Which Solo Travel Adventures to Choose: 4 Tours Comparison

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Another day, another blog for the amazing solo travelers out there! Traveling solo is one of the best way to discover yourself and get exposed to different culture. We learn to be brave, handle different situations, and challenge ourselves optimally. Nonetheless, sometimes it’s also great to travel in pack and feel safer in numbers. That’s why some solo travelers choose solo travel adventures or groups to level up their experiences.

In this blog, we will compare some of the best solo travel adventures: WeRoad, Flashpack, TripLegend and JoinMyTrip. Found one which one fits you the most for your next not-so-solo trip!


All four solo travel adventures we’re comparing offer fantastic packages worldwide. However, each tour has their own ‘specialty’ and favorite destination.

  • WeRoad features solo travel adventures worldwide, including Australia and New Zealand. Their high-selling tours center in Europe and mostly are destination-based, like Italy and Portugal.
  • Flash Pack highlights Asia as their most favorite destination. The tour operator offers a variety of destinations in all of continent, from Southeast Asia to Middle East.
  • TripLegend offers worldwide tours, but the customers choose South Asia and Africa as the most favorite.
  • JoinMyTrip features tours to around 7,000 destinations around the globe. The most popular destinations include Europe, especially out-of-radar destinations like Malta and Albania. The platform also offers tours to unique destinations, such as the Faroe Islands and Azerbaijan

Trip Style

All tour operators ensure exciting, unforgettable, and wholesome experiences. Some travelers went home with a big smile on their face after a one-week-long relaxation in Bali, while others cheered for their party-filled excursion in Ibiza. Here are some sneak-peeks of each tour operator’s trip style: 

  • Intrepid: All-inclusive tours with well-organized itineraries packed with different destinations. Intrepid’s tours are about quantity – exploring as many destinations as possible in one time. Tours are generally family-friendly. 
  • GAdventures: Adventurous and bold tours, which include discovering local culture and going for heart-throbbing outdoor adventures. GAdventures tours are also generally long (2-3 weeks). 
  • Topdeck: Youthful, fresh, and thematic. Topdeck features several different travel styles, including ‘Get Social’ to find friends and ‘Delve Deep’ to uncover the beauty of certain destinations. 
  • Contiki: Neat and comprehensive tours. Contiki tours individually cover one destination, but they include in-depth discovery. For example, you can find a tour to Thailand that includes culinary, wildlife, culture, and nightlife experiences. 
  • JoinMyTrip: Authentic, unique, and tailor-made tours. JoinMyTrip has different kind of travel styles, ranging from beach vacations to cultural journeys. You can also find out-of-the-box activities like interacting with local tribes and going on cross-country road trip

Group Size and Profile 

Which tour operators to travel

Each tour operator has different market segment and group size. Which tour operators fit you the most? – you can choose the best one based on your age, activity level, and preferences. 

  • Intrepid: Group tours for travelers age 15-70 years old. Intrepid has a wide range of tours with diverse physical requirements and itineraries. The group fits around 12-16 people. In some selected tours, Intrepid welcomes more than 24 travelers. 
  • GAdventures: Open for travelers with the minimum age of 18. GAdventures has several types of tours, including the Thirtysomethings tour that welcome travelers age 18-39. It also features family tours. GAdventures’ groups usually fit 10-15 people. 
  • Topdeck: The group tours board travelers age 18-39 years old. Additionally, the groups are large with approximately 28-50 people. 
  • Contiki: Open for travelers age 18-35 years old. The groups fit around 12-50 people based on the destination. Tours to Europe are usually more packed, while Asia tours have less travelers. 
  • JoinMyTrip: The tours welcome travelers age 18-35 years old from all over the world, highlighting diversity and inclusivity. JoinMyTrip is about small group travel, in which the group can include only 3-8 people. Large groups don’t even fit 20 travelers, so small and intimate they are!  

Tour Duration

You can also choose which tour operators work best for your next vacation based on the duration. Getting long, well-deserved day-offs are great, but that’s not always the case. Some of these tour operators have short tours for the busy bees.

  • Intrepid: Long-haul tours with in-depth exploration are Intrepid’s specialty. The group tours are designed for two or three weeks (14-21 days). 
  • GAdventures: The group tours usually last for 8-14 days. However, you can find longer tours that last for 30 days or a month. 
  • Topdeck: The group tours are generally not too long, which mostly last for 8-14 days. When traveling with Topdeck, longer period of travel means more countries to visit. 
  • Contiki: The group tours last for 7-14 days in average. There are longer tours that stretch to 18 days. 
  • JoinMyTrip: Diverse choice of tour duration, from a 3-day weekend trip to 21-day remote working vacation. JoinMyTrip’s tours generally last for 7-14 days.

Summary – Which Tour Operators to Choose?

Criteria / Tour OperatorsWeRoadFlash PackTripLegendJoinMyTrip
(Best: Europe) 
(Best: Asia) 
Worldwide (Best: Africa and South Asia)Worldwide(Best: Europe & Hidden Gems)
Trip StyleActivity-based tours (e.g. nature, city, and history) Destination-based tours with various experiencesSustainable travel and outdoor adventuresThematic and unique experiences
Age25 – 49 years old30 – 49 years old20 – 45 years old 18 – 35 years old
Group SizeMax. 16 peopleMax. 16 peopleMax. 15 people
DurationShort trips (3-5 days); 

So, have you decided which tour operators to choose for your next holiday?

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