London Secret Restaurants: 8 Foodie Hidden Gems

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London is as charming as ever. The Buckingham Palace stands with its ornate facade, the Big Ben tells a tale beyond time, and beautiful city parks welcome people to spend sunny days. There is always something new in London, especially when we talk about food. London’s culinary scene is exquisite, ranging from indulgent sandwiches to well-flavored fish and chips. However, there are a lot of off-the-radar food spots in London that await your visit. Here are the top 10 London secret restaurants for you to try out! 

Top 8 London Secret Restaurants – Summary

  1. Caboose, Brick Lane
  2. Taberna Etrusca, London City
  3. Gremio de Brixton, Brixton Hill 
  4. Black Salt, Upper Richmond Road
  5. Maria Market Cafe, London Bridge
  6. Burnt Smokehouse
  7. Creme, Westminster
  8. The Little Blue House

Caboose, Brick Lane

You wouldn’t want to leave London without trying a unique restaurant. Then, Caboose is for you to visit. The restaurant reconstructed an old derelict carriage into a dining room. And do you know that the word ‘caboose’ means the last carriage in a train? With its small space, Caboose only fits 8 to 11 people. However, it is still a quirky spot that is worth visiting. 

Caboose serves a British-American menu, including juicy meat briskets and oily burgers. Not to mention, perfectly cooked slow ribs are ready to surprise you. Moreover, you can get meals at cheaper prices in the restaurant. A package of a full meal and alcohol costs only £30 per person. Therefore, Caboose is one of the best London secret restaurants to try. 

Taberna Etrusca, London City

Taberna Etrusca London secret restaurants

London has been there for thousands of years, so it is no surprise to find centuries-old structures and ancient places. Thus, Taberna Etrusca is one of them. This sumptuous Italian restaurant dates back to 1967, serving classic and upscaled dishes. As you enter the restaurant, you will find a vintage dining room with wooden furniture, a warm ambiance, and an al-fresco spot. It looks timeless and elegant, making you want to stay longer and order more wine. 

Taberna Etrusca is the answer to your Italian food cravings in London. They offer classic Italian dishes, such as pasta and pizza. Thus, they are also famous for their fish dish. Get ready to sample some tuna steak or pan-fried seabass. Also, end your meal with delightful tiramisu or lemon cheesecake. A glass of wine to pair with your meal is also a good idea. Furthermore, Taberna Etrusca is one of the best London secret restaurants. 

Gremio de Brixton, Brixton

This restaurant in Brixton brings a piece of Spanish to London. Situated under St. Matthew’s Church, Gremio de Brixton features a gorgeous yet intimate interior. Brick walls and low-slung ceilings create a rustic facade, along with warm candlelight. As the sun goes down, the restaurant turns more lively with funky Latin music and fantastic cocktails. However, during the day, Gremio de Brixton serves delicious tapas and Spanish dishes that people would voluntarily line for. 

Gremio de Brixton is the perfect place to bring your group of friends or travel buddies. Its cheerful and comfortable atmosphere makes you want to stay longer. Not to mention, the food is great and varied. You can try out their authentic jamón, chickpea and sweet potato buñuelos, seafood arroz de mariscos, and many more. Although Gremio de Brixton sounds like a hit, it is one of the London secret restaurants. 

Black Salt, Upper Richmond Road

Black Salt India London secret restaurants

Tucked in an unknown area in Upper Richmond Road, the Black Salt fits the word ‘London hidden gem’ perfectly. However, this Indian restaurant has secured its Michelin rating. It is all thanks to the creative works of Chef Nand Kishor and Sanjar Gour, who upscale classic Indian food into something special. Flavorful taste and Instagram-worthy plating – those are the two things you can get in Black Salt. 

Black Salt offers you everything you want when it comes to Indian food. Whether you want a chicken tikka masala or spicy curry, they have them. However, all of the dishes come in an upscaled version. Thus, some of the must-try menus are lamb rogan josh, saffron prawn curry, and guinea fowl kebabs. 

Maria Market Cafe, London Bridge

London secret restaurants hidden gems in London
Source: Borough Market Official Website

Look no further than Borough Market if you are looking for a culinary experience in London. This market sells London’s best delicacies, ranging from fresh products to tasteful dishes. Then, what should you get when visiting Borough Market? We recommend heading to Maria Market Cafe, which is tucked in the Three Crown Square.

Maria Market Cafe dates back as old as 1961. Thus, only locals know about the place, making it quite one of London’s secret restaurants. You can enjoy a classic English breakfast with tea or coffee here. Besides that, you can stop for lunch and grab some sandwiches. 

Burnt Smokehouse, Midland 

No one can say no to juicy grilled ribs with oil drenching from it! Then, are you thinking about getting one in London? Head to Burnt Smokehouse on Midland Road. The restaurant specializes in barbeque and offers various grilled meat. Whether you want a fatty sausage or perfectly grilled short ribs, you can order one in Burnt Smokehouse. Moreover, they also have huge barbeque platters that will make your eyes widen. Thus, this restaurant is labeled as halal. So, make sure to check out this London secret restaurant if you are traveling! 

Creme, Westminster

We always have room for dessert and Creme is ready to serve the best! Although social media tries to make it a hit, Creme stays as a wonderful hidden gem in London. The cookie shop offers indulgent, gigantic cookies that will spoil your sweet tooth. The soft and fudgy cookies melt in your mouth and taste heartwarming, making you crave more. Thus, we recommend you to try the banana chocolate cookies, which is Creme’s best menu. Therefore, it is one of the best London secret restaurants to visit.

The Little Blue Door

Are you down to having a great meal while making new friends? Then, pay a visit to The Little Blue Door in Fulham! The restaurant features an exciting casual dining experience with thematic seating areas, cute decorations, and specially crafted menus. You can order a classic brunch set or even a full-sized steak. Moreover, The Little Blue House has a wide selection of house cocktails. 

Another thing that makes this restaurant special is the house and dining parties. The Little Blue House hosts happy hour events to which everyone is invited. You can sip their specialty cocktails while mingling with the Londoners or fellow travelers. Therefore, it is a nice London secret restaurant to check out.

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