Safe destinations for a solo traveler

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As a solo traveler, experience an independent getaway and explore the unexplored. 


Let’s just face it! Traveling solo is no more a thing of the past. This is 2021, where women today are creating impact right from the boardrooms, to the olympics and to the House of Representatives. As a solo traveller, you would like to have an independent getaway and explore the unexplored. Or maybe, you have watched Eat, Pray, Love and want to discover things about yourself just as much as wanting to discover about the world. So, whatever the reason, choosing the right getaway or the perfect adventure can make a big difference. The last thing we would want is to worry about our safety or having to compromise on the location.  So here is a guide to a list of safe destinations that are perfect for a solo traveler. But, before we move forward with our top destinations, here are  tips for a first solo traveler to ensure a safe solo-saving sojourn.


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The first tip before a destination is decided, it is important to choose the right place that reflects your character and keep in mind who you really are! 

Questions to ask yourself: 

  • Do you merge naturally in big cities? 
  • Are you a solitary traveller? 
  • Are you inclined towards beautiful landscapes?  
  • An adventurer perhaps? 
  • Or would like to submerge yourself into a local community? 

If your answer was yes to any of the above, don’t worry, the here are destinations that fit each characteristic. 

1. For the big city lover  – New York 

New York

Yes, you read it right! New York is our top recommendation for a solo traveler. You are conquering your fears by visiting the most populous city in U.S. The reason is because you will never feel alone in New York and are always surrounded by people. In New York, you can stay anonymous and can never really get bored because no matter what you plan to do, no one cares! That is the insouciance nature of New Yorkers. 

Things to do in New York: 
  • The bartop dining scene is extremely popular in New York so this makes dinning solo very easy. 
  • See a broadway show or experience the city’s cultural and artistic attractions. 
  • Visit the many urban wineries.  
  • Check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art that features around 5000 years of art. 

Still unsure of what you plan to do ? Then this ultimate New York city travel guide will help you with your travel itinerary.  

2. For the adventurer – Canada 


Canada, is one of the happiest country in the world because of the work-life balance, mental wellbeing and physical health. So since residents are naturally happy and friendly, it makes Canada one of the most sought after destination for solo travelers. It’s not just that! Canada also offers amazing landscapes that consists of high raised mountains, picturesque beaches with lush rainforests. So, if you would like to get out there and have a safe adventure of your lifetime, then Canada is the place to go. 

Things to do in Canada: 
  • Try out kayaking or river rafting in South Nahanni River. 
  • If you are looking for absolute solitude, Winnipeg is the home to a thousand lakes where you can try out paddling in one of these lakes. 
  • Montreal is a perfect city that combines the look and feel of both North America and Europe. Old Montreal is full of cafes that has a European Charm to it. 
  • Experience rugged coastlines, lush rainforests, best surfing and whale watching in Vancouver.

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3. For an ultimate solitude – Thailand 


Thailand, is the place to be for a transformational solo travel adventure. There are unlimited options to enroll in a Thai cooking class or a yoga class or a scuba-diving class. Thailand is an extremely spiritual country and it is genuinely easy to feel stress free during your stay here.  

Things to do in Thailand: 
  •  For an offbeat journey, visit Chang Mai that provides an urban Thai experience. Chang Mai is home to amazing waterfalls, rainforests and hippy pubs. 
  • Explore one of several beaches that reflects your emotions because in Thailand it is easy to find a beach just for yourself. Once you do, experience snorkeling or diving. 
  • Indulge in Thai cuisine as dining well is one of the most glorious indulgence.  

Need more tips for your next Thai adventure? Then check out these articles that will help you plan your next big trip to Thailand. 


4. For the culture buff – Singapore  


Singapore is the ultimate destination to immerse yourself in culture and tradition that is extremely diverse. In Singapore you can experience a lifestyle like no other place because it has a mix of both: extremism and subtlety. Why do we say that? A long history or migration has made Singapore extremely ethnic, cultural and diverse. Singapore has migrants from Malaysia, India, China and Sri Lanka. So, you will find skyscrapers on one side and townhouses on the other. To top it all off, Singapore has no language barrier so that makes it a very friendly place to visit. 

Things to do in Singapore: 
  • Visit a Hindu temple and soak in all the positive energy that it brings. 
  • Explore different cultures by spending your day in Little India and Chinatown. Indulge in authentic cuisines from all around Asia at one destination. 
  •  Explore night life scene. 

5. For the wellness enthusiast – Portugal 


Portugal, is an amazing destination all year round because of it’s splendid weather. Here at Portugal be assured that you will not be surrounded by couples or families because of the growing surf camp and the digital nomad scene. You can either choose between enjoying the scenic landscapes and beautiful coastlines. 

Things to do in Portugal:  
  • Go for wine tasting or stretch out all the feels by visiting a retreat
  • Portugal is dominated by festivals all year round. So make sure you fill up your calendar! 

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Of course, these destinations are for travelers who want to explore the unexplored by themselves. But, if you want to have the same kind of experience in a group (with friends you haven’t met yet 😉) then check out JoinMyTrip now and easily create your own trip. Or even easier, join an already planned trip and relax!




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