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Pack your bags and discover the world…

Sometimes you want to just get away but don’t know where…We’re here to help! Over the last year, we have written amazing travel guides to inspire you to pack your bags and go on a unique adventure. This Blogpost summarizes the best JoinMyTrip Travel Guides to destinations all around the world. 

Explore Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is often overlooked and has so much to offer! Discover the culture, nature, and beautiful landscapes with our Sri Lanka Travel Guide!  

The Holy Grail Guide to Bali


This guide was written by a true local! Angel takes you on a (mental) journey to the island she calls home and reveals some real secrets only a local would know! Check out her Holy Grail Guide to Bali here

Feeling inspired? Join Angel on one of her many trips to Bali! 


Vietnam for First-Timers 


We all know Vietnamese food, but what about enjoying it like a local on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City? Our Vietnam Guide will take you on a stunning journey and reveal secret spots you won’t find anywhere else! Start reading the Vietnam for First-Timers Guide now! 

Feeling inspired but don’t want to leave the continent? Discover trips to all over Europe on JoinMyTrip! 


The Ultimate Malaysia Travel Guide 


Malaysia is a must-see country during any trip to Southeast Asia. Discover the country of opposites by visiting Kuala Lumpur and the Cameron Highlands and fall in the love with a truly amazing country. 
Discover our Ultimate Malaysia Guide right here! 



The Only Nepal Guide You Will Ever Need


This is a true gem of a Travel Guide! Most of us think of mountains and base camps, but Nepal is so much more! Discover what this unique country has to offer in one, two, or even three weeks. You can find The Only Nepal Guide You Will Ever Need here!


Peru Travel Guide: Best Things To Do


Peru has been on the list of many travelers for years now! Especially Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines are popular among tourists, but Peru has much more to offer. Discover the secrets of Peru in this Peru Travel Guide


Have these Travel Guides inspired you to book your next trip? Then go to JoinMyTrip and find your next adventures! 



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