Happy Christmas from JoinMyTrip

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The most wonderful time of the year…

No matter where you are in the world or whether you are celebrating with family or friends, we wish you a Merry Christmas! 

How people around the world celebrate Christmas

For this Christmas blog post, we’ve gathered the most unusual ways to celebrate Christmas for you. 

Merry Christmas


Australia Christmas

Well, the Australians are funny folk anyway, celebrating Christmas on the beach at temperatures of up to 30°C instead of cozily snuggled up at home. Australian Christmas means beer and shrimp from the Barbie instead of roast duck and dumplings. 

Australians also celebrate Christmas in July. That way, with hot chocolate or mulled wine, it does feel more like Christmas in Europe. In July, the houses and the streets are decorated once again for Christmas and everything feels more like Christmas (although it is still 25°C). 


Christmas in Amsterdam Snowy canal in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, Christmas is not really celebrated at all, because presents are already handed out on the 6th of December for Sinterklaas. Here, St. Nicholas is the one bringing the presents. At Christmas, people sit together with their families and enjoy their free time. 



Norway is especially beautiful in winter.

Norwegians get really superstitious at Christmas. On Christmas Eve, they hide their brooms and mops so that witches and evil spirits can’t do their mischief. 

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Americans take Christmas decorations especially seriously. Christmas in New York is very special.

A strange tradition has also sneaked into the homes of many Americans…there are often so-called ‘Christmas Pickles’ hanging on Christmas trees. Hopefully, nobody forgets them in the Christmas tree…


Celebrate christmas in Spain

The Spanish Christmas lottery is world-famous. For many Spanish families, the draw for ‘El Gordo’ (the fat one) on December 22 is an absolute highlight. A total of around 2 billion euros is distributed each year in the form of money or other prizes. 


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