieval buildings. Located in the southern edge of Europe, the best part about Portugal is the weather as temperatures rarely drop. 

Places to visit in Portugal: 
  • Lisbon: This city is surrounded by wonderful, lush and green hills. What makes it so special? The yellow trams, steep hills and buildings covered with white and blue tiles.  
  • Barga: Barga is known for religious heritage and events that attract visitors from all around the world. So naturally, one must revisit history by experiencing Roman settlement, try out amazing local Portuguese cuisine and pray at a monastery.  
  • Experience a variety of wellness, yoga and surf retreats
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Azores with TripLeader Silke


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4. Croatia 



Croatia is one of the most dreamiest location in Europe as it has over 1,000 islands with a stunning rocky coast. What you can do in Croatia certainly depends on your groups taste and preferences but one thing you can know for sure is that Croatia has a lot to offer for different kinds of travelers. Check out this guide that lists a perfect travel itinerary for your next visit to Croatia. 


5.  Iceland 



Iceland is not just about the wilderness and the hikes but it is also a perfect place for history buffs and art enthusiasts. It is a fact that Iceland is not the most popular group destination in Europe! However, our colleague Mariellen breaks down the beautiful places that you must absolutely see in Iceland.

Not done yet? Are you feeling inspired? Then check out this insider tips to Iceland. This guide talks about how you must try out the world’s best milk chocolates, swimming in Iceland’s oldest pool, witnessing 10 best waterfalls, admiring the nordic black church, becoming a viking and experiencing life as a viking and finally exploring the ice caves in Vatnajökull glacier. 


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