Hiking time in the Harz mountains with Brocken tour, Germany

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Hello and Moin, like every year I'm going to the Harz Mountains again and I'm looking for fellow travelers. Four days to get closer to nature, hike, relax and spend a nice time in community. We undertake day tours and go to lunch. In addition to day tours 15-20 km, it would also be nice to cook together in the evening. Bad Harzburg is easy to reach by train. Included in the price: - Accommodation - Guided tours - a friendly, good-humored hiking guide who also has board games ;-) The town is located in the area of the northern foothills of the Harz Mountains at an altitude between 173 m above sea level (Feldmark near Bettingerode) and 555 m above sea level on the border of Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. It extends to the south into the valley of the Radau and borders on the Harz National Park. The Radau flows through the town in a south-north direction. The highest elevation of the Harz Mountains, the Brocken, is located about 13 km to the south. In a west-east direction, the North Harz Rim Fault crosses the town, which is a special feature due to its geological and archaeological diversity. The Langenberg and Butterberg mountains run longitudinally through the city area and form a natural geographic barrier. Further adjacent in the north is the Harzburger Harzvorland, which is intensively used for agriculture and represents the transition to the North German Plain. Briefly about me: In general, I travel a lot and am often and gladly on the road with a group. Hiking is one of my hobbies, also because I just like to spend time in nature. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!
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Trip Itinerary

Bad Harzburg

Day 1-2
After our arrival we first move into the apartment. After a meal we start the first small hiking tour in the surroundings of the city. The evening we can plan spontaneously, for example cooking, board games or a tour to a bar.

Ilse Wasserfälle

Day 2
Today we will hike in the surroundings of the city. A possible destination are the Ilse waterfalls. The hiking route is considered very beautiful and the waterfalls are described as worth seeing. Let's be surprised!. At noon we can stop in a restaurant. In the evening we look again spontaneously ...

Bad Harzburg

Day 2-3
In the evening we are back in Bad Harzburg. Here we can either eat in a restaurant or cook ourselves. We decide that spontaneously. I will also take a few board games with me. Who has desire, can play along with pleasure.


Day 3
Today it goes to the Brocken! As a day tour, a hike there and back is already sporty. But we have the possibility to shorten it a bit by using public transport and thus come to about 15-20 km (plus altitude difference). To the Brocken: The Brocken (popularly called Blocksberg) is with 1141.2 m above sea level the highest mountain in the low mountain range Harz, in Saxony-Anhalt and in all of northern Germany. It is located in the Schierke district of the city of Wernigerode in the district of Harz. The mountain and its surroundings in the Harz National Park are one of the most popular destinations in Germany. The Brocken is the most dominant mountain in Germany.

Bad Harzburg

Day 3-4
In the evening we are back in Bad Harzburg. Here we can either eat in a restaurant or cook ourselves. We decide that spontaneously. I will also take a few board games with me. Who has desire, can play along with pleasure.

Bad Harzburg

Day 4
On the last day we take a closer look at the city. We use the remaining time to explore the city and to "test" a local restaurant. At least for a short walk should also still be time. before it then goes at noon for departure :)
Trip Summary
4 days trip
Bad Harzburg, Ilse Wasserfälle & 4 more
Questions and Answers

Hi Sascha! I'm interested in joining you. Is the trip confirmed? I'm in London and could fly to Berl... Read More

Yes, the tour will definitely take place :)

Hi Sascha, what about the accommodation? Are they shared rooms? How many people do you have to share... Read More

Hi Svenja, that depends on the number of participants. I have reserved two apartments. Both have a bathroom and 2 bedrooms with 2 beds each. So the rooms can be occupied by a maximum of 2 people or us... Read More

Hi Sascha, any possibility for a new tour location (Munich, Berlin etc)? Cuz these dates would be pe... Read More

Hello Nikhita, the tour should take place in the Harz Mountains. This is a really beautiful area. If there is no suitable connection to get there, I'm sorry :( Most should probably be able to travel q... Read More

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