Most Beautiful Scenic Train Rides to Take (Worldwide)

by | Nov 9, 2023 | Activities, Japan, Portugal, Travel Bucket Lists, UK, USA, worldwide

Sometimes, traveling pushes you to race with time. You need to run to an airport and catch your flight or make sure that your itinerary covers as many places as possible. However, there is an option to travel slowly. Enjoying your time in a comfortable villa, immersing yourself in experiences you have never tried before, or hopping on trains. Watch time moves slower as you sit inside a train, taking you to new destinations and wonders. Then, do you want to travel slowly and take a train ride? These 10 scenic train rides offer breathtaking landscapes that would make you wish you could stay longer on the journey. 

The Jacobite Steam Train, Scotland

scenic train rides Scotland

Sitting inside this train makes you feel like you are in a Harry Potter movie. Well, it did inspire J.K. Rowling to create the character! Jacobite Steam Train takes you to immerse yourself in the wonderful landscapes of Scotland. Stretching 66 kilometers long, the railway winds through verdant hills, pine forests, breathtaking valleys, and fairytale-like villages. Jacobite’s huge windows ensure you do not miss a single scene of spectacular Scottish natural wonders. Therefore, it is one of the most beautiful scenic train rides in the world. 

Start your journey in Fort William, a town tucked away in the Scottish Highlands. Hop into the antique train, which will make you feel like you are going to Hogwarts. A single ride to the last stop, Mallaig, lasts for 2 hours. Moreover, the highlight of the train ride is the Glenfinnan Viaduct, which looks stunning with its towering columns and winding backdrop. 

Flamsbana, Norway

Flamsbana Norway

Let the charms of countryside Norway bewitch you during this train ride. The Flam Railway connects the village of Flamsbana to the Myrdal mountain station, stretching 20 kilometers long. Although the train ride is short, it will still leave you breathless. Snow-coated mountains peek from imposing stone walls, winding hills and valleys bordered the railway, and a glimmering blue river streams on your side. For that reason, it is considered one of the most stunning scenic train rides in the world. 

The train ride takes one hour to complete and boasts Western Norway’s immaculate landscapes. In the first quarter, you will pass through the lovely Flamsbana village. Spot the storybook houses and antique churches. Then, the train glides at sea level and passes through around 20 tunnels cut into rock. You can also stop at the Kjosfossen waterfall and take photos of it. Moreover, the train will slowly climb to the mountains, offering a glimpse of the Norwegian Alps, before stopping at the Myrdal Station. 

Linha do Douro Railway, Portugal

scenic train rides Duoro Valley

Experience Portugal’s famous Douro Valley in a different way. Take the Linha do Douro train, which runs alongside the Douro River. It connects the mountain-sheltered village of Pocinho to the coastal city of Porto. As it stretches through two very different regions, Linha do Douro offers different kinds of landscapes. Meadow-cloaked hills, winding vineyards, impressive rock cliffs, and the sparkling Douro River are what you can spot during the ride. Not to mention, the railway also features centuries-old structures and historical towns that add up to the stunning scenery. Although it is rarely heard of, Linha do Douro is one of the most beautiful scenic train rides in the world. 

The train starts at Regua Station, which dates back to 1878. The station is one of the most notable architectural structures of the time. It stuns with impressive bridges, ornate tile panels, and the dramatic backdrop of the Douro River. As you hop on the train, it takes you running through the 203-kilometer railway to Porto. Enjoy the unforgettable scenery of Portuguese lush valleys and vineyards.

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