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Become a Coworking expert

You can’t seem to find a coworking trip that suits you? Why not plan your own and make it yours! Welcome back to another episode. On the fourth episode of our CoWorking Show, Anna gives you tips on how you can plan your own coworking trip and what to keep in mind, becoming a coworking expert yourself. 

Anna herself has led multiple of her own coworking trips where she went to Lagos, Portugal with her TripMates. She is quite experienced in planning and has helped other TripLeaders to plan their own trip along the way. Make sure to tune in and watch the video to get valuable tips on how you can plan your coworking trip from someone who has been through it before!

How to plan your coworking trip and become an expert planner:

Missed the third episode? Find out how to convince your boss to let you go on a remote work trip:

We hope you enjoyed this new episode and found our advice useful for when you decide to make your own coworking trip. See you in our next episode

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