Visa Requirements For Russia, India, Cuba and More

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“For which countries do I need a visa with a German passport” is one of the most important searches that travelers type into Google before they head for a new destination with possible visa requirements. The German passport is currently ranked second among the most powerful passports in the world. Germans can enter 128 countries without a visa or with “visa on arrival”. Nevertheless, there are of course some places we want to travel to where a visa is required. We will show you today which countries are among them.

Egypt – Rediscover History

The visa regulations for Egypt are as follows: for entry you need a visa, which you can apply for either at an Egyptian consulate, as an e-visa online or on entry. The Foreign Office of Germany recommends that you apply for a visa before you enter.

Many of you will remember Egypt as a childhood destination. Those all-inclusive vacations, relaxing by the ice-cold pool and the famous children’s disco. But Egypt is so much more! And as a conscious traveler you should return here to get to know the culture and history properly. Big excavation sites like Abu Simbel or Giza were made famous by movies like ”The Mummy”. But you should also look at the places you might not know yet, like the Karnak Temple. It is the second largest temple complex in Egypt and houses ruins from the 12th Dynasty (2137-1781 B.C.). You should also have a look at the oldest pyramid on the planet. You can find the Djoser Pyramid in Sakkara near Cairo. It impresses with its extraordinary construction of huge steps and heralded the pyramid construction as a royal tomb in 2650 BC.

Visa requirements for Egypt: famous pyramid
The famous Djoser-Pyramid in Egypt

Visa requirement for South Africa – The cradle of mankind

South Africa is a bit more relaxed regarding visa requirements. For short-term tourist trips you do not need a visa. However, upon presentation of your return flight ticket you will be granted a 90-day visit permit. If you do not book a short term but a long term trip, you will need a visa from the South African embassy in Berlin.

Your safari through South Africa should start in Cape Town. Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope and Kirstenbosch Garden are only a few stops on your way. Afterwards you should make a side trip to Boulders Beach. We will only say one thing: you will meet a lot of tailcoat-wearers here… To be more precise, we mean a huge colony of penguins that call this beach their home! In South Africa you can also “visit” the cradle of mankind. This is an excavation site near Johannesburg, which houses early human remains. On site you can discover caves and a beautiful museum.

Boulders beach in south africa with lots of penguins on a white sanded beach.
Boulders Beach in South Africa

India – Colorful paradise

German citizens need a visa to enter India, which can be applied for at an Indian consulate or as an e-Visa online. Regarding the visa regulations, it is not possible to have visas issued locally. The visas are valid for 365 days from the date of issue and entitle the holder to a minimum of 90 days per visit. However, you can also enter several times within this one year. The e-Visa can be applied for up to 4 days before entry and there are of course different types, but you should simply go with the tourist visa.

Once you have entered this beautiful country, there is of course a lot to discover. You should start your journey in Jaipur, a beautiful city with a millenary history. Because of the many colorful palaces and buildings, Jaipur is also called “Pink City” and among these buildings is the Hawa Mahal, the Palace of the Winds. This palace consists of red sandstone! The next historical building on your list is Fort Amber, a mountain fortress from the 16th century. Number three on your list of things to do is the Patrika Gate, a beautiful, unique and lavishly decorated gate, which is also the home of an art gallery! India should definitely be on your bucket list for the next few years and you can find the right travel buddies for India on JoinMyTrip.

Visa requirements for India: a temple in Jaipur
Hawa Mahal in Jaipur

Visa requirement for China – A diverse country

The visa regulations for China are similarly strict as for India. For China, you must apply for your visa in person at a Visa Application Service Center and, since 2019, also with biometric data. If you arrive at a Chinese airport and do not have a visa, you may be denied entry, so be prepared and keep all your documents together! If you only want to visit the island of Hainan, China’s Hawaii, without traveling to the mainland, you do not need a visa.

In China we don’t know where to start telling you what to visit. An extremely interesting site for all history fans is the mausoleum of Qin Shihuangdi, where you can see the world famous Terracotta Army! If you would rather see some of China’s unique nature, you should travel to the Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve in Sichuan Province. The park is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site and is beautifully situated between Tibetan villages. You are traveling to China to look for superlatives? Then it’s off to Shanghai! From the famous Oriental Pearl Tower you can admire the numerous skyscrapers, deep street canyons and the mixture of new and old.

National Park in China is definitely worth a visit.
National Park in Jiuzhaigou in China

Russia – Away from the masses

The visa requirement in Russia applies to entry and exit, as well as transit. The visa must be applied for at a Russian consulate, it is not possible to do so at the Russian border. If you want to travel to Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg or Leningrad region for less than 8 days, you can apply for an eVisa.

Russia is beautiful at any time of the year, because here you can still find the extreme seasons, which are almost unknown in the temperate latitudes of Europe. In St. Petersburg you should definitely visit St. Catherine’s Square, which will remind you of other European buildings, such as the Palace of Versailles. The palace was heavily destroyed in the Second World War, but was rebuilt as true to the original as possible.

If you would rather experience something extraordinary, travel further north to St. Petersburg, towards Finland. There you will find the island of Kischi in Lake Onega. The island is home to 80 wooden buildings, most of which are elaborately designed churches. This architecture is unique and really something special. The highest mountain of Russia, the Elbrus, is located in the Caucasus, on the border to Georgia. With 5642 meters you will find snow all year round and you can ski on the foothills of the glaciated volcano until June!

Visa Bestimmungen in Russland sind hart.
A church in Kischi

Visa requirements for the Maldives – The Island paradise

Visa requirements apply in the Maldives, but the classic tourist visa is issued for up to 30 days of stay on entry. You can also extend this visa to 90 days, but this has to be done in the Maldives and only with a recommendation of the corresponding hotel island.

What can you do in the Maldives? First of all a lot of surfing, diving, relaxation and deceleration! We will show you what your island adventure can look like here. You should start in Malé, the capital of the archipelago. Here you will find beautiful, colorful houses, very interesting museums and unique mosques made of coral stones. Have you ever heard of shining water? This is done by bioluminescence with so called marine luminescent animals which emit light by jerky movements. That’s why you can see the glow especially in strong waves. You can observe the glowing water very well on Vadhoo Island and dive in yourself.

Sea lights on the Maldives is a real highlight. Check out the visa requirements for this country in this blog.
Vaadhoo Island showing you its colours.

Cuba – Hidden secret tip

The visa regulations for Cuba provide for a stay of 30 days, which you can extend by a maximum of 30 days. The visa is issued in the form of a tourist card, which is available at the Cuban embassy and some airlines at the airport. At the Cuban border you will not get these tourist cards, you need them urgently before entering the country.

Your journey in Cuba begins in the capital Havana. Stroll along the Malecón, the famous coastal promenade to the Revolutionary Museum and on through the old town. Here you will find numerous traces of the country’s turbulent history, but also the lively attitude to life, live music and friendly people. Outside the capital, the rich nature of the island welcomes you with white sandy beaches and lush jungles. This includes the Valle de Viñales, an agricultural area with hiking trails. To observe sea turtles you should go to Cayo Largo del Sur, an island that belongs to the Cuban archipelago. You won’t find any locals here, however, because they are only employed in the hotels and always return home to the main island after 20 days of work.

Lively streets of Havana in Cuba with old cars and colorful houses.
Popular cities in Havanna

The world is waiting for us. Of course, visa applications are annoying, but with the right help, everything is possible. That is why we have joined forces with the Viselio platform. Viselio takes care of all your visa applications and takes care of everything in no time at all, so you only have to do one thing: look forward to your next trip! At JoinMyTrip you will find the right travel partners for this.

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