11 Hidden Gems in London for City Tour Plan

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The capital of the United Kingdom, London, is the most visited city in the whole country. There is definitely a myriad of tourist attractions people usually come to visit such as Piccadilly Circus, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Trafalgar Square. It is compulsory to visit these places while you are visiting London, but we think you will miss true London life if you are not visiting these hidden gems in London.

Where are the hidden gems in London?

Little Venice

little venice hidden gems in london
Copyright: Samuel Regan-Asante

Do you know that London has its own version of Venice? You can find this hidden gem in London spanning from Warwick Avenue to Hyde Park. This series of canals with waterside cafes, restaurants, and pubs has been a place where people go for touring the city by colorful canal boats. Even more, you can enjoy kayaking here too!

The beautiful scenery of the Thames River is magical if you see it from this perspective. It is so romantic so that you should go here with your significant other and enjoy the city. Otherwise, you can also stroll around the side streets or explore every cafe along the way. Why do not you give it a try, then?

Spitalfields and Brick Lane

Spitalfields and Brick Lane
Copyright: Sam Fry

The second hidden gem in London you must come to visit is Spitalfields and Brick Lane, a quirky area in London that you will find fascinating. This area has a lot of world-famous street art and diverse vintage shops. Do not forget to try out various authentic foods scattered around the alleyways whenever you are hungry and craving food because the food is truly delicious.

One of the most important things to note while visiting this area is to be aware that you are in Jack The Ripper territory, where you can have fun learning about the serial killer here. Even more, they have Jack The Ripper Museum that offers you a guide along the way to seek clues and crime scenes there, solving murder mysteries. Sounds fun, right?

The Thames Path

The Thames Path hidden gems in london
Copyright: Mike Stezycki

Who could have thought that walking down the path of Thames River is actually one of the hidden gems in London? Stretching from Richmond to Dickensian, you can spend your free time just by walking down this path and enjoying the views and attractions ahead. This has been a free yet taken-for-granted activity that most people do not find attractive enough. In fact, there are many of London’s treasures you can find here.

Along the Thames path, you can expect to see some incredible sights of London’s buildings and public places from a unique perspective. They include Thames Barrier Park, South Bank, Tower Bridge, Albert Bridge, Hampton Court Palace, Teddington Lock, and many more. If you are not fond of walking, you can also explore this path by riding a bike. Surely, it is the kind of activity that you can enjoy for free in London.

Neal’s Yard

Neal’s Yard
Copyright: Konstantina Zag

Do you fancy an Instagrammable location for your next Instagram posts? Then, this neighborhood should be put on your next travel bucket list. When it comes to neighborhoods, London has plenty of different options, and one of them is Neal’s Yard. Neal’s Yard is just a relatively small street where people would possibly skip this area of the metropolitan. Therefore, it is perfect to call it one of the best-hidden gems in London. 

This small alley is one of the best secret places for people to enjoy the colorful facades of houses, shops, and cute cafes. This is certainly perfect for your selfies and uploading your photos to Instagram with the background of this beautiful street. So, why do not you take out your camera and some selfies and pictures in this charming hidden gem in London?

Stephen Wright’s House of Dreams

Stephen Wright's House of Dreams hidden gems in london
Copyright: Stephen Wright’s House of Dreams

Do you love dolls? If your answer is yes, then pay a visit to this hidden gem in London. Stephen Wright’s House of Dreams is a life project in which the artist and designer, Stephen Wright, dedicated his house as a platform to represent his life journey, especially after the passing of his mother and partner.

The public can explore this terraced house and discover quirky designs and bizarre objects decorating literally every corner of this house. Some unique objects you can find here are dolls, false teeth, bottle caps, ceramic fragments, and many other things. All of the stuff was collected and transformed by Stephen into this chaotic aesthetic art canvas where he let people discover his life stories.

Chelsea Physic Garden

Chelsea Physic Garden
Copyright: Chelsea Physic Garden

Looking for some green place in London? It is easy! Go to Chelsea Physic Garden and you can expect a tranquil green space that many Londoners have taken for granted. This garden is the oldest botanic garden in London, which contain a plethora of living collection of about 5,000 different useful, edible, and medicinal plants. Therefore, this garden is best suited for you if you are interested in learning more about herbs and flora.

Chelsea Physic Garden also offers various events, tours, and workshops open to tourists. Some example of the events is yoga classes, Chelsea History Festival, and garden history tours. You can also bring your own kids to enjoy plant art making, planting, and many other kid-friendly activities.

The Churchill Arms

The Churchill Arms hidden gems in london
Copyright: Vincent Creton

One among many hidden gems in London that you should not miss is The Churchill Arms. The Churchill Arms is a beautiful pub situated in the Notting Hill area. This is probably one of the most beautiful pubs people have ever built in London. Why not? During spring, this pub is almost fully covered by colorful flowers in full bloom from its roof to the ground. 

The pub also does not lose its charm during the winter. During Christmas, the pub will be full of the festive vibes of Christmas trees and lights, enlightening the pub. The Churchill Arms is exactly the pub that you and your friends should visit for catching up and drink some beers

Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market
Copyright: Dan Lynn

Going to the market is one of the ways to experience local’s life, and that is one of the reasons why you should not miss visiting Leadenhall Market. This market is out of the ordinary. Leadenhall Market is a covered market that has a beautiful embellished roof featuring glass windows and curved joints. It has bright colors and is astonishingly photogenic. So, you should take out your camera and capture this beauty.

Located on Gracechurch Street, you can access this market by taking one of the many narrow pedestrian alleyways around. Sometimes, getting to find this market is quite difficult, so we recommend you use your Google Maps to show you the way. Well, is not it the true definition of hidden gems of London anyway?

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill hidden gems in london
Copyright: Timur Valiev

Do you want to see the perfect view of London Metropolitan from somewhere above the city? Well, maybe not typically a bird view that you must expect, but rather a view of London from a peak, that is also a good spot to have a picnic and green scenery. Primrose Hill is the place for that, a summit or a park that is located in the Regent’s Park area where it is easy to access it.

At this peak, you can expect to see some of London’s landmarks such as the London Eye, BT Tower, and The Shard from distance. Besides, you can also spot some colorful buildings scattered around the city. So, are ready to visit this place for a picnic with friends or family in the summertime? Do not forget to bring your sunscreen!

Nomadic Community Gardens

Nomadic Community Garden
Copyright: Chi Lok TSANG

Nomadic Community Gardens is a unique garden that you must visit during your vacation in London. Located in Shoreditch, this garden is uniquely different from other kinds of gardens you may imagine. In this garden, you will see street art covering walls, quirky cars, and buildings. This is surely a true depiction of a grown-up fairytale fort.

Moreover, the Nomadic Community Gardens is also a place for those who are marginalized to create a sense of community and belonging. This is the place where they grow food and create art together. So, if you want a unique experience in London, this is precisely the place for you to go.

Kyoto Garden

Kyoto Garden hidden gems in london
Copyright: Gonzalo Facello

Are you longing for a vacation in Kyoto, Japan but you cannot go there due to border restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic? Fret not, there is another way to enjoy the Japanese vibes without going too far away to the far east. You can just simply visit Kyoto Garden, which is located in Holland Park, London. Moreover, it is free to enter this beautiful little garden!

This hidden gem in London is extremely picturesque to visit during all seasons. From blooming flowers in spring to snowy landscapes in winter, you can enjoy the beauty of this garden. In this garden, there are some Japanese attributes such as some stone carvings in Japanese alphabets, peacocks, and herons roaming around the garden. There are also a variety of trees and flowers, beautiful koi carp fish, and waterfalls, resembling the real Japanese garden in Japan.

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