Is Campervan Travel Right For You?

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5 questions to consider before Campervan Travel

Traveling in a van is one of the best and inexpensive ways to discover a new land, and allows travelers to experience it at their own pace, own itinerary, and own essentially exactly how they want to. But as easy as it looks, there are things to consider before jumping in the van and setting off. You need to ask yourself whether campervan travel is right for you. Here are our top 5 questions to consider.

1. Are you mechanical?

a blue mustang car with the bonnet up ready for a road trip
Are you mechanical?

Do you or your travelmate know how to change a flat tire? What about when the engine overheats? If you know the basics of car maintenance, that can save you a lot of time and money without having to resort to a car repair shop (and in fact, you may have broken down in the middle of nowhere, and there is no repair shop for you). With so much time being spent on the road, it’s more likely that something will go wrong, minor or big. You should have some knowledge of car maintenance before your campervan travel. For smooth travels, always bring a tool kit with you.

2. What are things you can’t go without?

man sitting outsdie on a chair next to his black campervan whilst on a road trip in the snow
What are things you can’t go without?

Days on the road mean days without showering, a working refrigerator, a microwave, proper toilet and internet. If you can’t imagine giving these luxuries up, then campervan travel might not be for you.

3. Are you a clean freak?

Life on the road in such a small space, your van will look like a bomb that went off every day. It will get cluttered fast. If you prefer a clean space, you will have to put in extra work to organize all your materials and have homes for everything. If not, your stuff will be everywhere and this will only create annoyance and tension between you and your TravelMates. In case you are a clean freak, you are totally not suitable for campervan travel.

4. How do you handle disagreements?

No matter how much you like your partner or TravelMate, you may get into arguments and disagreements on the road. Since you will be spending 100 percent of your time together in such a small living space, it is only human to get annoyed of each other from time to time. How will you handle this the best way? We suggest talking about what annoys you before hitting the road, clear the air and set boundaries before the campervan travel starts.

5. What is your budget for a campervan travel?

pink pig figure, which is a piggy bank to hold money when saving for things such as a road trip
What is your budget for a campervan travel?

This one’s important to disguise before setting off for campervan travel. Hash out your budget expectations with your travelmate or partner and decide how you will split the cost or who’s paying for what. Having this conversation prior to leaving will avoid any uncomfortable conversations while on the road.

Campervan travel might not be for everyone, which is why we hope we have helped you decide whether campervan travel is right for you with these 5 questions. If you think campervan travel might be just what you’re looking for, start planning for your campervan trip now with JoinMyTrip!

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