Exploring the Best of Cote d'Azur's Coastline: Sun, Sea, and Sightseeing!

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Nizza - Antibes - Saint-Tropez - Parc naturel regional des Prealpes d'Azur - Cannes - Monaco - Nizza Join me on an exhilarating trip through the enchanting Cote d'Azur, where each day unfolds with a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and experiences. Our adventure will take us to iconic destinations such as Nice, Antibes, Saint-Tropez, the Parc naturel régional des Préalpes d'Azur, Cannes, and Monaco, offering a perfect blend of sightseeing, culture, beach relaxation, culinary delights, nightlife, and even some invigorating hikes. As we traverse through these captivating cities and natural wonders, prepare to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and rich history of the region. From exploring the charming streets of Antibes to soaking up the sun on the glamorous beaches of Saint-Tropez, each destination offers its own unique allure and charm. Our itinerary is jam-packed with exciting activities, from leisurely strolls along the promenade to exhilarating hikes in the scenic Parc naturel régional des Préalpes d'Azur. And of course, no visit to the Cote d'Azur would be complete without indulging in the delectable cuisine and vibrant nightlife that the region is famous for.

About Me! Hey there, I'm Julia, an open-minded lawyer who loves to explore new places. Whether it's hiking in the great outdoors or diving into different cultures, I'm always up for an adventure. Food and wine are my passions, so I'll make sure to plan our dining experiences around your preferences. While I usually enjoy a good balance of relaxation and exploration, I'm ready to make an exception for this trip! You can count on me to dive into the local nightlife and make the most of every moment. Outside of traveling, I enjoy water sports, learning languages, and soaking up the sun. I'm excited to meet fellow travelers and share unforgettable experiences together!

Accommodations will be centrally located and shared to keep costs down, but private room options are available for those who prefer a bit more privacy. Rest assured, we'll strive to maintain high standards while keeping prices reasonable, even during the busy summer season. If you're up for an adventure packed with culture, relaxation, and good times, come join me as we dive into the captivating world of the Cote d'Azur! Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
I'll arrive by plane around 12 am. Check-in at hotel. Exploration of city - beach - eating out - night out; details when talked with interested parties to include their likings. Anticipate to leave early next day but we can discuss before I make bookings.


Day 2
Since its a small city I plan to visit it only for about 3h. Also we have busy agenda. But I guess it's still worth seeing. Exploration of city - beach - lunch; details when talked with interested parties to include their likings. I'm not lazy;-), I'm just at early stage of planning and would like to include other participants' likings. If you have no special interests, I'll make suggestions. Anyway, at least at this location, not much time.


Day 2-3
I guess Cote d'Azur isn't really anything without visiting Saint-Tropez. We arrive late in the evening, go for dinner and then out (partying). I'm an early bird but of course you can sleep in if you want to. I'll leave early next morning to explore city - beach - water activities. Let me know if there are any surfers among you, then I'll organize something at this stop or another; need to check. I used to be a surfer myself. We have a whole day here.


Day 3-4
We arrive here late in the evening. I thought it to be great spot for taking some time away from the city buzz and really sleep at least one night close and surrounded by nature. Next morning we will do some hiking in the Parc Natural regional des Prealpes d'Azur. May possibilities, I would like to see the Grotte de Baume Obscure. We will leave in the evening for Cannes.


Day 4-5
We arrive late in the evening but will still try to enjoy the nightlife there for anyone who has the energy after the day hike. Next day we will roam the city by daylight and leave around lunch time for Monaco.


Day 5-6
Sadly we only manage to have 1/2 day here but enough to explore the city, casino and nightlife. My plane leaves early from Nice next morning around 9am. We take a train together early morning to the airport in Nice if that's the same for you.
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