Festival Packing List For a Great Time!

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Top 10 essentials for your festival packing list

Music festivals can be one of the most memorable times of your life. Hanging out with your friends, watching your favourite bands, sun on your back, and partying until the early hours of the morning. This is festival life and it doesn’t get much better than that. But all can be quickly ruined if you’re not prepared and planning ahead. Here’s our Festival packing list for making the most out of your music-filled venture.

1. Comfortable shoes

Shoes for your festival packing list
Comfortable Shoes

Your festival days can be swiftly ruined if you choose fashion over practicality. You certainly need comfortable shoes in your Festival packing list, so that they will keep you going all day and all night. Sure, those strappy heels are cute, but not if your feet are covered in blisters by day two.

2. Quality air mattress

Don’t go cheap when it comes to your sleep. You might think that you aren’t going to be sleeping much, but trust us, when you do want to rest your head, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Rolling up your jeans as a pillow won’t suffice and you will be mad at yourself for not being better prepared.

3. Pop-up canopy tent

Depending on which festival you fancy, chances are the weather will be hot hot hot. The last thing you want is to wake up in an even sweatier tent than you already will. Investing in a pop-up tent will give you nicer mornings and allows you and your campmates a chance to escape the afternoon sun.

4. Fold out table and chairs

A common festival essential that most campers forget, but necessary. Whether you’re worried about comfortable meals, or where to mix your afternoon cocktails, a fold out table and chairs is high on the packing list for comfortable camping days.

5. Trash bags

Pack out what you pack in and leave no trace or evidence that you were ever there. Don’t be that person that leaves all his trash for someone else to pick up… Clean up your campsite entirely. Trash bags should always be included in your festival packing list!

6. Bring earplugs

Save your ears and sleep better by packing earplugs. This small purchase can improve your festival days by a long shot, especially if you like to be centre stage. That ringing in your ear? That’s permanent hearing damage. Enjoy the music but at a safe decibel level.

7. Sun block

Sun Block speaks for itself, save your skin and your mood by lathering on the white stuff every morning. Simply, do not forget this item in your festival packing list.

8. Water

Woman with water bottle

Save money by buying a couple of water bottles before the festival. A bottle of water at the festival can cost an unforgiving amount of money, and you will need several to stay hydrated. Between drinking beer and sweating in the sun, you will need to consume even more water than usual. The suggested amount is one gallon per day per person.

9. Healthy snacks

Food you will most likely find at any given music festival will be fried, fast and fatty. Give your body a boost and pack fruits, vegetables and other healthy snacks that will give you more energy than that overpriced cheese burger and fries.

10. Charging phone case

Portable phone charger for your festival packing list
Charging Phone Case

There is nothing you’ll want to do less than sit around and charge your phone at the festivals charging stations. In most cases, there are thousands of people waiting in line to give their phones some juice, so remember to add a portable charging phone case to your festival packing list!

These are 10 essential items you need to remember to pack when preparing to go to a festival! Being well-prepared will ensure that your experience will be better than ever.

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