Find a Travel Buddy in Montenegro

Visit Montenegro for its wild natural beauty, historic cities and stunning beaches! Explore coastal villages, enjoy delicious local food and go hiking in national parks. The incredible landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Montenegro make this hidden gem the perfect getaway for solo travelers and groups too!

Plan Your Trip to Montenegro

If you’re planning to visit Montenegro, you might be wondering… What are the best things to do there? How do you get around? What are the best foods to eat? Or how much does it cost to travel?

We have created this travel guide to Montenegro for adventurous travelers like you who want to explore destinations off the beaten path! Here is everything you need to know about traveling in Montenegro!

Top Things to do in Montenegro

Action-Packed Mountain Adventures

Nature lovers will enjoy exploring Montenegro's rocky mountains where glacial lakes are hidden amongst dense forests filled with wildlife. We recommend to go hiking on a coastal trail or visit one of Montenegro’s five national parks: Lovćen, Durmitor (UNESCO), Biogradska gora, Lake Skadar and Prokletije.  

Do you prefer extreme sports? Then get an adrenaline rush on a canyon zipline or rafting in Tara River Canyon - the deepest canyon in Europe! Finally, hit the slopes in the winter season.

City Walking Tours 

Get to know Montenegro’s beautiful cities on a guided walking tour with a local. See incredible sights and learn about the local history, food, wine, architecture and society. Some walking tours in Montenegro are free! Be sure to check out the offers from tour guides in Budva, Kotor, and the capital city of Podgorica. 

Hottest Clubs and Partying

Check out the party capital of Montenegro - Budva! In this coastal town, you’ll find plenty of places to dance all night! From beach parties to happy hours at the bars and clubs, there is something for everyone to be entertained. For more relaxed evenings you can have a BBQ or picnic with a few drinks on the beachfront.

The Best Instagram Spots in Montenegro

Lovćen Viewpoint

Lovcen National Park view point in Montenegro

Bay of Kotor 

Kotor Bay in Montenegro

Sveti Stefan 

Sveti Stefan Island on the coast of Montenegro

Rijeka Crnojevića

Pavlova Strana viewpoint in Montenegro

Djurdjevic Bridge

Djurdjevic bridge in Montenegro

The Best Travel Itinerary to Montenegro

Here’s the big question! How many days should you plan for a trip to Montenegro? 

Montenegro is a fairly small country so it is possible to see the top highlights in a weekend. It takes less than 4 hours to drive the entire coastline so you could spend 2-3 days exploring the coastal towns. But if you want to have the best experience in Montenegro, a five day trip or longer is perfect. Here is our ultimate travel itinerary to Montenegro for a one week trip!

Day 1 - Podgorica 

This trip begins at the capital city of Montenegro - Podgorica. Here you can stroll through lovely parks, cross the millennium bridge, see the historic Ribnica bridge, visit museums, monasteries and galleries and have dine at lovely restaurants in the city. 

Podgorica, capital city of Montenegro

Day 2 - Lake Skadar to Ulcinj 

From Podgorica, take a drive through Lake Skadar National Park on your way towards Ulcinj. Stop at Rijeka Crnojevića and take a photo from the Pavlova Strana Viewpoint of the river bend. There are a few nice stops along the way, like Besac Fortress, Murici beach and Rumija peak. 

When you arrive in Ulcinj you will have plenty of beaches to choose from to spend your day swimming, tanning and snorkeling. Some nearby places to visit are Milivoc Winery and Ulcinj Salt Pond where you can see flamingos.  

Day 3 - Budva 

Visiting Budva can easily become a highlight of your trip! Budva has a lot to enjoy with vibrant nightlife and picturesque beaches. Wander through Budva’s Old Town which is more than 2,500 years old, visit the Citadel Fortress or walk along the city walls. Later you can take a boat to Sveti Nikola Island or sail along the coastline to see the rugged cliff faces and hidden beaches.

Budva coastal town in Montenegro

Day 4 - Lovcen

Head towards Lovcen National Park and stop at the Fortress of Gorazda on the way. There is parking at the top of the peak but there are circular hiking and cycling trails that also take you to the top. Climb up 461 stairs to see the 360° view over Montenegro and the mausoleum. 

Lovcen National Park in Montenegro

Day 5 - Kotor and Perast

Explore the fortified town of Kotor which is famous for its maritime defenses and medieval architecture. Take a walking tour through Kotor Old Town and see Katedrala Svetog Tripuna, a romanesque church. If you feel energetic, then hike up the ‘Ladder of Kotor’. It takes 3 hours to hike up the 6.4km long trail that rewards you with a stunning view of the bay. 

Not far from Kotor, you can also check out Perast. There you will find a small artificial island called ‘Our Lady of the Rocks’ and another small island with a monastery called ‘Saint George’. 

Bay of Kotor from above, Montenegro

Day 6 - Durmitor National Park

Head inland towards Durmitor with a stop to explore the wonderful lakes surrounding Niksic. From Kotor to Durmitor, the drive takes 2.5 hours on the shortest route. 

Once you arrive in Durmitor National Park it is worth staying at least two days in the area. Check out Bobotov Kuk the highest mountain in Montenegro which is 2,523 m tall. See the Djurdjevic Bridge, spend the day hiking and see the breathtaking Black Lake called ‘Crno Jezero’. 

Final Day - Podgorica 

Head back to Podgorica, the drive takes about 2 hours so depending on the time of your flight you may have time to make a few more small stops on the way! If you will drive past Niksic again then make a stop at Ostrog Monastery and admire the incredible Serbian Orthodox Church built into the cliff face.

That’s our amazing one week trip itinerary to Montenegro! We hope you found inspiration and tips to help you plan your own wonderful journey! The great thing about Montenegro is that it is so small that you can easily change your route day by day if the weather or your plans change.

The Best Time to Visit Montenegro

Montenegro is a great destination to visit in the summer! The best months of the year to visit Montenegro are between April and September. However, July and August can get hot and busy with tourists on summer vacation. During the winter months from December to February, the weather in Montenegro is cold and windy so it can sometimes be unpleasant to go outside.

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Hidden Gems of Montenegro

Are you curious about the secret spots to visit in Montenegro? Here are a few hidden treasures you can find on your trip!

Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar in Montenegro

Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery on the cliff face in Montenegro

Our Lady of the Rocks

Our Lady of the Rocks Island in Montenegro

Fortress Gorazda

Fortress Gorazda in Montenegro

Tara River Canyon

Tara River Canyon, longest canyon in Europe. Found in Montenegro.

Getting Around Montenegro

By Plane

Flights to Montenegro are affordable and a good-value travel option. If you plan to book a flight to Montenegro, you can either go to Tivat Airport (TIV) which is located directly on the coast or fly to Podgorica Airport (TGD) in the capital city. Flights to Podgorica are usually cheaper than flying to Tivat. 


It is possible to travel by train to Montenegro from anywhere in Europe because it is part of the European railway network. The train goes through the mountains towards the coast. It passes through Podgorica, Kolasin, Mojkovac, Bijelo Polje and Bar. There is another train connection between Podgorica and Nikšić - the second largest city in Montenegro. Train tickets are sold in the stations. 

Between Podgorica and Kolasin, the train goes over the Mala Rijeka bridge which is the highest railway bridge in Europe and a popular spot for base jumping!


The bus network in Montenegro has good connections between all of the cities as well as bus routes to neighboring countries - Croatia, Bosnia, Albania and Serbia. Although some bus routes may not be running frequently and the bus schedule changes depending on the time of year. From Podgorica Airport, you can take the L-20 bus line to the city for around 2 euros. 


Hiring a car in Montenegro is a good idea if you want to have more options and freedom on your trip since many places are not accessible by bus. The roads in Montenegro are in good condition so the standard two-wheel drive vehicle is good enough. Drivers might struggle with sharp corners on mountain roads or narrow cobbled streets. The cities and coastal roads experience heavy traffic especially in the summer months. 


Montenegro has a well organized taxi industry, however non-registered taxis drivers often try to charge foreign tourists high prices. Before you take a taxi, check that they are part of an established taxi service provider. If you take a taxi from the airport you can try to bargain with taxi drivers for a fair price to your destination. 

Consider taking ‘Red Taxi’ in Kotor and Tivat. In Podgorica you can take ‘Halo Taxi’ or ‘City Taxi’.  There are several taxi options available in Budva, we recommend ‘Terrae Car’, ‘OK Palma Taxi Budva’ or ‘VIP Taxi Budva’.

What does it Cost to Travel to Montenegro?

Traveling around Montenegro can be quite affordable although a little pricier than other Balkan countries.

Here's a breakdown of the average costs for a trip to Montenegro:

1 - Accommodation

Budget-Friendly: €13 (hostel/hotel) per person per night

Mid-Range Budget: €30 per person per night

High Budget: €65+

2 - Food

Budget-Friendly: €5 per meal

Mid-Range Budget: €12 per person

High Budget:  €28 per person

3 - Transportation

Local buses - €5 per day

Car rental - €15 per day

Must-Try Foods in Montenegro

Prosciutto ham and cheese board

Njeguši prosciutto (pršut) and cheese (sir) 

Buzara is a seafood dish that is cooked slowly in red or white wine sauce

King Nikola’s Palačinke! Corn-flour pancakes stuffed with chopped walnuts and local honey, topped with dried plum sauce cooked in wine

Crni Rižot - Black risotto from squid ink

Kačamak - Made only in the mountains, this balkan porridge is a mix of cornmeal and potatoes topped with cheese and sour milk or yoghurt

Brav u Mlijeku - Lamb with carrots, fennel and herbs that is cooked slowly over coals

Cevapi - Minced pork, lamb or chicken meat that is skewered and grilled on the fire

Travel Tips

Here are tips from our travel experts to help you save time, money and peace of mind on your trip to Montenegro.

Book accommodation with parking

If you plan to rent a car then it is best to book accommodation with secure on-site parking for your stay in busy cities like Kotor, Budva and Herceg Novi because parking spots fill up fast!

Have common sense in touristy spots

Montenegro is a very safe country to travel to but, just like any other country, there may be pickpockets in the more touristic places so be careful with your belongings. 

Learn some of the language

Some basic phrases will help you out a lot since many people only speak Montenegrin - usually the younger people can speak English. Because Montenegrin can’t be translated with Google Translate, you need to search in Croatian or Serbian.

Travel beyond the coastline

Not only will you save money as accommodation further from the coast is cheaper, but you get to experience the incredible natural beauty of Montenegro. See the rich biodiversity in protected areas and go trekking in the mountains in the national parks.