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Europe Trips
There is no way you can travel around Europe and not be stunned by its natural beauty, epic history and incredible diversity.
Interrail travel through South-West Europe

02. → 30. MAY 2020

Become a TripMate for 30 €
Travel budget ca. 1.200 €
SAIL & FLY in Brittany, France

23. → 30. MAY 2020

Become a TripMate for 50 €
Travel budget ca. 1.440 €
Azores - hot springs, volcanoes, whales & dolphins

04. → 18. APR 2020

Become a TripMate for 175 €
Travel budget ca. 1.250 €
America Trips
Discover the coolest spots from North to South - and all in between! From Canada to Argentina, unique trips, experiences and travel buddies
Canada and Alaska Roadtrip

15.05.2020 → 15.06.2020

Become a TripMate for 29 €
Travel budget ca. 2.300 €
Peru: people, culture and adventure

11.09.2020 ~ 18.10.2020

Become a TripMate for 300 €
Travel budget ca. 1.600 €

New York City & Miami Beach

13. → 27. JUN 2020

Become a TripMate for 48 €

Travel budget ca. 1.200 €
Asia Trips
Discover the history of China, unique landscapes and beaches in Thailand & more. Get inspired by the wonderful contrasts of Asia.
Thailand JUNE'20

01. → 30. JUN 2020

Become a TripMate for 30 €
Travel budget ca. 1.500 €
Let's go and explore Southeast Asia

01.04.2020 → 08.06.2020

Become a TripMate for 60 €
Travel budget ca. 4.500 €
Exploration in Sri Lanka

20.05.2020 → 05.06.2020

Become a TripMate for 78 €
Travel budget ca. 500 €
Reviews from our travellers
Trip - Island hopping Greece
"Mind blowing is the word!"

A very well organised, low-budget backpacking trip, coordinated by our lovely TripLeader Anna. I enjoyed every moment; exploring, eating and having so much fun together. I can't wait for my next trip.
Trip - Unique Morocco experience
"Unforgettable unique experience"

"I've travelled a lot but it has never been as intense & as exciting as this one. The itinerary was flexible, trip mates were fun and arrangements were top notch. While parting our ways we were hugging and crying. Love this concept of connecting like-minded travellers"
Trip - Peru culture, India expedition
"Amazing customer support"

I have done 2 trips already and I can tell that their customer service is first class. JoinMyTrip truly made me feel special each time. I often find it difficult to approach strangers but with such great fellow travellers in both the trips I was thrilled how easy it was.
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Unique Trips
Bored of usual tours? We know how you feel. Our trips are planned by experienced real travellers like you, called TripLeaders. This makes each trip personal and unique. Secret spots and incredible travel buddies included.
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Meet some of our TripLeaders
Our TripLeaders are working professionals & students who have a full time career but they are also passionate travellers. They offer group trips to travel with like-minded travellers like you & to fund their travel by organising trips.
Hannah Fischer
Software Engineer, PWC
TripLeader since - 2017
Organised- 11 trips
Nicole Berger
Graphic Designer, Student
TripLeader since - 2018
Organised- 7 trips
Max Holden
Digital Nomad
TripLeader since - 2017
Organised- 18 trips
Daniel Smith
Tourism, student
TripLeader since - 2019
Organised- 4 trips
How much does JoinMyTrip cost as a TripMate?
Creating a profile and messaging TripLeaders is completely free for TripMates. As soon as you have found the right Trip, you contact the TripLeader. When he has confirmed your spot on the trip, you pay him to cover the price of the trip. The first payment is for 20% of the price and shortly before departure you pay the remaining 80%. The price includes the cost of transport and accommodation at your destination, not transportation to the starting and end points of the trip. Depending on the trip, local activities may also be included in the price. The exact costs can be listed in the description of the trip. Otherwise, just ask your TripLeader directly. He'll be happy to help!
How can I find the perfect trip?
Click here to browse through all the trips and filter them to make finding the best trip easy. If you can't find your dream trip, think about offering a trip as a TripLeader yourself. We are happy to support you with the planning and the organization. Simply message us on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or via e-mail at
Can I ask questions before booking a trip?
When you've found a trip you like, send a request to the TripLeader. You can ask questions when you ask to join the trip. The TripLeader will answer all your questions before accepting you as a TripMate.
How do I book a trip?
When you have found your dream trip, simply click on the "Request Now" button and write a short message to your TripLeader with some information about you and any questions you might have. He will ask you questions to get to know you better, answer yours or confirm you directly. Once he has confirmed your request, you pay the TripLeader 20% of the price of the trip, which reserves your place on the trip.
Does the TripLeader travel with us?
Yes, your TripLeader will, of course, come along on the trip! After all, he or she is responsible for the organization and planning of the trip.
How safe is it to travel with JoinMyTrip?
Safety is our top priority.
Every TripLeader has to verify his phone number and identity with us by uploading an ID or passport. Plus, we screen each TripLeader (see FAQ "Who can become a TripLeader"), check each trip individually before it goes online and are in direct contact with the TripLeaders.

Most importantly, our community protects you. We screen all the TripMates in your group. If there is a problem, we will definitely intervene remotely. If you still have any doubts, please contact us via WhatsApp, Facebook or email (