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Travel leaves (carbon) footprints on our earth… what can we do to go green with our adventures?

Sustainable travel has become a hot topic in the industry in recent years. If we want to keep exploring this beautiful earth, though, there is no other option but to take care of it. Traveling sustainably does not have to be difficult or expensive at all. In fact, making sustainable choices often lead to a cheaper trip. Here are a few simple tips on how you can start your green adventure…

Make use of public transport

Sometimes flying is necessary, but if there’s anything we’ve learned from being in a global pandemic, it’s how to make travel possible without flying. In fact, flying is probably one of the least sustainable things in modern-day travel. If you must fly, though, try to opt for a straight flight. Keep in mind that especially in Europe, getting from point A to point B on public transport is totally possible. Plus, train or bus trips always add a little spice to the trip. It is also said that the best way to get to know a city is by using its public transportation system. This is especially true for cities like Paris, New York, or London, where the vibe of the whole city is seen in its metros, busses, and trains. Here are some of the best spots in Europe to travel to where you can rely on public transport to get around:

  • London, UK (it’s not London without the subway)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark (also rent a bike for the true Copenhagen experience)
  • Helsinki, Finland (in all of Finland actually you’ll have no problem of getting around)
  • Paris, France (the Paris experience requires a metro ride… just hold tight onto your stuff!)
  • Berlin, Germany (everything just works)
The colorful streets of the sustainable city of Copenhagen
Discover the sustainable city of Copenhagen by public transport (or bike)

Stay in one place

Do you find that when you plan a travel itinerary that’s way too packed your trip just ends up being stressful? Sometimes it’s just better to pick one spot to stay in and really enjoy the vibe of that place for a while. And, it’s more sustainable. Especially if you’re used to packing a lot in to one trip, this can be a hard thing to do. But, imagine staying in an Italian village for a few weeks truly taking it all in? This often ends up being a better experience than city-hopping, only getting a glimpse of each place. A perfect way for a ‘stay in one place’ type of vacation is also to join a coworking trip, where you can remotely work your days away while enjoying the quality company and activities in the evenings.

Do as the locals do

When it comes to wining and dining or cultural etiquette, try to follow the locals as much as possible. By spending local, you’re making a choice to travel sustainably. Instead of supporting Starbucks, opt for the local coffee shop. Sometimes it might take a little bit of research to find out which markets and restaurants are actually local, but by making a choice to support local businesses and start-ups, we help to create a sustainable economy. When it comes to food, also try to eat like the locals. Not only does this make for a cultural experience, but if you’re buying American food in Italy… well, we know it had to travel a few kilometers. Plus, we all know the guy who orders a hamburger in Nepal. Don’t be that guy. Respecting the local culture is also a way of giving back, remember that!

Bustling local markets with people
Follow the locals when it comes to everything: eating, cultural etiquette… and shop local, too!

Make it a challenge

Would you love to set out on a sustainable trip? It might be a good idea to find some like-minded TravelMates, and create a trip to do just that! On your trip, you can challenge yourself (and your mates) for example to:

  • Use the least amount of plastic possible
  • Give back to the community (maybe take part in a volunteering event)
  • Bike’n’hike around the city (anyways, it’s the best way to see a place!)
  • Support locals when going out to eat

Get wild by going camping!

Going on a camping trip is another great way to really get close to nature. Going on your first camping trip? No worries, we got all the Tips for Your First Camping Trip that you might need. A camping holiday is surely a more sustainable choice compared to an all-inclusive getaway. Plus, disconnecting from the world is a sustainable choice for our brains as well. Camping gear can also get expensive, but a good way to save money and the environment is to either rent equipment or buy it second-hand. And… be mindful of waste when you’re out in the woods and of course, respect the flora and fauna around you!

Be careful for what tours you pay for

There’s plenty of talk about unsustainable tours, mostly concerning the exploitation of animals. So, think twice before booking that elephant riding tour in Thailand… is it really the most sustainable choice? Do your research before booking any tours involving animals. Basically, any hands-on tours with animals should be avoided.

Discover unique destinations

Another way to travel sustainably is to pick a lesser-known destination instead of a popular tourist hotspot. Lucky for you, JoinMyTrip has many unique adventures you can join. Lesser-known spots are usually more in need of money from tourists than for example the streets of Paris. Supporting local economies is truly one of the best ways to support sustainable travel, even more so in spots that are still left undiscovered. Plus, what is cooler than discovering new places that are still quite untouched by a mass of tourists?

Road trips: no empty seats!

Okay, you might just need one empty seat so that the atmosphere doesn’t get too cozy. However, if you’re planning on going on a road trip, having as many passengers as possible is the most sustainable choice! Plus, what is more fun than setting out on the road with a group of friends? If you don’t quite yet have mates that would be up for a trip like this with you, JoinMyTrip is the perfect place to find like-minded TravelMates for your first sustainable adventure!

Girl with head out of car window in mountainous background
Join a road trip with JoinMyTrip to make more of your miles

See? Sustainable travel isn’t that hard and, well, it actually sounds fun! So… if you’re ready to start your next adventure, browse upcoming trips at JoinMyTrip or create a trip yourself to offer a (sustainable) journey of a lifetime!

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