How Traveling the World With JoinMyTrip Makes You Experience the World in a Different Way

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Life is full of experiences to be had and traveling with JoinMyTrip is one of them…

Have you ever wondered what its like to travel with strangers that quickly turn into friends? Have you ever wanted to explore a new place but none of your friends have really been excited to travel? What about working in a villa in Europe with other like-minded professionals? JoinMyTrip is full of fun travel experiences, and we’re going to tell you just why your life will change after going on a unique adventure with like-minded TravelMates!

Meet life-long friends

When we travel together, we stick together. Memories are always better when they’re shared with someone! With JoinMyTrip it might feel like you’re going on an adventure with complete strangers but don’t worry, they’ll soon be your friends. Plus you get to meet different people from all over the world and from different cultures. You’ll feel more connected to the world around you and probably discover all kinds of things about yourself as well as the people around you. 




A group of travelers atop a mountain

Meet life-long friends

Dare to take risks

Going on a trip with people you don’t know does require a little bit of courage. However, when you jump along on the ride, you also become a braver version of yourself and get to see the world through a more fearless lens. Also, when you’re with other like-minded travelers that encourage you to explore and take part in different activities that you’ve always wanted to do (such as learning to surf 😉), you’ll be more daring to try out the things you’ve always wanted to do! So, get ticking those items off your bucket list! Always wanted to go Bali? Here’s your chance!




A person surfing a wave

Take risks!

Show the world to others

We all got different experiences and ways in which we’ve learned to view the world. By becoming a TripLeader with JoinMyTrip, you have the opportunity to show the world to others through your own experiences. Are you a lover of art? Why not lead a trip in the footsteps of Van Gogh? Maybe you’re a yoga lover? Then teach others your art of Zen! We have 10 good reasons on why YOU should become a TripLeader




Go on unexpected adventures

Unless you’re a TripLeader, someone else will be planning your trip for you. Of course you will have access to your itinerary, but there’s still a lot of room for unexpected turns during your trip. There’s a thrill of the unexpected when you set out on your adventure, and you never know what your TripLeader has up their sleeve. 😀 Unless you’re the TripLeader, of course!

A person looking out into blue mountains

Go on unique adventures

Discover unique destinations

We all know the classic trips to Paris or London, but JoinMyTrip has much more to offer than that! Our TripLeaders are experts in their destinations, and you’ll find many destinations that you may not ever have even heard of. We can guarantee that you’ll have a fun and authentic experience of some amazing destinations. 




Work in the sun 

Another unique experience and way of seeing the world is by joining on a CoWorking trip with JoinMyTrip. This way, you get to share your professional experiences and expertise with others from around the world, while still getting to explore new places! CoWorking is the ultimate way to combine work and travel all while learning new things! Can’t get your boss convinced to let you go? Here’s how you can make it happen. 😍




A person remote working in a mountain settings

Experience remote CoWork!

Learn new skills by CoLearning 

Another option is to go on a CoLearning trip, where you get to learn a new skill while traveling. For example, if you’ve always dreamed of learning to surf, you can do that! If you’ve always dreamed of teaching others how to surf, become a TripLeader and share your skills by organizing a CoLearning trip. We even have the 10 best surfing spots in the world, so get planning! 🏄




Group of people with arms around each other looking out on to a lake

Learn with others!

Going on a trip with JoinMyTrip is sure to be an experience of a lifetime, and you’ll discover a way of travel that’s exciting, fresh and unique. Plus, you’ll save costs by traveling with others! A win-win situation. Start creating your first trip now! Why would you like to start your first adventure with JoinMyTrip? Leave your answer in the comments below. 😉


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