Barcelona Secret Spots for Foodies: 10 Hidden Restaurants

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Traveling to Barcelona won’t be complete without spoiling your tastebuds. Tasty paellas, indulgent tapas, and salt-covered patatas are ready to make your eyes widen. Not to mention, Barcelona has a myriad of cute cafes and Insta-famous restaurants to try. However, you might feel like escaping the crowds and going for the more authentic ones. This is why finding Barcelona’s secret spots for food and restaurants become amazing. In this blog, we will show you the 10 best secret restaurants in Barcelona. Make sure to check them out! 

Barcelona Secret Spots for Foodies – Summary

  1. La Cova Fumada
  2. The Coffee House
  3. Coco House Barcelona
  4. 7 Portes
  5. Ca La Nuri
  6. La Luna Restaurante
  7. Braseria La Selva
  8. Can Tosca
  9. Il Birrino
  10. El Jardi Cafe

La Cova Fumada

Get a glance at the authentic Barcelona in La Cova Fumada. This local-run restaurant looks humble and laidback, but it has amazing tapas that will leave you speechless. It fits the word ‘Barcelona secret spots’ perfectly. The restaurant has no sign, so finding it will make you feel like you are going on a treasure hunt. However, as you enter its hearty dining area, you know that you found a gem.

La Cova Fumada serves classic tapas, ranging from seafood to meat. Besides that, this restaurant is the birthplace of bombas, which are deeply loved by the locals. These snacks are made from mashed potato stuffed with spicy minced meat. The dishes become more enjoyable with a beer or wine on the side, which are sold at an affordable price in this restaurant. 

The Coffee House

Start your day in Barcelona perfectly by having an awesome breakfast. So, you might want to choose a place with no crowd and a delightful menu. We recommend going to The Coffee House. This adorable cafe in Carrer de Valencia lures you to stop by with its delightful coffee aroma. Besides that, they offer a generous choice of healthy breakfast menu that will give you a great boost of energy. 

The Coffee House is the type of cafe that makes you want to stay longer. It has a comfortable dining space with small chairs, wooden tables, and earth-colored walls. Alternatively, you can take the outdoor space and enjoy the warm morning in Barcelona. Order a refreshing juice or hot coffee while munching on a delicious bagel. That sounds like a good way to start the day, right?  

Coco House Barcelona

Another must-try breakfast spot in Barcelona is the Coco House. It is tucked on the seaside street of C/ de Meer. This restaurant becomes a haven for vegans, as it has a lot of tasty plant-based and gluten-free dishes. Moreover, not a lot of people know about the restaurant. It is one of our highly-recommended Barcelona secret spots to visit, especially if you love healthy food. 

Coco House Barcelona is the place that balances flavors and aesthetics. The food looks Instagram-worthy with its pretty colors and gorgeous platting. Besides that, it will spoil your tastebuds with a pleasant taste. You can start your day by having a smoothie bowl, which is topped with a generous amount of fruits and nuts. Additionally, you can try their vegan dulce de leche, which is one of their signature menus. 

7 Portes

Barcelona secret spots
Source: 7 Portes Official Website

Tucked in the busy Port Vell, this restaurant stands out with its elegant facade. As you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted by a spacious dining area with classic decorations, a checkered floor, and warm lights. 7 Portes looks sumptuous and heartwarming at the same time. This restaurant takes you to dive into traditional Catalan and Mediterranean culture. 

7 Portes offers an extensive selection of Catalan dishes. You get to choose different kinds of paellas, from the classic seafood to the vegan options. Moreover, the restaurant is known for its high-quality seafood. So, make sure to enjoy some clams or lobster with your travel buddies in this hidden gem restaurant! 

Ca La Nuri

barcelona secret spots Ca La Nuri
Source: Ca La Nuri Restaurant

Visiting the sun-soaked Barceloneta is always a good idea. After walking through the sunny promenade and splashing water at the beach, you might want to eat something good. Then, head to Ca La Nuri. Tucked next to the beach, the restaurant offers tasty dishes and a good view. Moreover, only a few have heard about the place. It is one of the great Barcelona secret spots to try. 

Ca La Nuri offers traditional Catalan food and other European dishes. Of course, you can have a plate of hearty paella or antipasto salad. Besides that, they specialize in seafood. Order some grilled fish or Andalusian calamari for a tasteful lunch. Moreover, this restaurant is also known for its delicious dessert. You can end your meal with a creme-brulee or basque cheesecake. 

La Luna Restaurante

This restaurant fits the phrase ‘Barcelona secret spots’ perfectly. Staying off the tourists’ radar, La Luna Restaurante becomes the locals’ favorite. It is a small and humble restaurant tucked on the quaint streets of Barcelona. They have a wide variety of menus, ranging from classic Spanish dishes to Mexican delights. 

La Luna Restaurante becomes special for its atmosphere. You will be greeted by friendly staff as you enter the restaurant. The interior feels homey and comfortable, with a warm ambiance and wood-colored surroundings. Moreover, you can blend in with the locals through social events, as simple as watching football matches together, in this restaurant.

Braseria La Selva

Unique – that is the one word that describes this restaurant. Braseria La Selva looks quirky yet interesting with its jungle-themed interior. They decorate the dining space with jungle wallpapers, fake plants, animal plushies, and artificial twigs. You can also have fun on their swing-like seat. Although it is unique, Braseria La Selva stays off-the-radar. It is one of our recommended Barcelona secret spots to visit. 

Braseria La Selva is more than just a thematic restaurant. They specialize in meat and steaks. Whether you want some juicy sirloin or tender lamb chops, you can get them at their best state in this restaurant. Also, order a delicious wine to pair with your meal. 

Can Tosca

Tucked away in the Garcia neighborhood, Can Tosca is the locals’ beloved. Tourists might not notice this spot, making it one of the best Barcelona secret spots. Can Tosca is humble and hearty, as it is run by a local family. They serve amazing and authentic Spanish cuisine and spirits. 

The signature dish of Can Tosca is botifarra sandwich. The pork sausage is cooked with homemade spices, then added to the crusty bread. Moreover, you should also order cava or Spanish wine, which acts as a nice drink for any time of the day. Furthermore, this restaurant becomes worth visiting for its affordable price.

Il Birrino

Italian food is always hard to miss, even when you are in Barcelona. If you are craving some of them during your trip, you can head to Il Birrino. This small restaurant is nestled on the busy streets of Carrer d’Alí Bei. It is far from flashy or crowded, staying as a lovely hidden gem in Barcelona. However, it will surprise you with the menu. 

Il Birrino offers authentic Italian dishes that are well-cooked and delicious. Ranging from flavorful starters to delightful pasta, everything in Il Birrino is mouth-watering. They make everything from scratch, including their pasta and pizza dough. So, if you are craving a tomato-drenched lasagna or fragrant ravioli, Il Birrino is the best place to get them. 

El Jardi Cafe

Are you looking for a nice place to unwind and have some drinks? We recommend you go to El Jardi Cafe. It is located in the quaint quarter of Barcelona, near the Boqueria Market. Moreover, not many people have known about this place. They offer a great selection of cocktails and some Western classics. Thus, they have a lovely terrace where you can enjoy a good drink while watching the sky turns dark. Also, munch on some carpaccio or fritters. Therefore, it is one of the loveliest Barcelona secret spots for foodies.

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