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Start learning from other professionals

Anna has been on quite a few coworking trips already and one thing that always stood out to her was the fact that she was surrounded by a bunch of like-minded professionals who all had different kinds of useful skills to share. It is a powerful moment to be in an environment with such inspiring people from who you can all learn something. This is why on this week’s episode of the CoWorking Show, Anna shares some tips and tricks on how you can share your skills with other remote professionals on a remote work trip and get the most out of your trip by implementing skill-sharing lessons. Start watching to see how! 

How to come home with new skills and knowledge? What if my group doesn’t want to, how do I get my coworking group to start sharing skills with each other? How do I share my skills? So many unanswered questions to be answered!

Watch to start sharing skills: 

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We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode about how to share skills with other professionals on a remote work trip. See you in our next episode

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