Solo Trips for Women

Travel the world confidently with like-minded female travelers in curated solo trips for women. Handcrafted with love.

Calling the Wander Women!
Cheers to every solo female traveler! Taking a bold step to travel the world is amazing and we support you for that. JoinMyTrip offers a wide selection of solo trips for women, all led by fearless solo female travelers.

Enjoy tailor-made itineraries, meet a supportive circle, and have tons of fun with like-minded ladies in our women-only small group trips. Experience an authentic and empowering way of travel like never before!
Solo Trips for Women
Meet fellow wander women and travel the world together. You are unstoppable!
Enjoy authentic itineraries that are perfect for an amazing solo female traveler like you. Our TripLeaders, the women travelers behind the trips, tailored them for you lovingly.
Empowering Community
JoinMyTrip provides a safe and supportive space for solo female travelers. Connect and meet like-minded wander women as you travel in our solo trips for women.
With only 4-8 people on board, the solo trips for women will be more efficient and intimate. Create unforgettable memories with your new girl squad!
Safe and Secure
Travel worry-free as we verify everyone on board. You will only travel with real travelers. We also have a 24/7 customer support to assist you during the entire experience.
Why Travel Solo as a Woman?
Solo female travel is as awesome as ever. Here is why you must go for it!
  • Boost Up Your Confidence
    Traveling solo makes you believe that you can do it! You have taken a leap to a big thing. Then, what could be impossible for you?
  • Widen Your Horizons
    Traveling allows you to see the world and explore different ways of living. Moreover, doing a solo female travel can give you new perspectives, bold challenges, and priceless insights.
  • Feel Happy and Free!
    Traveling solo as a woman gives you a sense of freedom and happiness. Feel unstoppable as you land on your dream country!
  • Meet New People
    One of the best things about traveling is meeting new people and build connections. JoinMyTrip can help you with this one. Join our solo trips for women and you have a like-minded girls' squad who are as passionate as you!
How to Join
Let's go girls! Start traveling in your dream solo trips for women with JoinMyTrip.
As simple as a few clicks
Find the Perfect Trip
We have 50+ solo trips for women online. Explore the collection and read through the description. You can also put a filter based on the date, destination, travel style, and budget that fits you.
Book YOUR Spot
Secure a place on your dream solo trip by paying a 20% deposit. Your TripLeader will give you a confirmation once they receive your request.
Enjoy the Ride!
Congratulations, you are now on board! Your TripLeader will invite you to a group chat for further information. With that, you can book your flight ticket and go for a wholesome adventure with your new squad!
Hear from the Wander Women!
FAQs about Solo Trips for Women