The Beatles Tour: Following Their Footsteps in the UK

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Are you looking for a different, out-of-the-box-way to explore the United Kingdom? This one is for you, especially for music fans! Make your next UK trip an unforgettable one by visiting the famous spots of the legendary rock band, the Beatles. The band’s lives forever in the heart of their fans, also in the country where they came from. Following the footsteps of the Beatles is a good idea to make the most out of your United Kingdom trip. Get ready to put this Beatles tour idea in your bucket list!

The Beatles Tour (Places in the UK) – Summary

  1. Abbey Road
  2. Marylebone Studios
  3. Penny Lane
  4. British Library
  5. St. Peter’s Church
  6. The Beatles Story Exhibition
  7. The Homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney
  8. Pier Head
  9. Cavern Club

Walk across the famous zebra crossing at Abbey Road

Beatles tour in the UK

If there is one photograph of the Beatles that is known by (basically) everyone, it’s the one on the cover of their famously known 11th studio album, Abbey Road. In fact, this photo has become one of the most imitated photos in popular music. The street is also home to EMI’s Abbey Road Studios, where the Fab Four recorded 191 of their hits. Located in London, Abbey Road is as popular as ever! Although crowds flock at this spot every day to get their Instagram-worthy shot, the wait is well worth it. We know none of us will ever be as cool as the Beatles, but it’s worth our best shot.

Remake a scene at Marylebone Station

The opening scenes of a Hard Day’s Night by the Beatles were filmed at Marylebone Station. Here, you can run across the station just as the Beatles and their fans did in the iconic music video. The station is just a 20-minute bus ride away from your first stop, Abbey Road. Before your Marylebone excursion, though, make sure to grab a coffee from the Beatles Coffee Shop near Abbey Road.

See the inspiration behind the song Penny Lane

Penny Lane Liverpool the UK beatles tour
Penny Lane in all its glory

Although the song Penny Lane sings about a barbershop on the street, you actually won’t find it here. You’ll find the actual barbershop, Bioletti’s (now Tony Slavin’s), at Smithdown Place. Penny Lane itself isn’t necessarily much to see, but one thing you can do is to walk or drive on the road while blasting out the tunes to Penny Lane. It is an awesome, must-visit place you should stop by during your Beatles tour.

See the brainstorming sessions of the Beatles at the British Library

At the British Library, to which admission is free, you’ll find napkins and notes with song lyrics from the brainstorming sessions of the Beatles. The library even features an O.G. Beatles fan club card. Of course, since these legends have already left their mark on the world, you can find many books about the Beatles to browse on your visit.

Find the place where McCartney found his voice: St. Peter’s Church

The city of Liverpool on a cloudy day
Liverpool, a City of Music

Originally, the Beatles Paul McCartney was a part of a church choir in Liverpool’s St. Peter’s Church. Here, the churches Quarrymen Skiffle Group asked Paul to join their music group, where Paul’s vocal cords became known. Occasionally, he’d also sing in the church choir for weddings. Liverpool, where much of the first footsteps of the Beatles took place, is now also recognized as a UNESCO City of Music.

Spend time at the Beatles Story Exhibition

Known as the world’s biggest permanent exhibition honoring the band, this one is worth a visit. You might be spending a little bit more time here, so make sure your itinerary allows for that. Here you can get a true outlook into the journey of the Beatles, start to finish. The exhibition contains remakes of some of the most popular spots of the Beatles as well as historical items of the Beatles. Visit for a true walk down memory lane.

Visit the homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney

It’s not possible to just walk into the homes of these legends, but the National Trust offers a tour to make this possible. John Lennon’s childhood home is located at Mendips, while Paul’s is found at 20 Forthlin Road. It’s a pretty cool experience to see the humble beginnings of these artists who turned into world-renown legends. The homes of these two also were the creative hubs for some of the Beatles earliest hits. Fun fact: Paul loved to sit in the bathroom of his childhood home and sing because it acted as an acoustic chamber.

Pose by the Beatles Statues at Pier Head

The Beatles bronze statue on a grey day in the city of Liverpool

Only unveiled in 2015, you can check out the bronze Beatles Statues at Pier Head, which was donated by the Cavern Club (which you’ll visit later ;)). The statue was put up on the 50-year anniversary of the Beatle’s last gig in Liverpool, where the Fab Four’s first footsteps first took place.

Have a drink at the Cavern Club

Beatles tour Cavern Club
Have a drink at the Cavern Club

At 10 Mathew Street in Liverpool, you’ll find the Cavern Club pub, known as the ‘birth place’ of the Beatles. This club is also the one where Brian Epstein first spotted the Beatles, and would later become the manager of the band. The club also celebrates ‘International Beatleweek’ at the end of August. Because of its legacy and history, the Cavern Club is a spot that you shouldn’t miss during The Beatles tour in the UK.

More of the Beatles around the world

Of course, the Beatles’ journey did not only stay in Liverpool or England in general. The group toured many countries and cities around the world, where some spots are still admired in their name. Extend your Beatles tour by visiting these destinations:

  • Strawberry Park, New York City (a garden honoring the memory of John Lennon)
  • The Dakota, New York City (Lennon’s and Yoko Ono’s home, where John Lennon was shot)
  • Chaurasi Kutia Ashram, Rishikesh, India (now converted into a museum, the Beatles famously escaped here for a meditation getaway)
  • John Lennon Wall, Prague, Czechia
The colorful John Lennon wall in the city of Prague
John Lennon Wall, Prague

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