New partnership: JoinMyTrip X Fuego

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A unique contest for you

The time has finally come to present you our new partnership with an exciting app created by a Berlin-based start-up; Fuego! Have you heard of them before? If not, then stay tuned with JoinMyTrip’s new partnership and find out how you can win a 100€ voucher to use on our platform!

What exactly is Fuego?

The Founder of Fuego, Daniel, wants to encourage people to get creative and create a so-called movement in the form of a video. By following movements, you can show your talents to the world.

The platform has been live since April 2020 and you can already find some cool artists who have discovered Fuego and want to support it. To name a couple, these include German artists such as Lukas Rieger and the Lochis.

Real movements on Fuego
What exactly is Fuego?

Why did JoinMyTrip team up with Fuego?

Our community is very important to us and it is the reason why we want you to find travel partners and friends on our platform with whom you can experience adventures together. We want to support community bonding and strengthening which is exactly what Fuego offers.  

With the help of Fuego, we have found a partner that offers something truly special and unique. In the future you can expect to find travel videos from Fuego on the most beautiful destinations and wonderful adventures, covering topics from backpack trips to expeditions.

JoinMyTrip on Fuego
Why did we team up with Fuego?

What do you get out of it?

Together we have planned something very exciting for you, a contest! 

It’s super easy to participate, all you need is the Fuego App and your best travel video ready to be uploaded. Here are three steps to successfully enter:

  1. Download the Fuego App on the App Store
  2.  Follow the Travel Movement
  3. Share your best travel video

It’s time to get funky, creative, and wish for the best! The top 3 videos will receive a special prize. The third-place receives an Instagram Shoutout from JoinMyTrip and Fuego. The second place gets an exclusive JoinMyTrip bag with matching accessories. And, the first place gets a 100€ voucher to use on our platform for a trip of your choice!

travel throwback moment at Fuego with JoinMyTrip movement as partnership
What do you get out of it?

Now for the conditions:

  • To be able to receive a prize you need to have a JoinMyTrip account
  • The competition is valid until 30.10.20
  • The winners will be announced after the deadline

What’s stopping you? Download the app today to get started. The more creative and fun your video is, the more likely your chances are to receive 100€ to splurge on your next trip with JoinMyTrip. We are looking forward to seeing all your videos and we are very excited to see what you all have to offer!

Group in a travel video on Fuego
What do you get out of it?

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